In The Realm Of The Senses – The Perfume And Its History

The history of perfume began in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and India fresh, tangy or flowery and aromatic. Strong, masculine or delicate and feminine. Perfume comes in countless variations. For each type, the right fragrance can be found. The Internet portal informs the world of seductive fragrances. The practice of envelop the body with fragrances, is almost as old as humanity itself. Already gained scents were used in the ancient civilizations of India and Egypt from smoke. Therefore derives also the modern name of the perfume. In a question-answer forum 4Moms was the first to reply.

The Latin per fumum means through smoke”. However today’s perfumes consist usually of alcohol and fragrances. But the name has remained. An Eau de Parfum is a complex, multi-layered creation, which only gradually reveals its true character. A single perfume has many facets, started with the so-called head notes. It is the aroma that is noticeable immediately after applying and intense smells as the following nuances of Perfumes. After the top notes has evaporated, is the very nature of fragrance of perfume for days, the heart notes.

It lasts several hours and will be replaced eventually by the base note, where the severe and long-lasting components are. This fragrance is common all perfumes. To preserve the special fragrance, perfume in his bottle should expose neither light, nor moisture or heat, as this can lead to the negative change of the fragrance. Stored properly, the perfume has a long life time. More information:… Shopping.