Network Pay

Binlayer: They are German and they only pay by CPM, in this type of payment without a doubt they do not have rival, they pay enough, to 2.25 CPM. Like negative point, it is its type of publicity that is a MGP up giant that appears in the middle of the screen and that you close when it it abre another page to you more of publicity. Of some side they must leave those prices that pay. Also it is very well that they pay from 15 and they take 35 days at the most since you request the payment. TradeDoubler: Service TD, allows you to place its announcements in your page Web, you can receive commissions by impressions, clicks, registries or sales. It has several products of support, free access to his affiliates. From which you register raisins to comprise of: td Pull (Network of affiliates): you will be able to put publicity in your page Web and to make money redirigiendo the traffic of your page to the pages of the advertisers.

You will obtain commissions by each click, unique visitor, registry or sale that you generate. You will be able to control, to evaluate and to make profitable the traffic of your page and to obtain higher commissions if you obtain better results. td Talk (Network Pay-Rep-call): it allows you to receive by the traffic that you generate, whether becomes click or a sale online, like in a telephone call. td Push (Network of campaigns): It allows you to generate more income, by means of newsletters and electronic mails. td Reach (Network of banners): Publicity by banners, that allows you to update your advertising space online of fast way and to evaluate the results. td Toolbox (Interface of Marketing): It allows you to optimize the advertising space of your page Web, being measured the effectiveness of the same, with a control center online of easy use, with the intelligence collection in real time.