German Language

German – Deutsche Sprache or Deutsch – official language of German and Austrian nation, and it is spoken in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. It is also one of the official languages of Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. German is the German branch of the Indo-European languages. The written language of the Latin alphabet. Prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, the official font of German language is a gothic font. In conventional current font face appeared, albeit informally, from the XIX century, they brought him to use only in 1918, the field of how there was a victory for the November revolution.

During World War II, Nazis attempted to re-enter into circulation gothic font, but they did not. Now, it uses gothic font, but as an element of decor. Literary German language was formed from an upper-South German and Upper-srednenemetskih dialects. During the Middle Ages there was the second movement of consonants. Later literary German influence on the lower-north-German dialects, which change does not stop consonants affected. Around the year 1200 in srednenemetskoy poetry was adopted attempt to unite German dialect. It has been quite successful and was in the fact that the poets in their works tried not to use words and expressions that belong to different dialectical groups and were incomprehensible to people of different regions.

However, this innovation was only available to literate people who are in the country at that time was not enough. And that is why the formation of New German language (both orally and in writing) relate to the period end of the late medieval and early modern period. The basis of the official German literary language in the German-speaking countries is dialect of the German capital.