Yahoo Publisher Network

” Pay-Rep-click” In this case, one is pleased to them when the users click in the announcements that they place in his site. There are many programs of publicity that give a percentage him of the gains on the click base, like Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network and Kontera. When people click in the announcements shown in your site, desire immediately money. If your site receives a good daily traffic, these programs can darte tremendous checks with enormous sums of money. In our case we make sufficient money to pay to us to our own Web site. 5. To offer a publicity space Web sites of niche directed by far traffic can offer ” one renta” or portion of space in its page Web for the advertisers (it is possible to be called to him rules advertising). For example, it can receive $ 300 per month in the rate of publicity of your page Web if these obtaining more than 2000 visitors per day.

Aside from that, also you can generate income by means of exit publicity MGP-ups. When doing this, you do not saturate your page Web with too much publicity and avoid to throw to lose the experience of the visitor (you do not exaggerate with the MGP up and either with advertising spaces). 6. Programs of affiliates If it does not have your own products to sell, you can sell products of other people and receive a commission by each sale. With the programs of affiliates, you have a limitless product source to sell and you do not need to happen through any problem after the accomplishment of sales. 7. Pay-Rep-lead Instead of to make money through click, is pleased to you if your visitors subscribe to the list of mail of other people. Alternatively there is a pile of great companies like Coca-Cola that need surveys to do, and making reference to your visitors to complete the surveys, also you can obtain good benefits of your Web site. More information on this subject in my blog.