Photovoltaic – Sun Refuel Tired

Education for professionals in booming industry the current debate about climate change has shown that a much faster expansion of the use of renewable energies is urgently needed. Solar energy has the greatest potential. It is therefore only logical that the policy of many countries currently intensively pushing the market introduction. In addition to the existing markets in Germany or Japan evolve more and more new markets in southern Europe. Keep the high growth rates in the next few years, what many experts very likely keep more significant cost reductions of photovoltaics are expected.

Thus, the photovoltaic will become one of the main pillars of a sustainable energy economy. Due to the large growth rates a shortage is noticeable in the industry increasingly. The use of photovoltaics was so far not to the classic content of vocational training still higher education. With the growing solar expertise are but increasingly in various professional fields required. Therefore, Haus der Technik in Berlin this area offers currently following seminars: photovoltaic systems 1 – how it works – application areas – market at the netrelease in Berlin, photovoltaic systems 2 – application – planning – simulation on the September, photovoltaics for theory of non-techies – functioning, manufacturing, construction, planning, efficiency at the 23.09.09, radiation data for solar systems -, measurement, data sources, calculations, evaluatione etc.