Water Care

Salt electrolysis, a green and safe disinfection. The salt electrolysis is a new concept in the treatment, improving water quality and greatly simplifying the maintenance. It's essentially a system that generates chlorine from common salt. Salt should be added directly to the pool at a concentration of 5-6 grams liter, six times lower than the concentration in seawater. The addition of salt only occurs once only, to fill the pool, not being needed any further addition of salt during the life of water, salt happens to be again in a new closed cycle. This system eliminates any impurities unhealthy microscopic, coupled with a good cleansing system makes optimum results.

It should be clear that in any case the user of the pool will have the feeling of swimming in a liquid similar to the sea, because the salt concentration is much lower, but dense enough to allow for the completion of electrolysis. Within the process is carried out as follows way. The water enters the treatment plant for cleaning also involves electrodes, using the conductivity of salt water to give shocks, priceless, that disinfect the water. Thus, the water leaving the treatment plant back to the pool is clean, purity, and disinfected. The treatment of water with electrolysis can remove up to 90% of chlorine this product is still necessary, but their proportion is much lower than usual so far). Also these systems may be combined with the use of oxygen, producing a similar effect to chlorine but without the disadvantages. However the benefits of salt electrolysis are numerous, first with the disinfection system no longer produced eye irritation or itching of the skin, since chloramines that cause these effects are destroyed.

Also a factor taken into account is that the maintenance of this system is very simple, the only element that must be filled periodically, from time to time, is salt, which is in a special deposit, easily accessible. Moreover, sodium chloride salt is cheap and can be found anywhere. Also with no need to store, handle, or dispense any chemical compound. Another advantage is that the use of saline electrosilis system produces sodium hypochlorite ao substantial water savings, even up to 5% of the total volume of the pool.