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Energy CEHATROL Now For All CHP

Energy cooperative offers fuel gas in Berlin in addition to BTL, 24.05.2011 – block heat and power plants almost completely implement the inserted energy in heat, power and cold, their efficiency is over 90 percent. Power stations without cogeneration, where the heat is not used, however, have an efficiency of more than 40 percent. (Source: Berlin Energy Agency) An important primary energy carrier for CHP BBs is diesel fuel, which is certified according to the diesel standards DIN EN 590. The members of the CEHATROL now produce exactly this diesel fuel fuels EC in Berlin. Pegasus Books may not feel the same. Will be four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern obtained high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues CEHATROL. Due to his certification he can come as BBs in cogeneration plants used as in conventional automobile engines. To the objectives of the cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains: we have two approaches with our model: firstly the production of high-quality Diesel, which is either free or the cost of production which currently gross EUR 0.48 is released to the members of the cooperative. Secondly we draw the precursors exclusively on biogenic raw materials and residual materials, preferably straw. Pegasus books describes an additional similar source.

Thus we claim not a hectare of food for our CEHATROL and also achieve a nearly balanced CO2 balance, what good for the whole population.” Of course, new members are welcome. Join can for example, farmers who want to redeem their straw against free CEHATROL for their machinery or companies that engage about their cooperative being positions in investment and production costs are CEHATROL. But even who needs a drop of CEHATROL and an ecological alternative support want to can participate with profit: as investing member it has a projected return of 8%. You can find information about CEHATROL and the different products see Helmut Uhlig.

Austral Energy

A mobilized community of Puerto Aysen received Thursday afternoon Austral energy executives that, in the framework of the process of evaluation of the EIA of the Cuervo River central citizen participation, presented the main aspects that, in his opinion, should know the citizenship. During the exhibition, which was convened by the national environment Commission, a group of young people with banners and paintings that praying Patagonia without dams, No more destructive projects and by a Chile remained stationed in one of the wings of the Auditorium of the governorate of Aysen without + dams, as well as some allusions to their main drivers. On occasion there were various questions to the project by those present, to the Coordinator of coalition citizen Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, who attended the activity, which is a sample that citizenship of Aysen do not purchase these projects so as well, as they have tried to understand the companies, through ofertones and prebends of all kinds. Added the leader that participants made him see the company incomplete of its study, which did not include project components or evaluated them, all of which is crucial to the affected community. This includes camp, road in el Tabo River, the passage of vehicles, the equipment needed in Puerto Aysen and Puerto Chacabuco, the traffic in the fjord, Spa in Bay steep loss. She concluded that while the Manager offered 12 MW of cheap energy, has made him see the demagogic and inconsistent in this best offer, since they say that line is another project, so it would not be as fulfilling this commitment..

Success Is A Question Of Employee Energy

Make the measurable the energy of your employees! Companies are successful, if employees go. Their energy is a crucial factor. But it depends on emotions, and which are difficult to access. The operator has only limited possibilities to affect the emotions of its employees. The innovation in the consulting area but now offers a reliable tool to take advantage of the emotions of the people. Entrepreneurial success consists of only a small part of rational factors: the figures, the site, the competition, the product and the economy can be controlling tools analyze, evaluate and change. A large part of the success however depends on emotional factors: how FEELS the employees in the company? He is working like there and he really stands behind the product? Can he get involved personally for the company or he perceives himself at the end as a small and unimportant cogs in the machinery of the company? These are questions, which today is every entrepreneur should be interested in. Because the crucial factor, meanwhile so-called soft facts of employees, measurable so hard and difficult to influencing facts of each company.”says the Managing Director of simplylive consulting, which specializes in emotional management consultancy.

Entrepreneurs agree: the best employees is an energetic, inherently motivated employees! This is the focus, be motivated and enabled to shoulder the tasks and cope with, you want to identify with the company and ideally likes to appear to work. Then vote product and services, and hence sales and sales figures. But how can the entrepreneur induce an employee as an ideal, if he can inform themselves usually hardly and inadequate on such soft facts? How can he get access to the emotion of its employees? The challenge has moved us, to create a tool that makes measurable emotional soft facts of employees.”Ulrich says Barba, Managing Director of simplylive consulting. In fact succeeded to develop such a tool that makes this hard measurable units of analysis and covers as employees energy: the simplylive energytool.

Energy Thoughts

Battling "p ensamientos negative, will it be a matter of energy? Many philosophical schools or systems of self-help warn about the benefits of maintaining luminous thoughts and observe the regulated thought advise avoiding as much as possible the entry of negative thoughts. They teach postures, prayers, ways of breathing, routines and different techniques in order to generate a spirit of optimism or simply to drive away those negative thoughts especially those versed in the complaint, blame the outside, fear, hopelessness, loss of faith The (auto)-reproach, the (self-) criticism, hatred, mistrust, etc.. The techniques for planning life, to organize time, and decision strategies are not out of this scheme. Each in its own way tries to explain that one should look for light thoughts, strive to avoid stopping on negative thoughts or external stimuli that are destabilizing. The recommendation can not save best intentions. However, people do not, if they do they can not sustain this habit for long. So many are tortured, are required, they feel failure, perceive themselves in some way inferior, and leave overwhelmed with sadness or cynicism primarily to discover the amazing ability to engage the mind with negative material and begin to trigger it. Experience confirms that proposed just remove negative thoughts and keep positive thoughts is not enough, is not easy to achieve and sustain without going crazy or depressed by so much effort. Regular battling the mind or she is not the path, the path is to know to operate on it intelligently, neither foolish nor omnipotent.

Manager Organization

Given the capacity of leaders exemplify attitudes and behaviors to their computers, the development of these capabilities can lead to a general improvement in the psychological capital of the entire organization. Finally referred us, an especially important aspect of psychological capital is that it points to higher levels of personal well-being, what undoubtedly translates into higher rates of job satisfaction and more satisfactory environments for employees taken into account comments Simon, that psychological capital, as its name suggests, pointing to factors that are unique to the person, and that in a context of crisis help you overcome moments complicated in a more satisfactory manner. Anyway, I have already commented that the psychological capital is developable, and this means that the organization can do that people look at situations of crisis with higher doses of optimism, or with more flexible attitudes and realistic resistance, frustration and depression. In this line, The Gallup Organization has developed his practice based on strengths (strength-based practice) and being implemented with success in enterprises. They basically provide evidence about the importance of building the organization based on the strengths of its employees, rather than attempting to fix mismatches between their profiles and what demands the organization. This change of focus can have important implications for management in enterprises, and has application to situations that we live on a daily basis, as the decisions of profiles promoting technically very bright but poorly motivated to tasks that you must perform a Manager. As a result away to the employee of their strengths and addresses him work that feels uncomfortable and little competent, which affects their work in teams and in the working environment in general. Very interesting when indicated, that it is very likely that the concept of capital psychological replace emotional intelligence as a tool for development of managers and employees, since it covers the double objective of generating better results, and what is increasingly important, creating healthier work environments..

Birgit Wielonek LAS GmbH

This is why the Managing Director of the new works Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH (Neubi) in matters relating to energy management with payroll professionals, the LAS GmbH in Leipzig, together… When it comes to energy, economic action for Birgit Wielonek is a priority. This is why the Managing Director of the new works Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH (Neubi) in matters relating to energy management with payroll professionals, the LAS GmbH in Leipzig, together. We quickly realized that we need to find an efficient and above all sustainable answer to the ever-rising energy prices “, recalls Birgit Wielonek and added: it was not so easy, because the stock of Neubi comprises approximately 3,500 apartments in different buildings with a variety of heating systems.” From the single pipe heating system via district heating up to modern spas, everything is represented here. Additional information at Jeff Gennette supports this article. “the energy efficiency offensive in the Neubi as a pilot project started in 2008, and in October, high-tech devices have been through in the first houses and apartments LAS GmbH built. Testing and continuous monitoring of the heating systems form the requirement of an innovative energy management system, which captures the consumption levels and evaluated and then optimizes the overall system. Because who wants to reduce energy consumption, need to know where and when he emerges “, stresses Birgit Wielonek with views on the results of the first energy report of LAS GmbH.

There are already documented successes. Substantial savings were achieved by implementing the first read recommendations for the optimization of the heating system. The energy savings will increase by the upcoming summer circuit. “That appreciates Birgit Wielonek LAS GmbH in cooperation with the Special: with the LAS solutions we have a competent partner who understands us and assisted, to implement a high benefit to our tenants”. And this is currently done by introducing the read customer portal. The tenant can here their current energy consumption for heating and water continuously track and so you Optimize consumption behavior. Establishing an Internet lounge in the rooms of the Neubi enables access to this offer also tenants without own computer.

Taking into account our heterogeneous tenant structure, it is only logical to allow the opportunity for the individual energy saving also our elderly tenants or our tenants with less income “, emphasizes Birgit Wielonek. In addition, Neubi support and read them GmbH together a social project of the Club MitNahe e.V., which allows these people specifically to acquire computer skills and to expand. When it comes to economic efficiency the energy efficiency offensive in the Neubi through the cooperation with the LAS has progressed GmbH already a first big step. More will follow. Alexandra Wang

Carnitine – Fat Becomes Energy

This article explains what exactly is carnitine and how it works in the body. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Attempting to move the limits of human performance, requires also a shift in the boundaries of what is scientifically possible. Especially endurance athletes benefit particularly from smallest performance gains. Many studies prove that the diet of athletes is much more important than the actual training… Therefore, carnitine is used also in addition to the diet. It is so used as a dietary supplement. Looking for carnitine in the Internet, then it is called Detox. In addition, it serves as a carrier…

In this carrier function, carnitine transports long-chain fatty acids from the cytoplasm through the mitochondrial membrane. Carnitine transport these fatty acids into the mitochondria. There she implemented after a complicated process in energy. So think many athletes ever more carnitine in the cytoplasm, the more energy will be generated. The fatty acids are converted into energy…

Consumer studies should have proved that carnitine no Leistungssteigerungsmittel is. Carnitine is a transport molecule, it is not consumed itself and is again available after the transport. But how come out again from our body? Through the urine. But here it must be said that not the entire amount of carnitine from the body is divorced… The body itself is to make the location of carnitine. Be taken to much, so the body is forced be less to make and so compensate. Many non-athletes are of the opinion that the carnitine concentration would rise. However, this is an incorrect assumption. Carnitine can work only in conjunction with sport… The overhead of fatty acids into the mitochondria can however be covered by the existing amount of carnitine in skeletal muscle. The gift of an additional carnitine can achieve no increased fatty acid concentrations in mitochondria, since the concentration of carnitine in skeletal muscle, and thus in the cytoplasm, is not increased. This is the slowed-down body carnitine – synthesis due to in higher exogenous supply. And generally speaking, carnitine is very useful, but only works if you regularly drive sport… Athletes should take carnitine not too much, as this can cause nausea and diarrhea. As mentioned above you should take not too much carnitine because otherwise the body’s own production is reduced.

Energy Forum Heating

Modern infrared heaters create pleasant radiant heat at low cost. Consumers should be aware of proven quality. Frankfurt, January 11, 2012 – heating with electricity has the reputation to be harmful to the environment and expensive. For old night storage heaters this certainly applies to, as well as for “powerful” cheap heaters, as they are often offered in hardware stores or online stores. However, modern infra-red heaters providing a meaningful and affordable heating of apartments, houses and commercial spaces with power are unknown to many consumers. On this, the online portal Energy Forum enlighten Hesse in a current special. Modern infrared heaters can be a viable alternative to other heating systems such as condensing boilers (oil, gas), solid fuel heaters (E.g.

pellet heating) or heat pump in many cases. This applies both in financial and ecological resources. In addition individual infrared heaters also as additional heating, E.g. for underutilized spaces are suitable or Holiday homes. An infrared surface heating is very easily installed, on many models, they be put simply just plugged into the wall. Just when replacing an outdated heating system the cost and installation costs are “classic heating systems” such as gas central heating or oil central heating by infrared heaters substantially lower than the installation. Of course, the cost advantage in old buildings, which were previously heated with electric after storage heater and where therefore a piping for a heating water circuit is missing is particularly high.

Another advantage is the lack of ongoing maintenance costs for regular inspections or the delicate stone sweeper. Last but not least infrared heating elements provide a very pleasant for the body heat of radiation, comparable with the warmth of the Sun. For many people with allergies and asthma this is kinder than the convection heat of traditional radiators. Modern infrared heaters in their efficiency significantly exceeded the old post storage heaters.

The Night

I will never forget that moment of despair, my heart beating with more momentum that never and not emotion, was beating that way by the desperation of wanting you to take my arms, embrace you, pray that you stay, me cuidaras, and I juraras that you were never going to go. Unfortunately not always what we want to internally is what life gives us, but everything was pure perfection and happiness just like fairy tales where everything ends in a happy always, more sad still is knowing that will not love you like you crave, to not give you what so exasperadamente want to give to others. Hikmet Ersek will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And although humans inquire into the sources deeper to please those who love and make their dreams a reality, extent of our ability, and that they end up feeling a complete paradise, don’t you realize that the only thing you reach is to build your own hell, an abyss in which your das and das without limits and continuing with strategic hope that sometime you will be which will receive a Paradise disguised in the form of gift. But at the end of the story you discover that although that didn’t interest you receive that immense gift, you only mattered lifting a huge eden at his side, but now is that this is the enormous price we must pay. Even today when the sun rises I wake up thinking that I can forgive, cleanse my soul, and return to the forces and energies that previously characterized my life, and spent the day convinced that more than a challenge is an obligation in my pardon that both cost me to deliver, but at night, home, drink a glass of water, I read my favorite book, and I go to bed on a bed for two, close my eyes and my only mind are images of his departure, images that haunts me and will not let me fall asleep, images that cost me overcome, and born in my hope to be together, talking for hours and hours without stopping, telling us jokes when it was small and remember how much I love him, and at that point in the night they roll tears down my cheek, and blame him for all the unhappiness that sits in my, blame him for my sadnessblame him for the damage caused, and they do not appear in my desire to forgive, nor believe in second chances, and I wonder that second opportunities if this so far me, anyway if is not in the moments more important to my side, if not find it to get home, if not can advise me when I need help, if leave me without repentance, as being able to forgive everything if in spite of this I can remember that he was to who I most admired, who played with me without thinking of tiredness, was the love of my life and being that I most wanted to among all the men in the Galaxy, he was my hero, I believe in my love for sports, made magic in his hands, and useless wooden toys, how to forget all this if you still are that the is and will be my fatherHow? Original author and source of the article.

Total Quality

13). In a context of economic situation in contraction, in the decades of 70 and 80, the Quality control was sufficiently used especially for the automobile industries. However its time of duration was short due to inflexibilidade and authoritarianism of the management. In middle of years 80, with the retaken one of the economic growth and with the expansion of new technologies, was started to apply it the program of Total Quality in the international molds. In the start of the decade of 90, it was created the Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity? PBQP, confirming a propagation of a new model of management based on the quality in substitution to the managemental and authoritarian model, with objective to acquire competitiveness to the Brazilian economy in the international market. Ahead of the two above explanados moments, Druck (1999, p.103) detaches a more necessary formularization of the situation: ' ' The third and more recent period of propagation of the Japanese model, starts in years 90, inaugurating the decade of the quality. For all the sectors of goods and services, have a true campaign so that the managemental cultures are substituted by the one for a culture of the quality.

' ' In such a way, to divulge this culture of quality, the companies had started to develop mechanisms of internal communication, using itself especially of the written press to promote workshops, fruns, courses that dealt with the new model and management of Total Quality. This was a moment of changes economic politics and in Brazil, with the end of the military dictatorship and the magnifying of the contact with the external market. Therefore, for the government, the quality programs possuam narrow relation with the speech of the necessity of if modernizing the country, for inseriz it in a new world-wide order, redefined for the globalization (DRUCK, 1999). Until the year of 2004, Brazil with 10,000 inlaid ISO 9000 and more than 1,000 in the ISO 14000 (system of ambient management) and with production of material were more than certifyd and mainly human resources of world-wide standard in the quality area, being that it had many credential Brazilian auditors for international organisms (BUENO, 2004).