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Rasons People Don’t Visit Your Website

1. Do not place a free original content. It is important to give your visitors information not found elsewhere. If you are the only source on a certain type of information, people will flock to your website. 2. No offers for free software. To most people like to find enough software for its computers. If the software is free, it’s even better.

3. There is no contest or sweepstakes. In fact people like to win things. If you can please them with that, they will visit. 4.

It does not offer a free listing. Create a directory of websites about a particular topic related to your target audience. People will visit because they will find everything you are looking for in a site. 5. It does not offer a free electronic journal. To most people love to receive free information that interests them and send them via email regularly. That saves time and money. 6. Does not provide a free community. People like to have a place to discuss with other people on a particular topic. You could add chat or board messages to your website. 7. No offers an affiliate program for free. One of the basic human needs to survive is money. If offered a free alternative to make money, will line up to visit their website. 8. It does not provide a free online service. If you provide a service that can solve a problem, people will visit your website. The services could be free autoresponder, e-mail account, search engine subscription, etc. 9. It does not provide current information for free. Provide news to your website. People want current news on subjects of interest. This also will be interested in visiting your page. 10. It does not offer free samples of your product or service. Have you ever been to a store and has not missed the opportunity to get a free sample of food? The same applies to your website. That will draw people. If you really want, make money on the internet and even failed to generate any dollar in all his attempts, let me ask you something: Are not you would like to learn step by step online video tutorials and lectures totally free by experts, the best way to make money online?

The Internet Is For Whoever Works !

For those who dare enter this article thinking that give a magic formula to earn income online, know that they are right! Just to be mentioned that will not be easy. As I have always said, there are two ways to get money online: "The easy and expensive" and "The difficult and expensive." In the first or talk, is just to mention that if you contribute a special capital to any web project in less than a month I'll be making money, your stay in the market as to be seen, that if it depends on the quality of what you offer . The hard way is cheap and we want to concentrate. As the title of this post, the Internet is one who works, and to see the fruits "magic" of the profits OnLine just one thing, there are 10 or 10 definitive steps usability techniques, what I speak today is the most valuable thing we have as entrepreneurs by Internet or by other means: consistency. Perhaps at this very moment to stop many reading this post and say "bahhh that's not what I was looking for, but give me one more chance and think for a moment the phrase so wise that a great thinker once said" Consistency is the only quality that causes other qualities give our results. " Put another way, so you're the best programmer in the world, the most expert in marketing or the best designer ever conceived, will not perform much less successful if you are not constant.


This letter, drafted by French MEP and Professor Bernard Pierre Brochand SIRINELLI, creates a framework for collaboration among e-commerce sites and trademark owners to apply tools to combat the sale of Internet users counterfeit items online. Among the proposed measures, the sites agree to increase information and awareness of consumers and implement measures to enable early detection of fraudulent products. For his part, the trademark owners are committed to educate and exchange information with Internet portals to help them improve their detection tools. This Charter is the first of its kind in Europe that brings together Internet players and brands in different sectors (Luxury, Sport articles, etc). “We welcome the signing of this Letter is the realization of effective work done Price Minister * for several years in order to protect consumers, our customers and brands,” said Pierre KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET, President and Cofounder of Price Minister. “The collaboration between all parties now makes possible an effective fight against counterfeiting on the Internet.” That is even more necessary knowing that 26% of cyber-buyers expect better protection against counterfeiting on the Internet (or +9% compared to 2008) A study in November 2009 by Price Minister shows the types of article that the counterfeit detection system blocks in these pre-Christmas dates: Apple, Copy DVD and CD, Microsoft and Nike. Recall that on the occasion of which took place on June 16, 2009, Price Minister received the prize for the best company for their action against counterfeiting, by (GACG). Also Price Minister currently involved in ongoing work at the European Commission seeking to adopt a similar agreement covering all actors operating in different European countries. * Price Minister: Portal in France in August 2000 and specializes in buying and selling fixed-price guaranteed Object lowered new and second hand between individuals and professionals. Given the huge success of the company in the neighboring country, where it has become a benchmark of e-commerce, Price Minister decides to launch in 2007 the Spanish market, where it already has over one million monthly visits and a range of over 33 million products.

Obama And The Present Social Media

The next June 7 members of the European Union we will exercise our right to vote to designate the future MEPs. Election campaigns in most countries are already underway to attract the electorate, which tends to be low in this election. To this end, devotes a large part of the budget to organize events with the militants, press advertisements, radio and television and outdoor advertising. Unlike other years, and especially Internet Social Media, have become the best advertising by political parties to approach the population. Following the example of Barack Obama’s campaign on the Internet, described by Luis Salvador, spokesman for the Senate Science Committee of the PSOE and one of the leaders of the online campaign of Zapatero in the recent elections as “clearly instrumental in conversion of young supporters into activists, “PP and PSOE are already developing its most interactive. It is clear that if Roosevelt was the president of the radio and it was Kennedy the television, Obama is already the president of the Internet as noted by the environment of the President of the United States. For many no doubt his campaign’s approach has been a milestone in the management of the Internet as a social agitator and a clear example for the rest of the world’s politicians. On 20 April was Leire Pajin, PSOE organizational secretary, who presented: The Popular Party, with the help of its president, Mariano Rajoy, has not wasted time and earlier this month launched its own social network. Both actions are completed in Social Media on Twitter or other blogs for more visibility on the Internet towards the next election. In spite of failing to achieve the same level of participation that Americans with Obama, who has 4 million fans on Facebook, while Zapatero Rajoy has 14,000 and has even profile, is a first step towards habits younger population and a test of modernization of political parties for future campaigns.

The executive

But the personal element plays a very large, fundamental and decisive. From what we consider is the businessman, the entrepreneur, as a product to develop, with those qualities and strengths that must attend every day to achieve their goals more effectively. Preparing for the constant negotiation, have the tools to develop our manpower and our skills should be a goal always present in any executive or entrepreneur. In the personal marketing the product is the person, their strengths, qualities and attributes, and what is it that the person learns to influence interact with them, to accept, consider, and especially influence that you achieve your business goals or personal which has been offered. And as a product must also have a number of personal attributes in the field of interpersonal relationships necessary to sell, and achieve their business goals.

And every day should work to cultivate and refine their attributes in order to achieve better results. When the essence of the product, in this case of the businessman, is barely distinguishable from others, and referred to here as essential to the ability of the executive and professional preparation that will make a difference from their own intrinsic capacity building, referring to their goals in life and how they address them to achieve them, as well as relationship skills, communication and behavior that has developed. We also stop at the personal attributes of social behavior that allow the executive to develop their work with varying degrees of success. These attributes identified from the development and enhancement of emotional intelligence and the study of norms of social behavior and communication are basic to mixtures with professional knowledge, he has become a successful executive.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money online that is based on payment by results. This means you earn money through a purchase or a successful outcome. The relationship between both parties is: Company Product Owner – Da product (link) Affiliate – Affiliate promotes it – get commission for selling the company. An example of this is as follows. I’m promoting a product called Hosting now they give me tools to promote it as banners, links, articles and more. Now I promote the service and if someone likes you main site and purchase. But for this to be each member needs an affiliate link that when the buyer comes through that link the company knows that it facilitated the purchase was I as a member of them and then they pay me. The commission you receive depends on how much the company pays …

must be a higher percentage of 50% to be beneficial for you. An affiliate link is this: the final number is the one that says I’m sending a potential customer to the company. They also give me a series of banners to use. You can see that this is a mutual benefit to both parties …. Why?? First the company will save thousands of dollars in web promotion as we take care of it members besides that clients consistently receive for your business .. We the members, as they are saved much money, your service has a higher quality than other products. In addition we forget the payment process between the company and the buyer because they see the issue of credit card payment, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

The saturation network traffic forces us to hone in on line marketing strategies to attract visitors get the most accurate. There is no point to design a website and hang to be seen. Should be applied to distinguish yourself from other techniques. SEO techniques are used to occur naturally on the Internet in early position. The thousands of references, which appear daily on the Internet threaten to confine our sites to places where Internet users believe that companies are less competitive cornered.

Search engines do the job of screening, updating and organizing data. Have become indispensable to surf the Internet. Most major international search engines use large resources for its operation and are not available to everyone. Their robots roam the gathering information on content pages and present them according to their characteristics, provided that compliance with the protocol that we are marking. There are links on other websites that we do not benefit and is a reality that must be evaluated.

As is also obviously not make sense to develop a website without taking into account the resources used to position competition. SEO should know This is where the calls come in. optimization techniques to make our sites more competitive and prevent lower position in the ongoing process of renewal of web content. The Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is a term that translates from English, Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows a site appears among search engine results when a user has searched through certain words related to that page.

Marketing Notes

This article is part of the series marketing notes. For better understanding please read parts one, three and four marketing The scenario changed dramatically in the time that the machines were capable of producing a large scale. After the first moment of fervor the producers saw that there were many who sell goods. Its warehouses and shelves were full and few buyers were coming to do business. Here is a serious problem for the economy and an extraordinary challenge for everyone, but, and above all, for entrepreneurs because it was not as easy as before to get anybody to buy what was so carefully constructed. Things were happening at a fast pace and were beginning to become familiar some terms related to the concern of a system that had been stable, functional and dynamic, but which now had some problems.

These terms were: crisis, dropout, unemployment, depression, adjustment, austerity and closing doors close and successful businesses beautiful and well stocked shops. It was obvious that things were happening and among those things appeared again the desired pan handle was not now in the hands of producers. So, burdened by high inventories, slow sales, debt, forced the closure of its premises, the paralysis of its plants in the landscape so could not be more overwhelming. Shoppers fled in panic among other things because they had no money to buy, either because they had lost their jobs or because they wanted to more carefully manage their resources. The truth of it was one thing, a new era was born in forward conditions could not be made by the producer and started strong and very important to be a buyer more and more reflective, passionate and elusive. In future will need to seduce him by arriving at argument that could become serious reason to buy or should we also appeal to their emotions, because he remains a person with dreams, fantasies, illusions and a huge ego, at least so part, can be satisfied with goods and services. The marketing has entered the scene and in fact has come down firmly with great force, seduce the buyer, also known as customer and consumer, is an art in which you must use all lawful means, feasible and viable within reach the hand of anyone who wishes to enter the market or remain or grow in it. This should be done very carefully, without neglecting the new client features including these: It is cautious, is passionate, do not want to buy the first thing you offer, is unfaithful and do not feel committed to anyone or anything attached.

Just want to buy what you need and do not accept pressure. Tthe new conditions were given and were irreversible. There was no other choice but to play by the rules set by the market, a kind of kingdom without a king who will forward their rules as sovereign and not serving anything other than the good results the last aim of all players whether they be producers, sellers and buyers. The client feels free and now makes the independent exercise of their ability to make decisions and does not transfer persons responsibility to choose the most suitable for their own interests. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

Anchor Text: The Visible Text That Accompanies A Link Or Hyperlink

One of today’s most important factors in optimizing a website (SEO) is the correct use of “Anchor Text”, ie the text that accompanies the external and internal links of a website and on which it is click. An example would be: About Google “anything on Google” is the anchor link text words included in the anchor text can determine the ranking of a website in search engines. Including the keyword or phrase in the anchor text increase the keyword density of the site and we offer relevant and immediate information to visitors on the website to which you are accessing via this link. When we incorporate external links to other sites is very important that the link text containing the keyword, this is a very important factor to take into account the search engines when developing your search results. Scored the number of external links (web popularity) in their ranking algorithms and the placement of the keyword in the text of link.

The goal of any form is to provide results as accurate as possible when the user performs a search. Normally the text of a link is highly related to the target page (landing page) as the anchor text is helpful to classify a web page, hence the importance that search engines give this text because it serves to determine the theme of a website. In the past by manipulating the anchor text of external links was possible to place a website on the first results of a search engine (known Google bombing) for a particular search criterion. Google to reduce these cases has had to modify their algorithm. The anchor text is also important in the internal links that are part of the structure of the website.

We should never have a link you just put “click here” because we are losing the opportunity to optimize the website. We need to replace the text “click here” for the keyword or phrase. It is always advisable to use same keyword in all links to avoid possible prosecution of the search engines, it is best to use several of the most important keywords we have chosen to optimize the website, and also expand the visibility of the website.