Grand Master Key

MACRO IDENT provides security and padlocks to the safe shut-off lockout/Tackout systems to avoid accidents and incorrect operation, robust security and padlocks with various key divisions for interlocks and barriers for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic hazards. The locks are available in different colors, sizes and key divisions. In companies where maintenance, repairs and installations are machines of which possible dangers, to secure systems by using of lockout/tagout, it is absolutely necessary. Thus, employees are protected against accidents and equipment from damage due to a malfunction. A corresponding Lockout/Tagout program is to be regarded here as a matter of course, for its introduction of work safety head for commissioned to provide has the employer or the.

A very comprehensive and professional Lockout/Tagout training program is IDENT macro available. In addition to the comprehensive Assortment of lockout/tagout locks and locking systems macro offers matching IDENT padlocks in various key divisions. Safety locks are available in various sizes, colors and materials, with steel, nylon or aluminium closing guard. So, for example the light, small but very sturdy padlocks of series COMPACT can be used to lock little breaker, or the STANDARD security locks for larger locks, such as shutting off cone valves, gas cylinders, ball valves, valves, butterfly valves, and more. In addition to the standard padlocks with the key Division key different (not equal Gunning) and the safety locks at macro 1 key, IDENT in various key divisions as key alike (keyed alike), available with master key (key) and Grand Master Key (key).

These are custom made and are with 2 Delivered keys per lock. Prices gets sent to the customer in the form of an offer for such a custom and individual locks custom..