The majority of the people who work in the Network Marketing, have their Blog, write articles, comment in others blogs, have followers by Twitter, etc, all that absolutely necessary, nevertheless, which truly is going to give an enormous push to you to your Branding is Video Marketing. The Video Marketing is going to allow exponerte to you, shows to you like the person that you are, you are going to cause that you are known. People are going to see the alive face to you in and that is very important, because you are going to generate. It watches the important thing that it is the Video Marketing that Youtube is the SECOND finder after Google, that is first. People look for very many things in Youtube, the particularitity of the video is that she catches very many plus the attention of the person sees who it that if were reading an article, why? because salts you. In order to make Video Marketing you must overcome all the fears to which all we faced when we are going to go to other people: Fear to be exposed, in reality people does not pay attention to how are dressed, if you are despondent, or if you wear necktie, if you are very guinea fowl, but are going to pay attention to which you say, to how it express to you, to your gestures.

Fear to speak in public, a recommendation is, first thinks what you are going to count, prepralo before, you can hacerte a small scheme or guides, but never read, will notice. Fear to what will say You must know that your videos are not going they to like to everybody, but will be people to whom they enchant to them, so acptalo and I know you yourself. All person who expose themselves, exposes itself (she is worth the redundancy) to being criticized or flattered. For that reason you must think about which you want to transmit so much in the videos as in the articles that write, without importarte what people think. Most important of a video he is the audio one, if it is seen you perfectly and not it hears what you say, then the video do not dye no value. Therefore the video must have quality audio. And to finish this post, it remembers: If beams Video Marketing does not exist in Internet, you will be invisible Author original and source of the article.