Ultimate Consequences

How easy it is to say it, but that difficult to put into practice to its ultimate consequences. I am not referring to go to work every day, attend class or take care of children as best as possible. These activities although they may require more or less effort, fall within what we consider that we must do. What I’m considering is one of the keys of personal coaching and is assuming the responsibility in any situation, even in the moments in which we think that what is happening has nothing to do with us and that is another person or circumstances the blame for what is happening. If at that time, we are able to make a change and decide that that happens, is something that we have created in any way and can therefore do something to fix it or deal with it, then we will achieve results that until now only you could imagine. I am aware that what I am proposing is difficult to digest at times, but if you look objectively and without letting ourselves emotionally affect, you can see that it is the most useful position Although at the beginning can be somewhat uncomfortable. To give an example that makes the topic comprehensible, imagine that we find that we have a boss that from our point of view is a real tyrant, behaves aggressively, and imposing their orders without compromising or the slightest interest in what their employees can think or wish. Against this background, it is usual clearly blame the situation and devote ourselves to survive this situation passively while we spend our energy on criticizing him by his way of directing and even their way of being. I want to make it clear that what am raising does not absolve of guilt who is acting in a way so reprehensible, but the truth is that goes to us to interest more leave the role of victim and as I say assume responsibility in view of the situation.