Eric Berne

A small amount of journalistic article does not allow me to elaborate a detailed description of all the nuances and describe the specific exercises used in training. Describing the work on development "Antagonistic" couples sensing / intuition, feeling / thinking, it should be noted that the training worked through the ability to enter into a resource previously suppressed features, which you need to learn to time to give up already well mastered skills associated with leading function. Metaphorically, we can say that the ability to temporarily sacrifice produced a skill to acquire new skills, new resource person. This new resource should be harmoniously integrated with the existing. Important components of personality, the so-called characterological radicals, which, according to recent scientific papers (RP Eslyuk, 2007), are basic building blocks of the structure of personality, foundered by Freud in his theory of the ego, superego and the id. How many of you know, the ego – it is a reasonable portion, Id – instinctual, and super-ego is that part of the soul, which carries information about a person educated in the values.

In the model of Eric Berne, the court called a little differently – Adult, Child, Parent, and, in contrast to the more abstract model of Freud, more closely tied to immediate psychological experience of man. In his scientific theory, I identified eight major characterological radicals and determined the ratio of each of these instances to certain structural personality. The radicals were distributed in accordance with the law of polar relationship, forming a compensatory pair.