The Others

Nor is there a problem of conflicting interests. What is the cause of a conflict of relationship within a team or a company? It seems productive to fix me in 2 big causes of these conflicts: A.-when someone does something that the others do not them like B-when someone does something unexpected in both situations are broken the rules agreed for the functioning of the team. What has actually happened? Simply have broken rules and standards that were made for the proper functioning of the equipment and the relationship between members of the same has suffered. Solutions to manage conflicts between individuals within a team: 1.-check staff possesses good skills of management the censored person needs to know the behaviour that is expected of it. We are faced with the need for know reconcile the expectations it creates with its promises to do something with the expected results. 2.-Recognizes that there is a conflict. Real example I described earlier the head of the censored steering does not speak.

I interpret his silence as a desire to not see a conflict. It is a bit like the tactics of the ostrich head sticking through a hole. Somehow you want to there is no conflict. Nobody said that it was easy to be a leader. If there is a conflict recognizes the conflict even say it out loud.

We have this conflict and tries to describe it. Play him as something that can improve your leadership. Register conflicts of relationship of a troubled person with peers and identifies which skills to the solution of the problem has been at stake that person. You can make it look that does not put anything on your part but write down what you see. 3.-Agree reasonable regulations to communicate and work together, talk about responsibilities, dealing with each other, not to discriminate against people, etc. Safe such that you’ve proven on numerous occasions how some people abuse the email to avoid conflict when in reality they are worsening with misunderstandings which in addition are written at a crossroads of increasingly absurd emails. Teach your people what issues should talk face to face and what can be resolved by mail. How distinction when do you treat something face to face? When notes that it would cost you get up and go talk to that person. If you have trouble is because you probably have an emotional resistance, something inside that it encourages you to avoid the conflict. Delay clarify things or camouflaging them in e-mails will not improve the situation. If you embrace these 3 points on your daily agenda turn conflict into an exciting challenge where you creceras in self-confidence and as leader of your people. If you are still, on the contrary, burying its head in the hole like the ostrich you will put your life and your happiness in the hands of others. It will be best that you renounce to lead people if you don’t start by leading you to yourself.