Salama Energy

That person realize, recognize, identify its forms or writing skills. Maximizes the experience of the here and now. -Integration techniques: seek to integrate aligned parties, fragmented them. For example, the empty chair, meeting with polarities and identification of projected elements. Other work gestalt techniques is the use of fantasies, dreams and projections. Essential in this type of work is that the person to come in contact with the contents of your fantasy, dream or projected part and can explore that content, express it, given account he integrate it to your experience and your life.

This type of work in Gestalt psychotherapy has the following purposes (Lozada, J.V. (1988). -To establish contact with an event, a feeling or a feature people resisted. -Explore the unknown, new or exceptional aspects of the individuals. For Gestalt work, it is also important to take into account the following: the evitaciones, changes, stagnation, auto support versus environmental support, the relationship I environment, barriers and frustrations, emotional readiness and degree commitment of the person. 5.3. Creative process GESTALT to Sinker, j.

(1979), the therapeutic process is creative because it is an encounter of the person itself, which allows this to know all its inner richness. His work aims to help his patient to become aware of itself, their emotions and experiences, besides that you learn to recognize the responsibility on your life or your power of decision. In achieving this goal the person is experiencing a cycle of consciousness excitation contact, known as energy curve of Sinker. The phases by which that happens one person during this cycle are: withdrawal, sensation, awareness, mobilization of energy, action, contact and seclusion, graphically represents follows: mobilisation of energy Action sensation awareness touch withdrawal withdrawal Salama, H. (1988), in his work the Gestalt approach, p. 29, describes each of these phrases, as follows: 1) rest or seclusion: at this stage the individual has already resolved a gestalt or previous need and does not have any urgent need.