Winter Dreams

The frozen bakery the bakery company furnace gold launches new products in the autumn-winter season with its winter compositions”launches” oven GOLD from Marne in Schleswig-Holstein in the cold season. Convince eight selected sweet specialties liven up the current program and become a sin as some guest”. As we know is the oven GOLD frozen back system for particularly high quality, freshness and speed of preparation. The complete solution is perfectly tailored for hotels, gastronomy and the range of Cafe and Bistro to have freshly baked pastries for the guests around the clock. In the often hectic festive season the factor should be for many time saving in the foreground, since oven GOLD flexible can also respond to urgent orders. Coinciding with the beginning of autumn and the Apfelsaison were two typical specialities at the launch: the Apple Cinnamon cake and the Apple strudel in a puff pastry crust. Both are popular offer classics, the also were well received in the previous years. From mid-October, three more above winter pastries join to: the Berlin with a filling made of fine multi fruit marmalade, baked the small cottage cheese balls of flour and fresh curd and bi skin out and finally the winter cake with gingerbread-like aroma of almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, marzipan and a subtle note of mulled wine.

In time, order to hold himself at Christmas and at the end of the year, oven GOLD from mid-November brings three more seasonal products on the market. The mini Christmas loaf, baked according to traditional recipes and of course fresh and not frozen are delivered is suitable as a small gift for guests or even for Christmas celebrations. Also the range of different delicious winter cookies Kalle Baker from high-quality raw materials in craft method of production of the company “(Marne / Schleswig-Holstein) produced. The annual programme with the new year’s Eve pig out of loose Quark dough is rounded off the tasty as a small gesture, as a good-luck charm for the year 2009 can be handed over.