Natural Fuels Reduce Emissions

Heating with wood to environmental protection contributes current weather, with storms, extreme rainfall, and even tornadoes, make one or the other a little wiser. Have we now already the receipt for decades, irresponsible dealing with CO2 emissions? Apparently this is so. While there here now and there are thinking, “to get the already-produced CO2”, really environment conscious people think rather of preventing or halting the production itself. In Northern Germany there is now actually a discussion forever to store already produced CO2 in approximately 800 meters below the Earth’s surface! Is now awesome or just fatal? Elsewhere it takes a lot of thought to really ecological solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions – namely in German living rooms. Yes, read correctly – the Germans remember energy saving when heating with natural fuels such as firewood, briquettes and pellets.

So some in the country dusted off the old stove, back opens the way to Sweden stove or fireplace blocked for years to get new heating. Since these days not everyone more time and spatial capabilities to the “Wood make” has, such things as finished fireplace wood or wooden briquettes big in fashion. Wood briquettes are currently quite stampede from waste wood furniture, window or parquet industry manufactured wood briquettes and pellets form “Non plus ultra” of fuels simply? Because no single tree is felled for this fuel. And around here again emissions clearly on CO2 to come back – burning wood releases only as much CO2 as it previously took to grow! Did you actually? The company okoBrix natural brennstoffe in Munster at Darmstadt/Dieburg, very professionally deals with the distribution of such natural fuels for a long time. okoBrix offers various forms of delivery of wood pellets, which can be injected or shipped as the bag, in Munster constantly up to ten different varieties of wood briquettes and also several different types of ready-sliced, dried firewood. The Web site information around the topic of natural fuels very extensively equipped, at, offers detailed information on the subject and a constantly updates offer of various wood, wood-briquette – and pellet varieties all interested parties.