Turbo Chargers

Little about the concept turbo compressor, its forms and the mode of action. The concept of the turbocharger has a number of synonyms and names of just a philistine such as turbines, turbo, supercharger, turbocharger, etc. Turbocharger – a single unit forcibly feed air is compressed in a few atmospheres in the engine cylinders, improving the quality of the working mixture. One part of the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust system and engine driven energy of the engine exhaust, the other part – from the inlet. Turbocharger consists of the following major parts: turbine housing (cast iron), bearing housings (cast iron), the compressor housing, a rotor on one axis of which are turbine wheel and compressor wheel. Using the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas turbine wheel drives the rotor and the rotor – the wheel of the compressor, which sucks in air and delivers it to the engine cylinders. The more intense the torque, the faster the rotor rotates, the greater the amount of air fed into the cylinders.

Rotor speed can reach up to 300,000 revolutions per minute, this is 5000 revolutions per second. This suggests that turbine is subjected to high loads and shall be manufactured under special high-precision equipment using the most modern technologies and materials. Turbine – a broader concept than turbocharger, though often they are identified. The turbines are of several types and differ in the way of bringing into action. From exhaust gases – a turbocharger, by mechanical (belt) drive – turbocharger, etc.

The most widely used in the automotive industry received a turbocharger because of the simplicity of design and performance. This improves the engine power to 20-35%, the engine has a higher torque at medium and high revs, which makes the car more dynamic and cost effective motion. It should be noted that the turbocharger in 80% of cases is not cause and consequence of engine failure and its systems as well as his job depends on the serviceability of the oil system, air systems, gas distribution systems, fuel system. In case of failure of one of these systems of internal combustion engines turbine can not work or even fail, with the attendant consequences. We urge motorists and professionals to pay attention to the systematic maintenance of your car, on the purchase only high quality oil and filter elements, the quality of automotive service. Make prevention your own car, to diagnose a suspected problem or when replacing the oil. and Remember, self-respecting car enthusiast and the more professional arrives in a service at the next then with his progress!