Mobile Payments

Experience, spent the scheme implementation services, technical maintenance and guarantee of high quality – are not the only benefits of working with the service provider. Typically, a large ISP has its own data center, which can useful to the bank to conduct marketing research, and capacity SMS-Centers will implement a massive push-feed in the shortest possible time – up to thousands of SMS per second, which enables almost simultaneously notify the entire group list. The main factor limiting the large companies to work with outside organizations in the implementation of such services is the security requirement, and it is a very powerful argument. However, it is Remember that today, competition in the market of content services is so great that a reputation for service providers has become much more expensive than any benefits he could derive from the project. So serious company will always provide the bank all the necessary guarantees. On that same first bank to consider when choosing a contractor for the implementation of mobile banking? Firstly, the presence of the provider of affordable four-SMS-rooms, secondly, the company's expertise in establishing similar services in the third, on how much time the provider is already working in the market and, finally, to the business reputation of a future partner. What next? Mobile banking and mobile commerce abroad is considered one of the most promising directions.

In some provinces, European countries, mobile phones have become, in essence, electronic wallets – using your cell where you can pay in store: send an SMS with the number "purse store, and amount to be transferred. In Japan, released mobile credit cards, and international Internet payment system PayPal has implemented a mobile service, with through which subscribers of any network can pay for purchases online or real stores with a mobile phone. In Russia, everything is just beginning, but today there are not many banks where there is no such service alerts the customer of receipt of wage on plastic cards. And the marketers at most banks now seriously studying the possibility of mobile banking experience and their foreign counterparts. In short, mobile banking confidently striding across the planet, and each bank will sooner or later have to decide: to be left out of progress, at the risk of large losses, or to keep pace with the times, using mobile technology to create innovative services that can provide significant competitive advantages to the bank.