Cookateam Team Training

Cook-a-team-team training is a mix of team building, coaching, communication training and conflict solution seminar. Common cooking and eating is one of the original communication platforms of humanity. This is the case not only for the many cooking shows on TV. When the Cook-a-team team training this platform is used to cook together the members of teams or departments on a loose and informal level under the guidance of and communicate. Depending on the task trainers and coaches used in the background, the cooperation and the teamwork of all members to observe, analyze and improve. Cook-a-team-team training is no cooking event and primarily no Gemeinschaftskochen which mainly involves cooking itself. It is also not a cooking class, in which the participants primarily to learn how to cook.

Common cooking is used merely as a vehicle to observe the natural behavior of the team quietly at the joint preparation and preparation, serving and the presentation and to assess. There are various tasks, which serve as input for the lap following team – and communication training the trainers. Main ingredients of highest quality, productivity and optimal communication are collegial and personal cooperation, confidence in their own work, colleagues, the Department and the executives at any time. This claim is timeless and crisis-proof. The Cook-a-team-team training sessions we held in Schwarzwald-Seminarhaus Knights Court, Chateau de bus set in the Auvergne, in the seminar Centre Centro on Lanzarote or in a suitable location close to the customer. In the standard version, the Cook-a-team team training lasts 2 days. There is also the possibility to vary the duration (1 to 4 days) depending on the objective. Under the eMail address can be requested an obligation-free offer, where an overview of the different versions of the Cook-a-team-team training sessions and all prices are listed.

Participants Cook-a-team event expressed are as follows: “words fail me there a bit. It was just great””at once employees sat opposite himself, who could have fun with each other, which is very well understood, that just brims with new ideas of future cooperation and where you just could be glad you sat in the middle.” “My eyes were opened on many things” “for over 20 years we carry in our company team building and communication seminars for employees, executives and Board members, as well as in the assessment centre. But this in such a relaxed atmosphere as such an effect is achieved, I’d never dared dream me. We shift will need to””it is incredible, how it has developed. I started honestly with other expectations. That was really awesome. And then this House: an oasis of warmth and welcoming atmosphere. I think since you can do otherwise than to feel good. Add to your understanding with Jeff Verschleiser. “In short: immediately” “have we in the past as a whole 100 seminars conducted, among others, communication training, memory training, conflict management, Stressbewatigungsseminare, u.v.m. What particularly impressed me with the coach at the Cook-a-team event, is the fact that she not only has a great knowledge, but also about the gift understand and sustainably to impart their knowledge to others. The manner in which differs from all that, what I’ve experienced so far. With her, you realize that she accord not only a program”but with heart and soul of the matter and her huge fun work. By their relaxed way she has demonstrated its credibility as well as their competence over and over again.