Yaitza Township

Travel to Lanzarote is traveling to one of the areas with the best beaches in Spain, you can enjoy more than 27 beaches arranged to tourists and to all those who love the Sun and sand. Today we present Playa de Papagayo, lush Virgin beach is located in the Yaitza Township. Playa Papagayo island of Lanzarote there that clarify that in Yaitza Papagayo beaches are called seven kilometers from fans of sand in which are the various coves of this municipality. Among the varied beaches are cala Papagayo, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Lanzarote, is part of the natural park or also called Los Ajaches natural monument. It is located in the middle of the island end and stands out by its fine white sand and the turquoise of the calm waters.

Its length is approximately 120 meters and width of 15 metres. This Cove is accessible by car or boat. Those who go in your own vehicle must pay three euros per car for access. Also have the opportunity of taking a catamaran or other watercraft on other beaches or points of items of excursions that are offered on the island. Either Parrot, or in the Yaitza township or anywhere else, should not make a trip to lanzarote for its spectacular beaches. Leverages any time of year because temperatures do not become winter, as the case of all Spain. Of course that in summer, between July and September, is the best warm weather to enjoy a good day at Sun, meditating, reading, sleeping, practicing surfing or any other water sports, or simply admiring the sea.