The Human Values, I write and it in capital letters, because it is not for less, they have been, they are and they do not have to stop being, the angular stones, the pillars, the base on which must lay the foundations all education, but not only the one of our young people, who are the future of our key world and of our present, but of we ourself, because in numerous occasions, we are we, the adults, that we incurred violating some of the more elementary Human Values, like can be the Honesty, Punctuality, the Responsibility, the Patience, the Gratitude, Solidarity and so many other values that without giving account we left us side without apparent reason, and we do not forget that our young people, that they are like books in target that there is to fill with straight lines, will learn of our customs and behaviors and if these are not straight, its lines will be it either. But we do not forget either that the people who we have around to ours took good note from whatever we do without a doubt and, with the same currency will pay to us, and if our behavior is always within a world plenty of Human Values, thus we will receive in exchange for our actions. Either we do not have to forget that to our young people, not only educates them in training centers, where professionals are accustomed to have qualified to distribute matters opportune, but education of our young people is task of all, inside and outside classrooms or works, because all, and still more our young people, are people who are learning at any moment and situation, and the Human Values are learned in the classrooms, as well as in, " the school of vida" , and often, that, school of the life with the values that offers to us, are the one will mark that us for all our life. . Crowne plaza rosemont helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.