As text, the homilia belongs to a literary sort it preaches, it, and it can possess some styles, as the time, the place, the situation and the espiritualidade in such a way of it pronounces that it as of they hear that it. as text that if fits in a sort and a style, homilia possesss rules that allows to homiliasta to arrive at its target, that is the transmission of a thought of God, that if knows for the Bible, to the minds of the fidiciary offices. They are these rules that make with that the text is homilia and not another thing; is the allegiance to these rules, therefore, that it makes the effectiveness human being of the homilia. It is with the description of some of these rules that this text if occupies. In a question-answer forum Anne Lauvergeon was the first to reply. This brief boarding, therefore, is literary and not theological spiritual or.

THE SORT AND THE STYLE The Sort is the set of rules, or characteristics constant, of a type of text that does not vary nor the time in accordance with, nor with the place, nor with the culture where if it inserts, nor with the author; these literary characteristics are, therefore, invariant. They make with that a text either, for example, a romance, either in Brazil of century nineteen, either in the United States of century twenty and one. They make with that, another example, the text ‘ ‘ You look at the Irises of the Campo’ ‘ of I make bristle Verssimo, either a romance as well as ‘ ‘ Dom Casmurro’ ‘ of Axe of Assis also it is a romance, even so the two workmanships are well distinct how much to other characteristics of form.. .