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The question arises, can move to the Czech Republic to live? How to carry out the procedure of immigration to the Czech Republic and which option to choose? Internet page for the Czech Republic saturated information on immigration to the Czech Republic, its easy availability and low cost design. In Most of this information is outdated, and to treat immigration in the Czech Republic beginning of 2000 – 2006's, everything changes and active options for emigration was at times less than in the past three years. Be very careful to firms in Prague, offering all services at the old immigration mood and provide information that one can easily get a visa, such firms are middlemen earn the preparation of documents, often of poor quality preparation, not caring about getting results and deceiving Russian migrants. With the Russian-speaking migrants fraud, legal experts and emigration lawyer of our company faced several times per month, cheating at a cost of providing services to low-quality care, to deny the consulate, encourages people to move away from its "Executive mediator in the Czech Republic, go to the experts in their field of Immigration, of course this is a loss of time and money. Recall would-be migrants from Russia, Ukraine and that alter the error of your "cheap Artists in Prague" is much more complicated than originally execute all strictly according to the procedure and the requirements of the immigration laws the Czech Republic. Procedure for changes to the company, permit, at the company, the licensing activities for the result are also additional funds and, most importantly the time.