The Remedies

second, mentions practical and the restricted beliefs to it the aboriginal villages and etnias. On pajs, two types exist: ' ' of nascena' ' ' ' of agrado' '. /a>. Paj of manifest nascena its dom still in the womb of mother, crying or emitting a sound. Such occurrence cannot public be disclosed before the time, duly warned the person to lose its powers (MAUS, 2005). When reaching certain age, the young one passes for a process called chain-do-deep, of much suffering, crises, illnesses or attacks of violence or uncontrolled possession of espritos and caruanas. It must, then, submit it treatment with one paj experienced, that he will go to move away to the espritos and the bad caruanas, training the beginner so that it can control the incorporations. Paj: At the same time, he teaches myths, the techniques, the knowledge of the remedies, the conjuncts to it etc., of its art.

To the end of the period of training, new paj is ' ' encruzado' ' in an imponent ceremony, where it must die symbolically to renascer as xam. From then on, he will be ready to treat its proper sick people and until forming its proper disciples. But never if cure entirely of ' ' doena' ' (call of ' ' chain of fundo' ') it acometeu that it: it will have that to keep certain alimentary, sexual taboos permanently and of other types, as well as ' ' chamar' ' regularly its entities, dedicating itself, always, to the practical one of ' ' caridade' ' , that is, to the cure of the illnesses, without looking for to run away from its ' ' obrigaes' ' , duly warned to be punished by its proper caruanas (MAUS, 2005, P. 10). Galvo (1955) points that pajs of the most powerful nascena enters and important is the sacaca, capable to carry through incursions to the deep one of the rivers, place of dwelling of the magic ones.