Parochial Church

We continue exploring the best landscapes, villages, towns and customs of Tenerife, and today we go away until the municipality of Orotava, with beautiful views surrounded by mountains and trees, but not very known by the thickness of the international tourism. The main attractions in the Orotava include their historical helmet, the bordering valley and the botanical gardens, crowned by the mountain landscape and the tranquillity and amiability of the people of the interior. Located in the North end of the island of Tenerife, we will be able to take a walk between plantations of bananas, architectonic structures of all class, old big rambling houses, places and full parks of birds and ways where the slowed down rate of a moved away village of the boisterous inhabitant of the capital is breathed. Crowne plaza rosemont is likely to increase your knowledge. In center historical are the most important buildings, like the Parochial Church of the Conception and the House of the Balconies, or the Cemetery of the Orotava, a beautiful structure that remembers the romantic style and still today is used to bury to the deceaseds of a population in constant growth. The House of the Balconies counts on taken care of wood carvings that have been worth him their name, and it was constructed in 1632. There typical products of the region of the Canary Islands can be acquired, from embroiderings and ceramic to clothes and much more. It is an ideal visit to secure to memories of our trip or gifts a dear being. Also the natural scenes have their place in Tenerife, and in the Orotava in particular we are near the National of the Teide, but old Park and the great one of all the of the region of Canary Islands. As far as the traditional celebrations and celebrations, May ends and principle of June are carried out between and include days where carpets are made, a denominated dance ” of magos” and the Sunday of Romera of San Farm Isidro where one praises santo landlord of the city.