Young People

Young people are those who have to stop us, raise your hand and voice over our land, which sees us grow. It is easy to leave with a chapita Patagonia without dams, it is easy to say I also am Patagonia without dams, but what is not easy is to go to a March, and if it’s raining, go from cold and say I defend my land. I call them to wear pants to aperrar with everything with this sense called the high school student Marcela Figueroa placed young people, and through them to all the regional community, to occur on June 5, world environment day, in that occasion in different cities in the Center South of Chile will be carried out demonstrations and cultural artistic activities. This Thursday morning, during a press conference held in Coyhaique, various leaders of the Aysen Region reported the characteristics of regional mobilization that will depart with a concentration from 14: 30 hours at the neighborhood headquarters of the population Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Errazuriz with Canete. This demonstration is going to be focused on expressing a deep rejection to what are hydroelectric projects in the Region of Aysen, i.e. energy Austral HidroAysen, and everything they mean runs high-voltage lines that currently are not being transparentados to the communities expressed on the occasion one of the spokesmen for the activityVictor Formantel. He noted that this will be achieved thanks to an effort from the Community bases, pretty cross, where we will have people from Cochrane, Tortel, Lago Verde, La Junta, Puerto Aysen, Coyhaique, but also people that they manifest themselves in Villa O’Higgins, as a way of giving an endorsement to the opposition to the dam projects. The final route was informed by the student Daniela Ojeda, who explained that after meeting in the high sector of the city, is lower by Errazuriz to Victoria to bend in the direction to Bilbao.