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Rising Fuel Prices

Alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, 08.07.2009 – commodity experts of the great Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Barclays Capital expect a significant price increase for raw materials, especially in the crude oil price in 2010. The current issue of the EURO reported on Sunday”. The reason for this forecast is the now incipient recovery of the world economy. We prepare us to see really strong price increases”, said the leader of the Asian commodity business of Deutsche Bank to the financial journal. Particularly crude oil for fuel and heating oil prices should be affected by the increase, since in recent years as a result of falling demand major investments in the development of new oil resources are there have been no.

This circumstance makes impossible to correct within a short time. For this forecast the current recommendations of financial institutions can be considered safe indication, in time to position itself for the rising values in commodity indices or in raw materials investing. The search for a decoupling of fluctuating fuel prices for the middle class in the spring of 2009 led EC to establishing the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. Here, the Genosssenschaftsmitglieder are their own diesel producers. In contrast to biodiesel, the cooperative WINS high-quality diesel fuel that is certified according to DIN EN 590 from biogenic residual materials. This means: A hassle-free refueling of all diesel engines is possible without the negative side effects of biodiesel. Is the ethical aspect that here, if any acreage of food to the Krafstoffgewinnung are necessary, to come as a feedstock only biogenic residual materials preferably straw and grains – used.

The farmers receive free diesel Tun for their supplied straw. In addition, the fuel that is marketed under the brand name CEHATROL is delivered to other cooperative members to the current production cost. These currently amount to 0.48 EUR / l. The model is first at four locations in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern realized. Invest is Bank independent exclusively with the contributions of the members of the cooperative. A freight forwarder provides the cooperative members nationwide. Wholesale will get its own petrol station. Also for investors a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can attract EC: investing members place their capital not only in a promising technology but receive a guaranteed rate of return from the first year from mi. 3.8%. No unattractive offer in times of a global financial crisis.

North Sea Oil

The crude oil prices can be compared with the ups and downs of the last few days moving little today until the afternoon. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The crude oil prices can be compared with the ups and downs of the last few days moving little today until the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost around 81,60 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) about two dollars more. This corresponds to approximately the day output values. Overall, a slightly firmer undertone ruled until the opening of floor trading. This is however to see that the price of crude oil as a like used object of speculation apparently only occasionally corresponds with fundamentals before the basic finding.

The record-breaking stocks and the low demand often overlook the financial speculators. If industry messages are heard, they are usually those which have the potential to generate profits. It is not excluded that news leads once more, that the prices are increasing. Paula’s doing in the Gulf of Mexico tropical storm”be possible, loose that he threatened plants. Also the strike in France has expanded: in addition to the tankers, waiting for their discharge before Marseille, now eleven of twelve French refineries work strike takes place. Internationally, according to esyoil analyst Klaus Bergmann, the strike is however insignificant”.

An impact on oil prices in southern Germany is still cannot be ruled out. Furthermore, the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) has slightly lifted its oil demand forecasts. As expected, the local heating oil prices have today only slightly changed. You grew up 9 cents to 68,55 euros per 100 litres. This value is the national average for a supply of 3,000 litres heating oil EL. Bailey estimates that interplay between the dollar and oil prices supported the move sideways of in heating oil prices in the next few days. The influences of the physical olmarkts showed for quite some time”as well as no effect. In southern Germany it could be these reasons to Get price increases. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.


Mineral anthracite.
Fuel is any material capable of releasing energy when it changes or transforms its chemical structure. It involves the release of the energy of their potential to form a usable form (as a chemical reaction is called chemical energy). In general these are substances that burn, but there are exceptions which are explained below.
There are several types of fuel. Among the solid fuels including coal, wood and peat. The coal is burned in boilers to heat water that can vaporize a machine to move directly to produce steam or heat for use in thermal applications (heating). Peat and wood are mainly used for domestic heating and industrial, although the peat has been used for power generation and locomotives used wood as fuel were common in the past.
Among the fuel fluids are liquids such as diesel, kerosene or petrol (or gasoline) and gas as natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), represented by propane and butane. Gasoline, diesel and gas to be used for internal combustion engines.
In the bodies of animals, the main fuel that consists of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, which provide energy for muscle, growth and the processes of cell renewal and regeneration.
Also called combustible substances used to produce nuclear reactions in the fission process, when this process is not a proper combustion.
Nor is it as a fuel Hydrogen, when used to provide energy (and bulk) in the process of nuclear fusion, which atomically fuse two hydrogen atoms into one helium, with release of energy. This means to gain power has not yet been dominated by men (only in its most violent, the nuclear bomb hydrogen bomb known as H) but is common in the universe because it is the energy source of stars.
Fossil fuels are mixtures of organic compounds that are extracted from mineralized soil with the purpose of producing energy by combustion. The origin of these compounds are living things that died millions of years ago. Gas and Electric rates can be lowered as your energy supplier Fossil fuels are considered carbon from forests of the Carboniferous period, oil and natural gas from other agencies. Among the fuels used are butane gas, natural gas and diesel.

Natural Resources

According to experts, the new plan will be doubly effective, as well as help in the rescue of birds. Violators will be punished. Over the past year the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental environment has been verified 268 service stations and selected 888 samples of motor fuel. At 43 filling stations petrol was found not inconsistent with the environmental requirements of the city of Moscow. On the facts of violations by the Department of Nature and the Environment filed the resolution on administrative charges amounting to 14 million 900 thousand rubles. 28 penalties on the $ 9 million 500 thousand rubles have already been paid.

For the rest – or has not yet expired voluntary payment of fines, or regulations are under review. with a complete 'black list' stations (ACP), realizing the motor fuel, do not meet environmental requirements of the City of Moscow, in 2007, can be available here (). New Year's Eve, and old problems Japanese scientists are concerned about the possibility of human avian influenza. They calculated that if the bird flu virus mutates into a 'human' form and penetrate into Japan, from him could kill 640,000 people and the economy will suffer a 20 trillion yen (about $ 200 billion). These calculations have appeared since the last days of death was announced on the prc man infected with the avian flu from his relative, and scientists expect that it appeared a new deadly strain transmissible from person to person. Do not doze and Japanese companies, the most agile of them connection with such apocalyptic predictions in the strictest confidence started to develop special measures to prevent general panic and the preservation of production.

Low Sensors

The resulting information is delivered to the display. Modern internal sensors can detect even small changes in any of the four tires. Moreover, they are sensitive to temperature changes, since the friction between tire and road surface heats up the tire and thus increases the pressure. To transfer information from wheels on the display is used rf channel, or electromagnetic waves. How to choose the pressure sensors? First, pressure and temperature sensors in the tires must continually monitor the slightest changes in pressure and temperature, regardless of vehicle speed. Second, the data should instantly appear in the display. Thirdly, the power supply of sensors should be safe as conventional lithium batteries tend to explode at high temperatures.

And, finally, display the sensor should be two-tone, as by law electronics can not be notified of the danger in the same color, which is used for normal reading. Caution should be bright and glaring. Now some statistics! Did you know that – Low tire pressure increases the carbon dioxide emissions by 40%, which significantly impairs the ecological environment? – Low tire pressure increases fuel costs and the use of pressure sensors reduces them to 4%? In the U.S., the introduction of sensors allowed to reduce the cost of petrol by 10%, that is, at $ 674 a year on average .- Low pressure tire reduces its life by 50%? The eu has estimated that to date, low tire pressure led to the premature wear of 200 million tires, fuel expenditure by 20 million liters, and emissions into the atmosphere 2 million tons of carbon dioxide .- In the U.S. alone each year 250,000 accidents occur, the cause of which is violation of the tire pressure? – Almost 75% of the slopes of tires you can anticipate, as it is preceded by a slight decrease in pressure? – The Eye impossible to determine that the tire deflated, even if the pressure is halved? – Mounting pressure sensors on all vehicles will be able to prevent at least 79 deaths and 10,365 injuries a year?


True, the water etoprimitiv compared with the following method, which I told the employee vdannoy industry with the experience. Fuel truck, filled to the bar blends dry, and on counter goes shortage liters 50-80. Is this possible? Course possible. Particularly clever and greedy drivers attach to an inconspicuous place in the barrel of some inflatable object such as a large ball, well adalshe, I think, need not be explained. Tank filled to capacity, and the rest – not their problem. In general, gas stations, usually petrol comes already in the fuel truck. The fact that in Ukraine there are only neskolkodesyatkov refineries and suppliers of oil – more.

Honest – units, mostly vseeti countless Ltd operate on two principles. First – buy 76-ybenzin, increase the octane number additives and sell it as the 95 th. Second, make a frame in the pipeline, they buy oborudovaniepodeshevle refinery, and drive gasoline or diesel fuel alone. The quality of natural speech is not. In Lugansk region is a small village, where, according to a fuel tanker driver, works in hangar a machine that surpasses the oil in diesel fuel. fabulous! Dark, muddy, thick, with lots of melkihvkrapleny, not to mention the large big flakes of oil. Kachestvobenzina too, are different – from good to ugly. For example, in the small town of Lugansk region often had to 92nd cloudy, with a vigorous knocking resonant smell, and most importantly, that if you omit this petrol a libopredmet, then, being lessons, he immediately covered with a white film.