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Wife Marta

The vehicle's engine suddenly went out and one of the occupants shouted to the man of old blue jeans, "Peter, it seems that at last I opened the door. It was time to receive you, but this is no time to get home. Peter looked at them and said: "I'm not the only one who came home late and at least I hope that I have and I opened the door. I wonder if you have the same luck. The two men riding in the vehicle and Pedro had been drinking together all afternoon and accompanied the friend to your home and at that time were more peaceful because soon they could go to their homes …

or a place where they could continue the interrupted partying. If he had not been open to his friend, would have had to take him and, indeed, the idea not entirely pleased by the state of drunkenness in which it was. They were about to leave the place but … James Woolsey shines more light on the discussion. the door that opened was not the house of his friend. This was proved when they saw him talking with the woman who peeked his head out a window of the house next door. "Neighbor, I said, do not make so much noise that keeps us from sleeping. Do not get angry. It has given many poor kicking that door.

– But how can I be angry? Can not you see I have an hour of being here, hitting them like crazy this very sinverg door and my wife … I do not open? – Ay neighbor! But, you do not remember? – Can not remember what? "Remember … you went to drink, but before leaving, you moved here. You and the Wife Marta no longer live in that house. Do not be stubborn and let that poor door in peace. The men looked at the car again and became convinced that his friend was crazy. And they were about to take her to her new home when they reached to hear what he asked the lady at the window: "See neighbor … What chance you do not know where we moved? There was no response but heard the blow against the window frame. The face of the lady had disappeared. At that time the men in the car realized with anguish that would accompany his friend until he remembered where he lived now. Or until the strong morning sun will replace the soft dim light of the dying lamps in the city.

Salad With Cucumbers Mandarins

Historical review: Recipe inspired by the philosophy of healthy and nutritious cuisine that teaches the Rena Ware company whose kitchen utensils as well as its Nutri-Plex technology surgical grade stainless steel, allows foods to retain their nutritional content. Ingredients: 1/2 large cucumber, sliced thin 1 can of mandarin oranges 1/2 wedges Cup of green peppers. 1 Romaine Lettuce 1/2 red onion 2 tablespoons parsley 1/2 cup yogurt strawberries 1 teaspoon ground thyme. Salt and pepper the taste. Hikmet Ersek may not feel the same. 1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar. 2 Tablespoons of oil of olive procedure: are short the pepper into julienne (strips) cut onion into wheels and soaks in water with vinegar for 30 minutes.

Drained Mandarin segments. See Rob Daley for more details and insights. Cut the lettuce in macedonia (cut stalk in wheels of 1/2 inch); then put to soak in water with vinegar for 20 minutes. Is drain very well and is subtracted all the water to the lettuce so that it does not wilt; reserves in a bowl. Is added to the bowl tangerines, peppers, parsley, cucumber and onion; the salt is added and pepper to taste. Mix up to unify all the ingredients. Apart in another container, unifies the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, thyme and yogurt; stir until the mixture is uniform.

The dressing is incorporated into the bowl where is the rest of the ingredients and mix lightly. It becomes clogged and keeps in the refrigerator Tips: can be served to accompany dishes based on fish and birds. Another option is to serve over steamed vegetables. Write to us at or contact us at our website: original author and source of the article.

Russian Metric System

This is easily explained, since the Russian metric system is based on the outer diameter (for steel welded tubes), or the equivalent diameter (for water and gas steel pipes), while the system operates inch inner diameter. Ie a 'pipe-inch' – it's the outer diameter of the pipe inner diameter which is about one inch ordinary. Accordingly, for the "real" outer diameter "pipe in." must be added the thickness of the walls of the pipe 2 (light weight, ordinary or rigid wall). Gain insight and clarity with Rob Daley. Transcript inch system of ordinary water and gas pipes (translated to metric and vice versa): Tube 1 / 2 inch – 15mm (Pipe dn 15) Pipe 3 / 4 inch – 20mm (tube dn 20) Pipe 1 inch – 25mm (tube dn 25) pipe 1 1 / 4 inch – 32mm (tube dn 32) pipe 1 1 / 2 inch – 40mm (Pipe dn 40) 2-inch pipe – 50 mm (tube dn 50) The legacy of the inch system of units of Russia got to include not only water and gas pipes, and carvings, which they cut. Water and gas pipes according to gost 3262-75 made with 1) normal, 2) increased accuracy of rolling, and in both cases, tolerances by weight shall not exceed 8%.

The length of pipe in the production can be from 4m to 12m, depending on the tu manufacturer, rolling conditions, the length of workpiece (strip), the buyer's order, etc. Pipe dn 15 can be performed without the black coating and a galvanized coating that is applied by thermal diffusion or electrolytic galvanizing. The galvanized coating is better resists aggressive media, the process of rusting, and therefore the life of galvanized pipes higher than the usual black water and gas pipes. Accordingly, the cost of galvanized pipe is higher than the water-gas steel pipe. dn 15 pipe is used for piping (in the industrial and civil engineering), heating systems, in as a "box" for the laying of cables for electrical works, etc. cc anta has a wide range of water and gas pipes at our own warehouse at St. Petersburg, highway, 4. Pipe dn 15 are readily available at an attractive price.

Keep Track of Your Contacts

This idea is especially ideal for tracking your contacts. and is a good idea … because when we received a thank you we often feel flattered by such detail and we tend to respond to who sent it to us. A note of thanks is an elegant way to stand out, since it is unfortunately not the rule but the exception applies. Vertigo daily, sometimes, does not allow us to stop to write a few lines to someone special …

As its customer! As entrepreneurs should think about how valuable this idea to promote “no sell” … so valuable as to be considered. 3. Sweepstakes and contests. Please visit James Woolsey if you seek more information. If you are looking for an idea to revitalize their relationship with customers, look no further: sweepstakes and contests! They participate in different ways to their customers.

The tip in the case of the drawings is to choose rewards that are valuable to their customers. While we all like the prizes but to expect a high turnout in a drawing, bears know their customers and entice them with attractive prizes for your profile. Are you planning a contest? So, pay attention to the following tip: the choice of the theme of the contest must meet the public interest. Of course, there will be a prize for the winner and may be an interesting variable. But weight is the reason for which participants enroll. The contestant looking to showcase their work, seeking recognition of people, access to the popularity, these are the grand prizes. Therefore, the issue should be properly analyzed to achieve success with this special. 4. Gifts. Would you like to receive gifts? Well, to her customers. Again, the ideas that can generate many. Here are some suggestions: if you are a freelancer offering a free consultation (first visit or meeting without charge). Do you already provides a normally? Then, offer a consultancy duplicate: double the bet to your customer, provide the opportunity to meet with you twice what you normally do. Donate an electronic book with articles published throughout the year. I assure you is a gift highly valued by customers. Other ideas for enterprises of products: assemble a mini-newsletter with Web sites where their customers can buy their presents online. Or, include business or commercial centers are offering special promotions. This information is “gold” for its clients. You also have happened that are gifts that do not know where to buy them, right? Clarification: This release includes data from other companies, it is not a catalog you. Remember that here we are giving away, not literally selling. Other: assemble baskets of free samples of their products. If you’ve promoted through free samples during the year, still have some that can be leveraged to the baskets. Add your note of thanks. To present our company can and should be fun for you and your customer! Unleash your creativity and improve each of the proposed ideas. Speaking of gifts … I want to spend one sentence of Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing, I hope that will be as inspiring to you as it is for me: “Produce something and do not communicate, it’s like to wink in the dark.” I wish you success in your venture y. .. A year full of bright ideas to promote themselves!

Electrician In Barcelona

High costs in electricity consumption many times are due to a bad wiring in the home, which by their seniority or their poor quality of materials and inexperience of installers, can leak this being a waste of electricity, the electrician Barcelona offers guaranteed installation and maintenance services. Electrician in Barcelona, is always the best choice for these works of residential electrical installations and maintenance. In a big city there are many options of electricians Barcelona, should always take into account the best option, who offers guarantees of his work, a good price, availability of service in the area, and so we will seek options in the directory of electricians Barcelona and electrician in Barcelona. Rob Daley often says this. The best option to hire an electrician Barcelonaes someone reliable, having good technical knowledge, do not want to pay for a service which in the short or medium term us fails, always must hire certified individuals have constancy that truth offer a good service. Safety must always be above all, we are always looking to avoid accidents, we do not want that our family comes to an accident a bad wiring, since this is it anything serious, but can only be a slight shock or tragedies greater as a burn and even until death, we must make sure that our installations are reviewed by trained electricians Barcelona and that they are installed under the most high safety regulationsto avoid damage to persons and property, since a short circuit can start a fire. There are several companies of electrician Barcelonaque have several years working in this field, which are a guarantee of a good job in our electrical installation, we must always look for the most suitable company of electrician in Barcelona..

The Economy

The main thing – to know what suits the horse and how the sport is keen horseman. Western Union oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, a gray horse will go blue or black Saddle pad. But yellow or orange will be on the gray horse is not the place, but perfect a bay or red-haired. A sport is important here is why: saddle for show jumping and dressage have different shapes and valtrapy for them are different too. Under the usual recreational jumping saddle fit Saddle pad. Another good gift: forehead strap bridle. As the name implies, it is located on the horse's forehead, so just this part of the bridle are often decorated. Nalobnik on the bridle can be easily changed.

Therefore, even for someone already has a bridle, beautiful nalobnik odd not to be. They were decorated with strings (the best choice of white metal, because all the buckles on the gear is usually white), embossed, crystals, substrate of the color of skin (note the color horses!) decorative rivets than just … Yeah do not decorate. Thing "in the economy" is not very useful, but beautiful. Almost all of this would be desirable, but not everyone is currently a "dalliance" buy. Not a bad option – likit, "tasty" toy for the horse.

It is a bit like hanging toys for parrots: a ball or a spinner, which hangs on the grate stall. And in the middle of this toy is inserted "candy" for the horse: a delicacy that can be licked. Only first need to catch the nimble toy! The horse spends much time in the stall, where no one with whom to play and socialize, so the toy is likely to be happy – especially edible.

Understanding Fonts

Printing without a printer? It is possible. For a long time home and business computers and professional publishing systems existed only in our dreams. At first, computers were recruited mainly text documents, which are subsequently printed on dot matrix printers one of the 'wired' in its fonts. Paragraphs are indented and formatted with spaces, characters were all the same size, allocation of means were available Only bold, italic and underline formatting. Check out James Woolsey for additional information. While considerable knowledge about the fonts not required. The objectives of the second generation of desktop PCs is much more, because 'brains pumped', was written by a new software, get used to their skills and the man himself.

And now all this together allows the paper to get the same typeface of any information that the coder sees on the monitor. Word, grew out of the unpretentious text editor into a powerful set of Editing and formatting text, allows, even with less convenience, to perform the same operations as the professional publishing system – up to automatic imposition of the booklet. And often directors of various companies prefer not to go to publishers, to impose a small commemorative booklet or brochure. Why? All these operations can be done the employee's own company. Only bringing the booklet prepared by the layout to the printer, saving manager understands that reality, even if it does, but in a whole did not turn. After all, prepared for printing in MS Word pamphlet obtained at a professional equipment is not like an ordinary office printer: string 'go', become empty squares, and the formulas are mixed into something incomprehensible.

Item Properties

HyperCard is based on the concept of a “stack” of “cards” virtual. The cards contain data, as they would in a rolodex. The layout engine was similar in concept to a “form” as used in most environments, rapid application development (RAD), as Borland Delphi or Visual Basic. A special battery “home” was available as a launcher, a repository of shared scripts and location of user preferences. HyperCard was not just a database engine: the appearance of each card could be, just as one can write non-standard information on a Rolodex card. A special background layer of each stack contained elements that appeared in all other cards of the same cell, or all cards based on the fund.Backgrounds could include pictures (which was their original purpose), and also objects available for each card:, buttons, text (static), text fields (able) and other common GUI elements. If you have read about James Woolsey already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Each card could contain different data then the fields of text or graphics, thereby creating the database functionality. For example, an address book could be built by adding to the background a few text fields to contain the name and address. After that, you can add a new card (by typing Command-N) and fill in the fields. The background can be modified at any time, allowing changes to be easy to make. Basic operations such as search, add and delete were integrated into the environment of HyperCard, allowing simple databases were set up and used by anyone able to use a Macintosh computer.The ability to write scripts in the language HyperTalk allowed the system to be easily modifiable and extensible. Unlike many scripting languages, HyperTalk proved to be usable by a wide range of users: its syntax included multiple versions of each sentence, all in a more or less readable English. For example, put the first word of the third line of field “hello” into field “goodbye” ( ‘put the first word of the third line of the field “hello” in the field’ goodbye ‘) would do exactly what is expected . HyperTalk included this redundancy in the hope of facilitating the programming: for example, the numbers could be specified using digits (1, 2), cardinal (one, two) or ordinal (first, second). Refer to objects and elements of the cards and money was easy. The previous example illustrates how a field is accessed on a particular card, but could be done with any object in the same way, including the cell itself.All items could be named, as in the example above. In addition, each object (including the stack itself) had a code number. The command find ( ‘find’) HyperCard quickly sailed to the cards containing the text searched for using the patented method called hintBits. This could delimit find modifications such as “Bob” in card field “hello” ( ‘find’ Bob ‘in the field of card hello’). Similarly, there was a sort command ( ‘order’) that allowed full expressions evaluate to sort the cards according to an order. Adding scripts was also easy. Simply “command-option-click ‘on any item in the stack (or press the Script button in the Item Properties dialog) to open an or. It could be ed, saved and used immediately the script.In addition, HyperCard contained the “Message Box”, an interactive command line in a floating window that could perform simple lines of script, including the find command, so it also served as the search dialog. HyperCard 2.0 added a debugger. HyperTalk was popular enough to have one of its main uses is not the database but the programming tool. Thousands of “stacks” were written and circulated as stackware in the few years that HyperCard was widely distributed.

World Wide Web

For large companies this question is no longer interested in such enterprises with a few exceptions already have a website. The development of the site is raised by many leaders of small firms, as created by and for many years on the market. It would seem, in what sense to spend money on something to say about himself in the World Wide Web, if the firm has customers and their lack? However, this will end soon. For many network primary source of information therefore, any advertising on the Internet the best quality. If it so happens that the firm does not my site, can not read about it online, the number of newly arriving customers will inevitably closer to the minimum. And all of them start coming to our competitors who have not only a corporate website, but this website is visible on first place in search engines. As a result, your company will be without newly arriving customers, and the old will eventually be disappear.

A loss of most customers and no new will inevitably lead to ruin. To make this not happen, we must move with the times, meeting current needs of potential clients. Western Union has many thoughts on the issue. That is necessary to develop a resource intern, if it’s not. No need to buy startups once the corporate portal site with complex functionality, which stands vobschem something expensive. For a small company rather will buy even a simple site with user services section, their value, portfolio and contacts.

The cost will be not so high, but future customers will immediately find out about services offered, find out the address. But the main thing in this not actually develop the website itself, and its promotion in search engines and effective advertising campaign. Neraskruchenny resource is as ready business card lying on the shelf of the cupboard. The idea is there, but no one of these business card does not know or hear until they will not give away. Similarly, and with the website, while online resource is not moving, it no man comes, and hence the income he brings in, while such actions as For example, search engine promotion site quickly lead to goals: in virtually the same day, there are potential customers, for whom everything has been done. Thus, the Internet resource is required for any company. The price and appearance, of your opportunities and desires, but obviously, it should be promoted in search engines Yandex, Google, and others. Material on the topic ‘Why not order a site user?

Jewelry Time

Nowadays, most business problems need to be put into practice in a very short time that they have not lost relevance, since everything is changing much faster than you can imagine. And now popular business area, Tomorrow may already be behind. For even more details, read what James Woolsey says on the issue. Many modern companies, organizations and even individuals prefer to buy ready-made website or online store ready for the promotion of their business on the Internet. After all, that directly concerns the virtual advertisement of goods, for example, making the site on the Internet, now is not just a popular means of promotion, but also a good practice for any company. Their own Web sites are now available and politicians, and writers, fashion designers and artists. Also, every decent company, and even a small firm, and government organization seeking to enter into a worldwide electronic network.

Some companies prefer to order a glamorous studios web site design from scratch, but is usually carefully thought out concept, clarification of all technical details, accounting vagaries of customer demand time-consuming. Creating a site from scratch – it's a long, troublesome occupation. Some, especially gifted geeks, are trying to create for yourself a website, but usually fails, because one study the most primitive html and special software to create banners and beautiful images takes a lot of time. A ready-made sites that are offered at very modest, one might even say, a small price, this is, firstly, a huge saving of time and effort, and secondly, it is convenient and simple. Moreover, often these sites offer a template with the already popular domain name and the opportunity as soon as possible "unwind" on the Internet, buy a quick popularity in search engines, that means getting High income for the small time period. Also, do not forget that "heaped" too glamorous sites created from scratch, as a rule, very long to be loaded because of numerous design elements that are added to Jewelry. Yes, and most visitors to appreciate their time and money, and many of them the Internet is not too fast to boot, so that no one will be a long wait for a beautiful and bright to boot site in all its glory. For prospective clients in any industry is important speed and convenience, as well as the ability to easily navigate the site.