The Producer

Ways to earn money include surveys and reading third-party advertising. The classic form, from before there was internet people made money by trading, ie exchange of goods and / or services or producing the same and continues to do so far. This the way to make money in life, “off”, but this is also the way money in the “connected.” People who surf the Internet continues to be people, organizations are still organizations, for more radical change that produced the web, people at first creep behavior of his former life and if life “off” earned by trading and producing, in life “connected” and has to be earned. This does not mean that it gradually will be changed and then the pennies methods become real sources of wealth. Then moving the way to generate real wealth Internet is only achieved by the sale. Of all the options available on the net only two are in tune with what is proposed and direct sales of own products and services or selling products of others (affiliate marketing) Direct marketing: it is a real form, namely to create a product or service and try to commercialize the Internet, which requires a lot of work creating pages, promoting the product etc etc, so it’s not achieved overnight affiliate marketing is a way saving you the need to create a product because it is what is sells third party products.

From my point of view this is the real way to make money on the internet and is very analogous to the world “offline.” Look at what makes a supermarket, produces nothing but supplies third party products and will sell for what he receives an income which is discounted as it is for the producer. Affiliate marketing is like other products sold but charged a hefty commission. Other truths to keep in mind: There is no magical way, quickly and effortlessly. It requires some money but especially time and labor has the advantage that the money has to be invested is minimal must not forget that anyone is offering you make money online are looking for the way you do: make money online. Your success depends largely on how many people you are with your product, therefore you have to choose niche products with little use and exploit all forms of advertising ie: videos, google adwords, newsletters etc. To learn more about this go to a page that I recommend because it gives lot of free information but then you sell some products if you want more information. If I have to conclude on whether it is possible to win money on intenet tell you that it is possible, but the traditional ways the sale either directly or behind affiliate marketing and hard work and time. I’m at the stage of the effort expectant of results.