These Measuring The Conversions Of Your Bells

The conversions are the percentage of people who have conducted the battle that we determined in our Web site. For example, if 100 people arrive at the prospection page and 20 to the bulletin subscribe, we will have a 20% of conversion. However, Google Adwords is the system of Publicity of Google, where it is pleased solely by each visitor who enters the Web site, and in this case we will have to measure of how much it is the investment and to determine the clicks to know the percentage of conversion. Better we see an example: We invest 20 dollars to take 100 people to Bill of sale, yes we divided 20 (that is what we decided to pay) in 100 (people that clicks in the announcement), we will obtain like result 0,02. That is the value that we will pay to Google by each visitor. We suppose that we are taking it to the traffic to a Bill of sale of a product that costs 47 dollars and it buys it to nobody. We will have a rate of conversion of 0% besides the loss of investment.

Nevertheless, if we realised a Bill of sale that adjusts to the needs of ours objective public and we invested 20 dollars to take to 100 visits to the Web site and four people buy the product, we will obtain a 4% of conversion, and that is very well, still more if just we began. How is translated this one conversion in dollars? We have invested 20 dollars and obtained 188 (that are the value of a product of 47 dollars by 4 realised sales), therefore the final gain is of 168 dollars. Finally, the suggestion is to begin to analyze the rates of conversion of the campaigns of Google Adwords to know thus as they are the results that are being obtained, since when we spoke of Marketing nothing must be freed at random. PS: You want to dominate Adwords to the maximum? Original author and source of the article.