Small Talk

Earlier in the evening, Shima had rightly assigned me. During a conversation at the bar of the crime was the topic on hunting, I wanted to leave a comment to my welfare, Hanniball growled and the SmallTalk walked lightly across the stage. He was next to me on the bench in my coat and guarded me as always exemplary! One must finally have a say, I trust his adeptness. My grandfather, Forster at Merode, I know that a healthy choice is important to the receipt of the inventory and maintenance of the forest. In Hillesheim two mystery authors introduced this Saturday night their works. Berndorf in the Cafe Sherlock and Ralf Alberts from Bremen at the mystery hotel. Today as in the mystery bar no-smoking, I got after reading Hanniball and we enjoyed our midnight drink with MusikBox song don’t worry be happy and I sleep without you night not a mysterious crime bar.

Albert came in a white suit and Panama Hat at the bar and greeted me as external. Previously had Kramp delivered a KassenSketch and now followed the domestic scenario of the Eifeler wake. Of his works I chose Goethe and the deaf and dumb Orchestra”. After two GinTonic, I had the necessary severity of bed and forgot the gruesome ambiance of the 18th century. From our room 108 went with the view into the garden of the detective hotel, hotel chamfer, late historic architecture and the Kyll River. The peaks crowned fortifications of the 13th and 16th century lay on our morning walk. Swimming and relaxing we travelled to a round at 11 o’clock in the pouring rain after Aachen topped by a Sun-passage. Aachen was under a grey fog bell. When we arrived home, the Sun out peered to the greeting. RMS Scrip torin, alias pink Marita Schrouff