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Childbirth Without Pain

The first and most important – is a full relaxation of all muscles of the body, spirit and mind. Anxiety, fear and constraint, have harmful effects on the mobility of the cervix to stretch. The main principle of natural childbirth is the maximum relaxation during labor. When a person relaxes, his body is the production of endorphins, which are natural boleutolitelem. Therefore, during labor is very important your positive emotions for both you and baby, who feels your mood and, believe me, during contractions the baby works with your body. When you tense up when experiencing stress and fear, you are doing less effective contractions, all of which prevents the normal supply of the uterus and the baby oxygen.

Start practicing relaxation before delivery, during pregnancy. Relaxation is useful as well as during childbirth, during pregnancy, so and postpartum period. This is all not to say that you need to relax and lie as 'sleepy fly' on the bed. No, you can walk around and take a shower, the water – the most effective way to relieve pain during labor. It water gives a good opportunity to relax and open up.

To fight is faster and easier, you need to move more. Movement relieves stress, helps the uterus to reveal more and contribute to the passage of baby through the birth canal. You can comfortably accommodate a large inflatable ball and make circular motions her hips, or just jump. Very good when you still going to do someone massage – it helps to relax when fights and acts as an Analgesic. Plays an important role your breath away. In the first half of births is best to breathe slowly and breathe so as long as it helps. When the contractions become intense, you can accelerate your breath. Proper breathing helps all your muscles relax. Proper breathing technique you can learn in special courses to prepare for childbirth. Assistants. Statistics confirmed by researching birth, the presence of her husband (girlfriend, mother) during labor reduces the period of struggles and pain during childbirth. Husband during labor helps his wife as a morally and physically. Before birth I advise you to choose the hospital, to meet physician and obstetrician, who will you take generations to introduce the doctor with your card pregnancy, childbirth discuss, expressing their wishes. Still, when you know a little bit with your doctor, you'll feel more relaxed than come 'on the ambulance' and do not know which specialist you have got. Having a baby is not as scary as it described to us by our grandmothers, great-grandmother, etc. The main thing – do not worry, relax and trust in God's hands, believing that the birth without pain – this is reality! I wish you a light, fast and painless childbirth. Article provided forum for parents

The Economy

The main thing – to know what suits the horse and how the sport is keen horseman. Western Union oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, a gray horse will go blue or black Saddle pad. But yellow or orange will be on the gray horse is not the place, but perfect a bay or red-haired. A sport is important here is why: saddle for show jumping and dressage have different shapes and valtrapy for them are different too. Under the usual recreational jumping saddle fit Saddle pad. Another good gift: forehead strap bridle. As the name implies, it is located on the horse's forehead, so just this part of the bridle are often decorated. Nalobnik on the bridle can be easily changed.

Therefore, even for someone already has a bridle, beautiful nalobnik odd not to be. They were decorated with strings (the best choice of white metal, because all the buckles on the gear is usually white), embossed, crystals, substrate of the color of skin (note the color horses!) decorative rivets than just … Yeah do not decorate. Thing "in the economy" is not very useful, but beautiful. Almost all of this would be desirable, but not everyone is currently a "dalliance" buy. Not a bad option – likit, "tasty" toy for the horse.

It is a bit like hanging toys for parrots: a ball or a spinner, which hangs on the grate stall. And in the middle of this toy is inserted "candy" for the horse: a delicacy that can be licked. Only first need to catch the nimble toy! The horse spends much time in the stall, where no one with whom to play and socialize, so the toy is likely to be happy – especially edible.

The Salary

Status buy – expensive phones, pens, purses (those who have to show others what you're cool), "eat" much of the budget, but in practice do not always meet the expectations. Another article inefficient spending – the purchase for future use: they usually dictated by the uncertainty in the future. This is followed by purchases made under the influence of advertising. Sort through your expenses and make a decision, from which you can refuse to do, and what – to be reduced. Number of planning can save up to 30% of money spent in the supermarket. You know exactly how much money you spend on food, and how much – to buy goodies, without which it is possible and necessary.

So, if you suddenly will have to tighten our belt, you can save them. Before going to the store lunch: on an empty stomach, we tend to make more spontaneous purchases. Some things you can buy second-hand: domestic and computer equipment, jewelry, fitness equipment. If you already have your family to live in savings, it is better to buy b / y, than infringe on themselves and their children to eat or clothes. On the day of the salary not shoot all the money from cards, leave at least a little – such a "stash" will give you confidence in the future. It is best that day to withdraw the amount allocated for 1-2 days. And do not rush immediately to the store: the fact that psychologically easier to pull money in the first two days after the salary. The balance between miserliness and extravagance! Of course, to say: Do not waste of resources – a piece of cake, but how to do it in practice? First of all, understand that is a necessary expense, but that – pleasure, from which you can opt for a while.