Da Ponte

It arrived to excessively suggest that a slap-up meal became inviting the poor persons and beggars, something dispendioso; the modern church teaches to enrich to be more in account. Beyond more not lacking the such slap-up meal, new the rich ones that it produces serve of stimulaton to covet of that they are in the base of the pyramid supports that them. to think that Christ said that did not have where to recline the head did not have one that if felt sorry and it of this one ‘ ‘ stub-book of prosperidade’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ hammer of justice of Deus’ ‘ ungrateful people! But the terror to the exclusion is not summarized to the finances. We have ministers gays, to proclaim evangelho, after all who would support pecha of homofbico?

Who would have courage of speaking against gaysizao taught in novels of the Globe? If they place assassins of gays in the same wicker basket of whom they proclaim the Word, urge to jump outside, legitimizing what God said to be an error, after all, if not to make this, we could be excluded. In the truth, many of ‘ ‘ heroes of f’ ‘ they had been rejected to its time, and the Word does not accuse the world to have excluded them, but, to be I infuriate of the such; ‘ ‘ They had been lapidated, sawed, attemped, died to the wire of the sword; dresses of skins of sheep and goats, abandoned, damaged aflitos and (Of which the world was not worthy), nomadic for the deserts, and mounts, and for the hollows and caves of terra.’ had walked; ‘ Heb 11; 37 and 38 Somebody said that the unamimity is she-ass, can be that it has reason, in if treating to things human beings, but, this it seems to be the goal; one unanimous individualism; each one makes what it wants the spite of the other people’s conscience, not if it can censure, not to be those that to dare to censure (). To think that the salmista dared to say that God if pleases of whom bad behaviors disdain. ‘ ‘ Sir, who will live in your saint mount?

That one, whose eyes rprobo is rejected; but it honors the ones that fear the Mr.; that one that swears with damage its, however, not muda.’ ‘ Salt 15; 1 and 4 Another one without notion, this Davi! Clearly that it has legitimate social lawsuits of minorities that urge to be taken care of by the had canals and the church you must occupy in helping to the needed ones; to the homosexuals it fulfills to teach to the will of God with love and understanding; but, if the price of our acceptance will be to espezinhar perpetual values, gives a banana for ‘ ‘ politically correto’ ‘ , and another one of dynamite for would patifaria gospel that deturpa the Word to construct to media empires usurping the doctrine of the Saint. After all, to receive the rejection from the world is not reason to jump Da Ponte, as it taught Joo: ‘ ‘ the world passes, and its concupiscncia; but that one that makes the will of God remains. ‘ forever; ‘ I Jo 2; 17 ‘ ‘ It has, always, a limit beyond which leaves of being virtue tolerncia.