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Pablo Nocheln

– He is Pablo Nocheln -. Her mother said to him and this one stopped ***reflxing mng itself. – That cannot be, if it has not left in ten years, minimum would have to be older jajaja Oiga, To what made it thing leave their jail? -. The boy with curiosity asked. – Thing? I would not be so safe that outside one thing made what it leave jajaja, but already we leave as much talk that we are going to eat. Woman, already you can serve -.

Juan said. And thus he spent the night, Pablo did not say many things but he ***reflxed mng myself with the jokes of his friend and was the great dinner. The short while one took leave of all, had to return early to house. He accompanied it to Juan until the door. – Friend mine, was a huge dinner -.

Pablo said. – He gave to much taste tenerte Me here in house, again -. – If the morning dinner is like the one of today, I am able to come again from visit -. – A woman was your perdicin and now another the life is saving you -. – I do not know of what you speak -. – I am not idiot friend mine, only I can decirte that I am glad for you and which I hope that you do not lose this girl, because she yes is worth the pain not like the Lucrecia -. – The night my brother is beautiful, we do not dim it -. Juan agreed and he took leave. Already from return to its house, Candle wanted to rest because it had been a quite long day. But one paid attention to the package that had given Pablo him. It decided that the moment had arrived for finding out what was.

Do You Care What People Think ?

There are people who show great insecurity. Never feel confident no other before they give their approval. Most do not undertake anything themselves. Require all the time knowing the criteria of others. These are people who find it difficult to be happy. Because the judgments of others are contradictory. To advance in this world need a minimum of confidence in himself.

For practical reasons and other can not go around wondering what to do. Nobody trusts someone like that. Nobody follows the insecure people. And of course, people are still insecure even herself. From these facts have been many tips that are aimed at helping people can be happy.

They are advised to disregard the criteria of others. They are told to forget the interests of others. They were told to move through life with their own opinions as the only principles. Do and undo, despite what others think. That way they can achieve well-being. But over time you make a great discovery. A resource Hallas invaluable to success. Although, ironically, these resources need to be attentive to what others think. Yes, indeed. The vast majority of relevant and successful people I know have achieved their success by keeping track of what others think. Those who succeed in business does not stop doing surveys. All the time you want to know what people want, which approves and disapproves, what to buy. And therefore these successful business men change their mind about what to do. Public leaders, personalities of history abutments, whence they took their victory?

Neither more nor less, correct and careful interpretation of the wishes and opinions of others. They did nothing to implement the wishes of the majority. So rose the conquest of power. Never failed to be aware of the voice and feelings of others. And as if they were little, tried to be surrounded by good advisors to continue to do: listen opinions of others. On the other hand, people skills, ability to influence others, I have here one of the great capabilities. But she is not going anywhere. And she manages to swim in prosperity. But to influence others is to know how they think, what their interests are, what they want. Otherwise it is impossible to reach their minds and their hearts. It is impossible to go through life ignoring what people want, what people think. Doing so would at least fifteen minutes a failure. The issue is elsewhere. It’s just not never make the mistake of disregarding others. But neither a slip of trying to get along with everyone. Someone like that is a human loss. He is someone who lacks character and by the way, he spends moving in circles. We must first have our own criteria. It should be personal principles and trust them, track them and not betray them. It would be crazy to go through life waiting for acceptance worldwide. It would be as absurd and unnecessary. Looking to fill you with good ideas and defend good causes. Everything else will come by itself. Trust in yourself even in failure, get up and become strong. Hear what others have to say where appropriate, take into account their ideas. But then, find your own way. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.

The Problem

The infectadas people go to increase the incidences infect of it, to this call ' ' epidemia' ' (if to be unaware of the word, looks for in the dictionary, please). Macy’s Inc. addresses the importance of the matter here. With more infectadas people, the ready-socorros hospitals and go to be so overloaded, as supermarket in holiday eve. Logically, as two and two are four (it plays in the Google will have doubt), the attendance and the solution of the problem go to be wronged in the question quality and time. However, it has cases that they cannot wait. Of the one not to say to infartado ' ' it waits in the line that people already go you atender' ' or ' ' it does not go to die now, only waits a bit ' ' or still for the victim ' ' insurance the guts that the doctor already goes to sew, you boooooom? ' '. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek.

The interesting one is that many of these people in its wheels of chat espinafram the public service, without repairing that the solution of a problem, to be effective, does not only depend on the government or the municipal city hall, depends on all. Another one advances somebody very to arrange baguna to undo after that everything what it was made. It has favour? It would not be better to join forces in favor of one same action. The worse one of everything is that it has councilman making project for ' ' premiar' ' e, thus, to stimulate attitudes citizens in the combat the Affection. The project it is interesting, but the one that point we arrive! That is the same that to look to reasons, pedagogical and logical justifications, arguments so that somebody uses the hygienical paper after its physiological necessities. The attitude of the politicians is noble, but the society has that to acquire knowledge itself.

Seno, daqui little we go to create ' ' Bingo of the Dengo' ' (with pile prizes), ' ' Zero&#039 affection; ' , ' ' Dengue&#039 stock market; ' , being that the attitude of precaution and prevention is obligation of the citizen. To contribute for the propagation of this illness, a form or another one, would have to be considered crime. If the affection kills, to compactuar with it, is to compactuar with a homicide attempt. It thinks about this, citizen! if its head walk half ' ' encharcada' ' perhaps, it is in the hour of a good cleanness and a good reflection. After all, to destroy the focus of the mosquito is easy, is question of opinion and persistence. It does not wait the Affection to enter in its house and to place the life at risk of the people who you love and its it stops later taking an attitude. Araraquara already is the dwelling of the sun, does not have space for the Affection here! It fights for this. &#039 says the Affection; ' Uh, is! Uh, is! Uh, is

Poorly Trained Staff Threaten Success

International study on contact centers confirmed almato Tubingen, July 27, 2011 almost 90 percent of consumers who have made a very bad experience with the customer service of company, reports of friends and family and are considering switching to another provider. “This is a key result of the current global contact center preference report” by Avaya. Especially evil take consumers the company therefore inadequately trained staff, long waiting times and an unprofessional handling of their concerns. The almato GmbH sees its demand this for the enhanced combination of coaching and quality monitoring confirmed in telephone customer service. For almost a quarter of all respondents, the customer service is the second most important criterion when it comes to remain faithful to a brand directly after the price / performance ratio. You may want to visit Western Union to increase your knowledge. The most important factor of satisfaction regarding the customer service again is the speed in the Contact Center for 48 percent of the surveyed Germans. Poor care by the contact center would even 24 Per cent of customers almost immediately lead to switch providers. The study shows that good customer service is not a luxury, but rather a task for any company.

It would rather be a luxury, this neglect. Also it is a fallacy to believe that quality customer service leads to rising costs. The opposite is the case”, Peter s., Managing Director of almato GmbH, a provider of solutions for quality monitoring explains eCoaching and real time interaction management. Andrew Cuomo is likely to agree. Who offers high-quality customer service, which secures the loyalty of its customers and increases their satisfaction. That pays for itself. No company can dispense with satisfied existing customers, because these always opt for the company.

Good service gets around to and thereby reducing the expenses for the acquisition of new customers.” The almato GmbH sees great potential, permanently to ensure customer satisfaction in the combination of coaching and quality monitoring in contact centers and discourages Separately consider monitoring and coaching. The integration of both processes offers far more than the sum of the two parts according to the almato GmbH. Coaching is the best way to lead agents successfully, and to motivate to premium services. The monitoring system accurately identifies the Coachingbedarf and measures progress. Ideally, it is a continuous process, ranging from evaluating the situation, correction by training, the motivation to improvements. Integrated solutions focus not only on numbers, but also on so-called soft factors”, Peter s. Hall performs. While the number and duration of customer interactions play a role, but they still are with other service factors such as customer satisfaction and sales orientation linked to obtain meaningful results. The contact center is in this way to the profit center and providing a sustainable competitive advantage.” The almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center put in that position to get the best results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0


PIMCO is investing in this company 18 June 2009 I have a friend who likes to invest in shares, although it does so in a very particular way: my friend copied the portfolio strategy of investment funds that have managed to better profitability in the last time.My friend’s reasoning is simple: If the investment funds, which usually have a very qualified specialists team and probably handled information privileged quasi, invest in certain enterprises, it is likely that they have a high potential for profitability. For those who act as my friend, probably, a strategy that would not be bad is the attention to those papers in which investment funds observed a potential growth in a medium to long term. Thus, investing in papers with longer-term growth potential, the inverter may acquire them until the best of its growth has passed. There are two very interesting companies to invest already. Click here to find out what. What les I commented above arises from a note I read in America economics where he met the Executive Michael Gomez of the bond fund Pimco, who acknowledged that they are investing in sovereign debt of Brazil, because these bonds are the highest in the world and this is a country that is very well managed, does not have an inflation problemIt has a coin between relatively stable and strong. But Pimco has not only set in the Brazilian sovereign bonds, but has also been in the spotlight in three companies in the country, among which is the Companhia Siderurgica Nacional – CSN-(BVSP:CSNA3; NYSE:SID). CSN is the second steel company of Brazil and the first producer of flat steel, which has a capacity of annual production of 5.6 million tons and generated 16,000 direct jobs. The company has international operations, beginning its process of internationalization in 2001 through the purchase in the U.S. Heartland Steel. Leveraging the advantages, the firm operates currently in different market segments such as automotive, civil construction, containers, appliances, among others. After seeing this note, I searched the graph of its SARD to see its evolution, and found that it is observing an upward trend since the beginning of February this year. Read more from Andrew Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Papers of the company did not have a good day on yesterday and closed at $22,34, far from US $51, from May 2008. However, the current value of the ADR away lies the growth potential that can reach the company. Depressive economic context, it has been affected by the strong impact of the crisis has been particularly in the sector, but recent signs of global economic recovery hopes increase. The depression of the international scene was reflected in the company’s results during the first quarter of the year. The gross operating profit (EBITDA) of Q1 2009 was 681 million reais ($ 323,3 m), representing a 47% drop compared to figures for the first quarter of 2008. This sharp decline has other extenuating circumstance that CSN is recording a record in 2008, its net profit R $ 5.8 billion (US $2.529 million), double the figures for 2007. On the results of the first quarter of 2009, the brokerage Brascan said in BNamericas: since 2006 have not observed a less than 30% Ebitda margin. The reason for this result for Brascan is: this weakening of the operations is a direct reflection of the low demand for steel products. For the consultant, from such a result will be a gradual and continuous improvement every month demand that recompose the results of the signature. The expected recovery in demand for steels represents good news for the prospects of profitability of the company to which is added the decision to impose tariff measures the Brazilian Government and the end of a dispute which maintained with Vale (sao:VALE3; NYSE: VALE). Recently in Brazil decided measures tariff on steel imports that have a positive effect on the companies in the country, as CSN. Lula’s Government decided to cede to the pressures of the local industry, reimposing tariffs ranging from 12% to 14% on imported steel products. These had been eliminated in 2005. Last may, CSN managed to finish a dispute initiated by the exploitation of the mine stone house, in a negotiation than with benefits for both in 2000 by Vale, and according to which shall be at the discretion of Vale suspend or definitively cancel a contract until end of this year, to buy ore produced by Casa da Pedra. The agreement foresees also the supply by Vale of up to 3 million metric tons of pellets of iron to CSN between 2009 and 2014. In what refers to the company’s strategy in these times of crisis, it has prioritized kept liquid at least until uncertainty in the markets. In this sense, CSN made a strategic sale of 40% of the shares of national ore S.A. – Namisa- (Brazilian production company of iron ore, a subsidiary of Siderurgica CSN), to a consortium with companies in Japan and South Korea. In the same line of maintaining financial strength for this year, and considering the weakness of demand that will see a slow and gradual recovery and that will limit the volume of income, CSN has limited their investment projects to the continuity of which are already underway. At the moment, CSN has postponed the project of entering the market of long steels (the specialty of CSN are flat steels), scheduled for 2010. The construction of two new steel, one in Itaguai (Rio de Janeiro) and another in Mina Gerais was also postponed. Yes it was confirmed the continuity of investments for the construction of a cement factory. Perhaps one might think that the decision to postpone investments in steel sector represents a step backwards for the company. However this is not so since global demand is very depressed and will take a long time to resume normal, so it is not advisable on installed production capacity to expand to a current oversupply for the situation. Test of excess capacity of existing production at the global level, a friend of mine who works in a steel leader in Argentina, told me in China around 90% of steel plants are stopped, given the weak demand. Thus, in the immediate term, this Siderurgica argentina benefited from demand for steel from China that exceeds the production carried out active plants, but this situation is not sustainable in the medium term since many plants that are inactive like these from China will restart with the recovery of the global economy. To synthesize, Pimco sees a company that is well positioned in a market that while it is depressed, is in its phase of gradual recovery in CSN. On the other hand, the business strategy of the company allowed to speed recovery of their profitability compared to other companies in the sector.

Avoid Bustle

Nowadays, many people choose to become entrepreneurs. It can actually be a good step forward from the wage, particularly unloved work. The entrepreneur needs to know the truth is much more than meets the person first. Few people realize that they go to a different level of action than the ordinary worker, for which there is usually solves the 'uncle'. James Woolsey Jr. describes an additional similar source. The main problem in my view are the need to properly plan time.

(Although there are still problems with the tax, but they are easily resolved) The most important thing for an entrepreneur in my opinion – is making plans for a month and a week, as well as in the morning every day for that day. This will help keep attention in order to not get distracted and do not waste your time. If you do not have the team in which you are each other 'push', then after a while you may be hard to get up every morning and think about what to do. The plan is always on This will remind you and any time you can navigate, you need to do and why. What are your immediate goals.

to use the program certainly help to plan activities such as Outlook, and CRM-like systems, to allow full consideration of contacts. the list can be easily found in any search engine. There are also interesting books about time management, to be useful to explore any entrepreneur PS I wrote this article because I the problem starts when I forget about planning. he worked in the computer field, create and execute projects on popular sites to search for remote workers and

Power Cables

Cables AVBbShv with threaded section up to 25 mm inclusive, may not be filled. Technical and operational characteristics of the power cable AVBbShV designed to operate in a steady state at room temperature environment from -50 C to +50 C, relative humidity up to 90% (at 35 C). Limiting long-term exposure temperature core heating cables in the operating mode to + 70 C. The maximum permissible temperature of the core heating cables emergency mode, or in + 80 C for the duration of heating not exceed 8 hours per day and 1000 hours for the entire term of service. The maximum permissible temperature of conductors under short circuit (up to 4 sec) + 160 C. Cables AVBbShv for 10 min. stand the test of alternating voltage 3 kV and 3,5 kV cable with an operating voltage of 660 V and 1000 V respectively.

Laying and installation of cables without preheating at a temperature not lower than -15 C. The minimum bend radius when installing single-core cables brand AVBbShv – 10 Dn, strands – 7,5 Dn (Dn – outer cable diameter). Building length of cables for the main sections of veins: 16 – 70 mm 2 – 450 m, 95 – 120 mm 2 – 400 m, 150 mm2i above – 350 m. The electric insulation resistance, calculated for 1 km length at 20 C for core sections 2.5 – 4.0 mm2 – not less than 10 mw, 6 mm2 – no less than 9 mw, 10 – 240 mm2 – not less than 7 mw. The warranty period AVBbShv cable – 5 years, lifetime – 30 years. Scope Power cable AVBbShv with a rated voltage 0.66 kV and 1 kV is used for laying in dry and wet production areas, in special cable racks in the presence of danger of mechanical damage during operation, and in the ground, tunnels, canals, mines, outdoors. Power cables are designed for vertical and horizontal lines and can be used in areas subject to vibration. Cables AVBbShv are self-extinguishing in a single gasket.

Metro Advertising

Metropolitan – a broad space for promotional games. What is an ad in the subway? What are its pros and cons? Because of what the ad so appreciated? In this article we analyze the possible topics mentioned. The first is in the underground during the entire period of his work is a large number of passengers. As state dummies in the underground metro area, many people begin an acute shortage of information. So the ads in the subway has more opportunities to be perceived than advertising somewhere on the streets or on the roadway. Passengers with nothing to do on the road.

Indeed – in the subway is not too many options to pass the time. So most nothing left to do but to "catch" eye for an interesting promotional picture. A special item – advertising on billboards. Transplantation between stops and Kupalovskaya Kastrychnitskaya – the most visited place in the Minsk metro. It follows from this sign on the billboard, located on the stairs and escalators transplant, will be seen the largest number of people. But the sign on the boards, as well as any other advertising in the subway, is useful only when uncertain conditions.

In the first place – this is the correct audience. People metrometropolitena – part of some different masses, for which the advertising some products and services which may be simply not interested. However, in many situations, the information in the underground works quite well. Advertising on billboards – not one kind of advertising in the subway, which is enjoying success. Should use the advertising poster in the newspaper, in the space above the door wagon, in separate leaflets on the walls of cars, in the subway. Advertisement in the metro – it's a coup on the way to the masses. Advertising in the subway – an effective way to advertise products or services. Metro – a measure of development of the city, sign engineering center. The largest and one of the most visited places in Belarus – Minsk Metro, which offers good and comfortable conditions for passenger transportation. In terms of transport infrastructure and congestion with taking into account the time savings when moving along the central thoroughfares, many residents of Minsk forced to use the subway.


New head office in Vienna through the recently-related head office a modern glass building on the top floor of the MyPlace site in Saint town road 62, 1190 Vienna, offices not only welcoming the company receives, but also appropriate spaces for regular staff training and seminars. “Logistical and infrastructural brought together all management tasks in the new head office in Vienna indicated MyPlace self management” clearly its position as the industry leader in the German-speaking Europe and an important visible sign in terms of sets on the professionalization of the self service “in its markets. Self storage market has further growth potential in the German-speaking Europe in the latest report of FEDESSA (Federation of European self storage associations) on the occasion of the annual Conference of the self at the 12.9.12 in Budapest shows that the self services in German-speaking countries has established itself well and know the customers about the benefits of the product. In 2011, the European self storage market has approx. 1.697 Selfstorage locations and estimated 6 million m of lettable space. Currently, there is in Europe a SelfStorage site pro 300,000 EU residents or 0.01 m lettable self storage space per EU inhabitant. The German-speaking area m lettable self with its approximately 100 million inhabitants currently has 109 locations and approximately 0.4 million m. In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland come approximately 0.9 million on a self storage location, or 0.004 square metre on every citizen.

MyPlace self is the clear market leader”Zurich(2) founded in 1999 with currently 35 operational branches in Wien(8), Graz(1), Linz(1), Munchen(6), Berlin(7), Hamburg(5), Nurnberg(2), Wiesbaden(1), Frankfurt(1), Stuttgart (1),. MyPlace self storage-self storage means flexible rental of storage facilities for individuals and businesses, mostly in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 m, and go back to renting simple garage rows in the United States for the storage of goods of all kinds. MyPlace self is the market leader in the German-speaking world. In addition to the 23 branches in Germany, MyPlace operates ten more in Austria and two in the Switzerland. For more information, see Jorg Rothlingshofer factum press & public work

Web Corporate

Corporate communications via Web 2.0 or Web 2.0 in corporate communications. In the age of Web 2.0 are the communicative possibilities of so-called \”social media\” in the Center. Today, the competitiveness of companies plays an increasingly important role. James Woolsey Jr. understood the implications. To proceed with the market changes at the same pace, what is quite complicated. The modern \”informative\” economy calls the corresponding reaction speed. New information technologies, it changes the situation on the market, which leads to the appearance of new forms of management. The corporate communication 2.0 just is one of such forms. What is the corporate communications 2.0? It is a type of contact, a very popular tool for people who are well versed in the matter.

It is used by the professionals. Before it deals with communication 2.0, everything should be thought through well. You must allow not dilettantes to such projects. You must strive for a profitable cooperation. And there is still some necessary Work to do: analyze the situations, consider the mood and the feedback of the users as well as all the conditions in the network are connected to the technology. Communicating Enterprise 2.0 and social networks the traditional Web pages that fulfill the role of communication education, will be no longer as popular as before.

It the social networks emerge, that are used in the communication. These networks provide a good basis for the traffic with the customers. Earlier, the companies were forced to introduce the production on the promo websites which have entered in the separate domain. Today, if you use the corporate communication 2.0, it will look very different from – the information provided on the promo pages in social networks. 2.0 corporate communications, corporate communications and the new demands makes new demands, there will be services that include the user in social media. Those technologies, which were used until now for search optimization, will be no longer satisfactory, they may not grant the top position of the social search.