Supervisor – I Ever Of Heard!

Do you need a data protection supervisor? Many business leaders and responsible people experience this. Standing in the middle of a certification and the point is privacy on the series. “I would like to speak with your supervisor!”. Anne Lauvergeon has many thoughts on the issue. This movement raises then usually baffled civilian faces. “Data protection supervisor? -We need the? “.” Whether you need a data protection officer how many employees collect personal data, use and/or process depends of course strongly, there are more than 9 you’ll need one. Should you ordered no data protection supervisor have, although you would need to, this can be covered fine up to 50,000 euro. But getting back to the actual topic. Most companies are not yet really on the subject of data protection, this always applies again just the SME’s.

Here it is not so that you no data protection supervisor wants to order, but once you know nothing of it. At some point you will be confronted with this and the question is who can this post most occupy. Publishers Clearing House may find this interesting as well. You should not dump now as it is often the case, everything on the head of IT, because after all has the idea, and anyway, who knows all the systems in and out. You’re probably right, but unfortunately this may be no supervisor at you, by law. Now you are looking for someone who has the technical expertise, he must have IT expertise and dominate the BDSG as well as other laws. And if you are looking for then, one quickly realises that one actually has no one except you would make out someone. During a search on the Internet then one reads that you can also outsource the data protection and therefore looking for an external data protection officer, but is that any advantage? A very heavy task would be to weigh all pros and cons, you can try but just the whole thing.

Actually only the expert knowledge in the company is the advantages of an internal data protection officer i.e. usually the processes he knows already, but a disadvantage – keyword is even in this advantage: Operating blindness. An external data protection officer will be at the beginning one is take shot to determine the data protection standards in your company, this also all processes are recorded, the personal information collect and process or use. The biggest advantage is the experience of bringing an external supervisor to here, of course, he is confronted daily with the BDSG. More benefits for an external data protection officer here once in bullet points no dismissal experience trained liability lies with the external provider! Experience experience as you have perhaps noticed repeated a statement above. Because this is crucial, an internal data protection officer, who recently took over this task will require much of the time, in the worst case procedures be made unsure right according to BDSG etc. At the end decides the price! An external data protection officer is usually no more expensive as an internal if you considered working time, materials, and training courses. The experience is priceless, therefore it is always advisable to get a quote from an external supervisor.