Center Innovation

During this 51 Edition of the Yecla furniture fair, CETEM wants to convey to the companies the advantages of collaborating with several of the areas of the technology centre, from advanced technological services to the firm commitment to innovation through new materials such as carton or the incorporation of electronic elements in the furniture, all with the aim boost business innovation. For example, intends to interested companies, they bring to the Stand of CETEM in order to understand first-person trials carried out technological Center, both in furnishings as a raw material. Attendees will interact with the technology used in the trials and will be attended by specialists in different Areas, such as design and development of product or process technology, which will explain in detail what they are and how work support services to innovation which are carried out from CETEM. It is also possible to visit the usual exhibition of finalists in the design competition that every year will be the award ceremony of the 17 CDI, Wednesday, March 7 at 18: 00 hrs and the VIII Olympiad of design March 10 Saturday at 12: 00 hrs. As one of the novelties of this edition of designer Yecla furniture fair, CETEM has collaborated in the creation of an exhibition of cardboard furniture, which will be available at the entrance to the Fairgrounds, and is to come accompanied by a sample of the most innovative materials that compose matter. The exhibition of modern furniture from cardboard, example of incorporation of an innovative material in the manufacture of furniture, was conducted by the company Ability, CETEM partner, and the Moho architecture Studio. In addition, for CETEM, the fair is a starting point within the calendar of events scheduled for the month of April, which will be the month of eco-innovation. Another novelty, at the stand (A-6), useful innovation CETEM will expose some of the results of greater impact within the incorporation of electronic items in furniture line..