Herbert Rohrer Development

I me other people” can feel facing uncertain and others easily confuse me? -always respect will find… others, while I stay more in the background? … I’m afraid to speak freely or to express my opinion? … I’m trying to capture everything rationally, and feelings seem rather suspicious to me? … I feel more victimized and mean, others had simply lucky? … I have others to distrust? …

I wish me affection and tenderness but too rarely get? All these questions if they themselves are absolutely honest with himself in the majority yes answer, learn through conscious wearing of a collar with a trailer, love on which I myself”says first aid. If they determine that they thereby create attention and recognition, they treat others, which it also did, if she love a quantum leap to which I myself experience”could understand. Those who have long recognized that the self love the The initiators calling prerequisite for the multiplication of love is, to support the action and to ensure the dissemination of the idea. The I love me even followers”supposed symbol support. The first 10 buyers obtained the necklace as a gift. “He is wheel Ionic with medical information to the topic I love myself” be sending. Press contact: Rita M. Eisenmann + Herbert Rohrer MMV Consulting GmbH Wilhelmstrasse 28 74321 Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany phone: 07142 56642 eMail: Web: about the initiators: Rita M.

Eisenmann and Herbert of raw are managing partners of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany since 1994. MMV is mind vitality for mental and describes the contents of the business and the beliefs of the two. For them, the preservation of health is meaningful rank pari passu with the restoration of health. They emphasize that everyone is single called, to rediscover the healing powers through harmonization of body, mind and soul. Who is What? Assign the people: Herbert Rohrer is… / Rita M. Eisenmann is… Both are… “” They are economists VWA, Naturopath psychotherapy, mental coach DVNLP for cognitive behavioural therapy, master of advanced hypnosis applications, therapeutic hypnosis, as well as book authors of the smoking stories Mami, you fire “and initiators of which I love myself” action. MMV’s work in the field of personal and health: Loosening of limits, errors, blockades and dissonance; Support for removal of and dealing with anxiety, self-doubt, guilt, concentration defects, or burn-out. Personality development through a self-concept. Methods: Coaching, systems thinking, mentoring, mental training and computer technology, instrumental Biocommunication on basis of quantum physics, consciousness technology, Radionics, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy. The work of MMV in the business area: corporate development, sales development, personal mastery, leadership, leadership, System thinking, installation of a learning organisation, team development and business psychology.