United States

It is believed that the best way to learn a language is a chance to be at least for a few weeks in the so-called linguistic environment. As they say, life force – to master. And hundreds of thousands of university students from around the world annually travel to America to improve their own levels of learning English, as well as to earn it. A large number of students from Belarus sent to the United States just to work for the summer was not to bring tens of thousands of rubles for the work on the farm near the village with its own, and would like a couple thousand greenbacks, which will spend and the personal study or even very large acquisition. Moreover, studies and part of another power – the best solution for those who want to feel real and unrelated autonomy. All kinds of exchange programs provide an opportunity to escape from the constant created by parents of limitation, to feel grown and independent. And, of course, in other power where you can learn more not only another language, as well as numerous other nuances – a cross cultural environment of other people, see many beautiful landscapes in the whole world to visit the famous museums. To find a program for which there is an opportunity to go for a couple of months a year to work on mild today, and most importantly – find a wish, but at the same time ready for this kind of action.

The most important thing for any student anywhere who seeks to travel to the U.S. to work or learn a language – is to understand the personal responsibility. Abroad, there is no chance to "sit" on the work of the required time. There will have to tighten. Abroad are not offered money for "wrong" – the means to earn a living. And in fact, it is a job for students in the U.S.

is one of a number of very simple methods not only to know our world, but also, as did the ancestors, to study himself. In addition to work abroad provides an opportunity to increase the well's own list of friends, learn attentive individuals who embody different cultural environment, foreign state. And make friends with them to continue the contact and in subsequent years. And to know the people, embodying the different cultures – and hence to draw stronger attention to their own culture, to remember everything that relates to the Motherland at the same time and at a distance. It is believed that there is no better way to love their homeland, rather than for some time to leave. At the end of short absence returned always joyfully because everything is so familiar. And besides – the journey are great experiences and friends. And next year podzhidanie consecutive months and rest when will actually go over the sea again – to study or work.