Hello! today I want to share with you a reflection on 3 types of people who exist. This week he was working with the material of my method to lose weight naturally permanently (clear! using NLP) and I found myself writing about something that I had learned some time ago, during a seminar. There were two men, both with studies at the same University, both with the same age and from similar families (middle class, workers, two brothers and father and mother each, etc). In times of economic problems, both were dismissed by the company in which they worked, and found themselves without any possible revenue source. One of them began to look for work. Obviously, first looked into vacant posts that were commensurate with their education, but there was no. He then went to posts of lower category, where constantly closed you door saying he was over qualified. There is no response worse than that.

It is like the I love you as a friend when a boy love someone then he He came back every day at home, tired, in a bad mood, and sat in the big living room couch to watch television. His wife drove him, tried to lift the mood. Finally, one day said no there is work for me because there is no work. Makes no sense to continue wasting my time and from that day he stayed in his house, pulled, watching television, or taking with others who, like him, withdrew continue searching for what seemed impossible to achieve: a decent job. The other of these men was in the same situation. He also first sought positions commensurate with their preparation, and was down, listening to the same answers from above grade. He also returned to his home without an affirmative answer, but, every day, sought again in the newspaper and was going to try to get that post, any outside.