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For Villegas

Thus, in Mexico, under the banner of social advocacy, is was gestating a new bourgeoisie with its respective social inequality (Cosio, 1972: 114). For Villegas, it is clear that the only way out of the crisis in Mexico is to conduct a review to awareness of these ideas that support the regime, expurgando those ideas, men and mechanisms that have been forgotten, and reaffirmed those who continue to be useful (Cosio, 1972: 116) _ _ CONCLUSION Cos io Villegas devoted much of his scholarly efforts to demonstrate the consolidation of this new bourgeoisie, as well as noting that the hoist Assembly in Mexico, which was aimed at destroying the regime of Porfirio Diaz, resulted in the establishment of a neoporfirismo in Mexico (Meyer, 2001). The Mexican elite neoporfirista fell into decline because the idea of revolution, to which had much support, was extinct over time. The revolution ceased to be an important ideological engine because it never rejuvenated and not allowed the clarification of their purpose (Cansino, Cesar, 2005: 40) the regime was gradually abandoned in practice those ideological principles that sustained it and gave it legitimacy. This way the elite entered into a process of impossible to reverse decline (Cansino, Cesar, 2005: 41).

The great success of the Crisis in Mexico is having demonstrated that the conflict faced by all, democratic regimes or not, it is the lack of legitimacy. The work on the crisis in Mexico has never ceased to be in force, today it is possible to find many articles and books that are modelled his ideas to make comparison between the political situation of the country in the 1950s and today. On a personal level the figure of Cosio Villegas continues to be that combative spirit and critic who dedicated his work to unravel starting them from the political class in our country. But perhaps the greatest force of that text is in ratification of the best liberal principles of the country. In a nation that has had so few intervals of democratic experience in its history, the article of Cosio Villegas and his entire work is a permanent reminder that the obtaining of any collective goal, by most grandiose to be, cannot be done apart from freedom, understood as a right and practice of a community of citizens who decide on their own the kind of things that they should be.

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Do many times have stopped later something that you had to do?. We are many (myself included) files that unfortunately we do ignore the known proverb that says do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, and this is just procrastinating, leaving things for later. What is procrastinating? Procrastination is an alteration of behavior characterized by the postponement of certain activities, with the excuse of making others more pleasant and without any importance. A quite illustrative example would be the case of a person who need to study for an exam, and this, with the excuse of I do then, is dedicated to less fruitful activities like watching tv, chat or go out for a walk. Work addiction can be a symptom of procrastination in some people, since they tend to spend more time at work just to avoid having to perform that activity that both tormented him. Go to Frank Giacalone for more information.

Why do we procrastinate? Procrastination occurs when the Act of performing certain activity produces some kind of unpleasant sensation, almost always linked with anxiety. That is why those tasks that somehow are perceived by us as overwhelming (studying, performing chores, attend a medical appointment, etc) are inevitably delayed by those people who suffer from procrastination. While procrastination is a relatively new term that not much research has been dedicated, there are experts who suggest that an effective way of combating this type of behavior is organizing our time and the activities we do (as a type of agenda), prioritizing the most important on the less important and auto reward us when we comply fully with an already scheduled agenda.

For Heidegger

Heidegger constantly, isolated in a House in the forest where spent time with him and with his family. In these stays outside the hectic civilization, Heidegger would begin to work on which could be considered his masterpiece: being and time. Being and time is a great influence for modern Existentialism and thinkers and literary figures such as Jean-Paul Sartre. It is said there that Heidegger is an intellectual who changes the way of seeing things, either positively or negatively, or it is accepted or rejected, after Heidegger thought is another. Andrew Cuomo: the source for more info. This phenomenon is observed his work, where Heidegger expresses a strong criticism of Phenomenology, the work famous of his teacher Husserl, to such an extent that it almost dismantled the idea completely. Still, being and time builds an even more revolutionary idea about the very existence of the human being.

It speaks of being as verb and noun; one questions the true meaning of the action of be where arises as to what is what it really means to be? Or, as Heidegger puts it, we are letting us bring the conventionality by own word? These questions set us in a predicament intellectual to get closer to the opposition say: do we have the degree of existence that we understand as the simple action of be here or we can find this misunderstood verb relationship with other factors of the human dimension? For Heidegger, time was this direct link with the being and the canvas on which began to sketch the existence. Thus, Heidegger questioned the significance of space as a determinant of our existence; i.e., leave aside the conception of the Cartesian coordinates where the tangible body can be found and searches the place that occupies that which transcends these physical barriers. For even more opinions, read materials from Frank Giacalone. Being, therefore, is a process of change, a process of becoming into something more: a constant change.


The individual seems to be clueless, distracted or elsewhere but your mind is receptive, in a State of alert. This individual leaves in some way to experience reality from somewhere else and is busy in the process of recruitment. Visit Jeff Gennette for more clarity on the issue. His mind enabled and equipped like a magnet to allow it to be attracted, captured, even bewitched by the smart content you need to understand your problem and solve it. Sometimes these impressions are told in a manner so forceful that the person wakes up and comes out of his trance, that State of distraction and return to your reality. Sometimes these appearances may seem nice, innocent, Nice, tender, full of freshness or a wisdom so unexpected that fills us with joy. Because this is what we were needing. Under the influence of the flower remedy, the mind is open and receives these subjective impressions.

We are not talking about hallucinations, in reality what appears in consciousness will not be new. Frank Giacalone is likely to agree. They will be things you saw, lived, flavors and sensations that he experienced and that they enclose a message opotuno for the moment; they will always offer a guide, a wise Council. The individual feels inclination for peace. You will want a pleasurable way, the individual looks to whether same paving the way of the revelation that sooner or later will come. Most of the time this revelation appears in a very clear and natural way that is usually downplay that has. In this process it is expected that a key element of consciousness dips or that subject resume any activity that used to practice, which was pleasant, but that was interrupted for some reason. The picture of situation immediately looks clear and change is imminent but we repeat, it is important to make way for this information, not stop it or distorting the meaning of this process. It is important to know these energies work to know what is being done and to intelligently apply intellectual resources in order to support this process with conviction.

Weight Loss Methods

Although losing weight often brings to mind dying of hunger every time, and diets that avoid eating whatever you want, weight loss does not have to be the case. By following the suggestions in the following article a good start on the road can make toward your goals of losing weight easy. Suggestions for weight loss probably the easiest and Council to follow is to drink water. It is easy to confuse feelings of hunger and thirst. In addition, our appetites are easier to appease if we liquid that this helping to fill our stomachs. Before taking the usual snack, it is drink a glass of water.

If still you have hunger in a few minutes, go ahead and get your snack, but only if you are really hungry. In addition, drink water before eating regular meals can have a similar effect. It is important to drink water and not any type of sugared beverage or fruit juices since those added calories to your diet without making you feel very full. If you have the habit of watching TV While you are eating, it is time to stop. While you are paying attention to your favorite program, it could easily eat a whole bag of potato chips or a big pot of ice cream without realizing what you are doing or to realize that feels full. If you eat while looking is an important part of how to relax at the end of the day, pay close attention to the amount that puts on the plate at the same time.

It can always be repeated later if still hungry, but never eat just one part of something while watching the TV, whether it’s a bag of popcorn or a box of chocolates. An easy way to help achieve a better portion control is to use small bowls, plates and cups. It is likely that fill any container that is eating, and is likely what ends full. If you have a full plate that is small, it will seem much more than filling a large dish half. This may sound strange, but it works. The only place where it is extremely difficult to have control of the portion is at a restaurant. Most of the restaurants put various portions of a dish on a plate, and is cooked with large amounts of fat and salt. One way to avoid this problem is to cook at home as much as possible. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Giacalone here. When you go to a restaurant consider sharing food or decide before you begin to eat the amount that is going to take home. If you take home half of your meal, you don’t have to cook the next night and the cost of each meal will be reduced by half! These suggestions for weight loss are effective if you apply them… Although there are many other ways to lose weight easily, these tips are a good way to start. As you feel more comfortable with the changes you have made, can always continue making further improvements in their eating habits and exercise to promote their achievements in weight loss. Give a twist to your life knows the real remedy to lose weight and burn fat beam click: how to lose weight in a few days.

National Week Of 23 Liturgy

Get to know the community.-the liturgical animator group to enable it to fulfil its mission, it is essential to know the liturgical Assembly, his social environment, their culture and language, their achievements, their tensions, their problems and hopes, to avoid that more than the marginalization of some persons or compel the Assembly so we can give in the exercise of their functions. Today there is a pluralism not only in culture but also in the confession of the faith in religious practice. This forces to take into account as far as possible the graduation of the faith of loa forming the Assembly, many people for example involved a wedding and non-believers, but are there social, this can be an attraction to get these people back to the faith, and this is work of liturgical animation team. The same liturgy is consistently a claim of evangelization. All are called to participate, to confess their faith, to pray, to give thanks, but not all seek God in the same way, nor all live the faith with the same intensity. The difference of ages also in the various assemblies. There are readers who read well, but are not communicators of the word, or unknown sound techniques.

There are also directors of specialized singing and organists, but unaware of the rules and the liturgical spirit, they go on their own apart from the spirit of the day that we celebrate, have goodwill, but lack them a knowledge of the liturgical sense, even there are Presidents that lack them liturgical meaning of the Presidency, or are unaware of the possibilities offered by the liturgical books for greater participation by the Assembly. Today is fair, to because I do prayer collects the previous Sunday, and if tomorrow is fair repeat this prayer this was before the Council. All the prayers that there is in the Missal, are to be found, the sentence more appropriate, perhaps to the readings or the situation of the parish church, knowing the Missal for choosing prayer over the offerings, the preface, some choose always the shortest.

Former Landfill

Solar park in the Black Forest WINS power from the Sun Horb a.N., September 15, 2009. On the former landfill of the district Freudenstadt near Horb – Rex, Germany, the company DEGERenergie produces electricity for around 800 four-person households. To the delight of the people responsible for the district. DEGERenergie is world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar systems based in Horb am Neckar. The idea is simple and ingenious: photovoltaic modules, which follow the course of the Sun, catch significantly more energy than rigidly installed modules. The Swabian entrepreneur Artur Deger has made a company of this idea, that today is world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar systems: DEGERenergie. DEGERenergie has installed 66 tracking systems on the former landfill on the edge of the black forest.

You win power annually 300,000 kilowatt hours from the Sun enough fully to power about 800 four-person households. Here, the technology of Artur Dafoe plays a not insignificant role. Because through the patented, sensor-controlled Tracking of DEGERenergie tap the solar modules of the Sun around 40 percent more energy from as rigidly installed systems. Or otherwise: without this optimized tracking the yield not to 800, but only to around 570 households would be enough. Explanation: according to the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems (Fraunhofer ISE) achieve dual-axis tracking systems, which work on the basis of astronomical data, up to 27 percent more yield than rigidly installed solar modules. Frank Giacalone may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The surplus with the sensor-controlled tracking systems by DEGERenergie is still considerably higher: you win, as evidenced by the many years of experience, up to 45 percent more solar energy than rigid systems. Sensor control adapts the success of tough terrain before, however, have used the gods as we know the sweat. In the case of Rexinger landfill, that meant especially to cope with a soft surface and uneven terrain.

Test Track Against Railway Noise In Bonn

Stephan Eisel, MdB – very well: for Bonn in the Bundestag In the now presented 2. national traffic noise protection package of the Federal Government, Bonn’s Bundestag, Stephan Eisel sees important advances in the efficient fight against railway noise, charged in particular the residents of the busy line: “especially we will receive a five-kilometre test track in Bonn by the Federal Government for a new noise. This is an important achievement. A decision of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia, which the CDU has initiated in May 2007 was very helpful. So we succeeded, to propel the Federal Minister of transport.” Eisel expressly emphasized the role of the Bonn Landtag Member Gerhard Lorth has been repeatedly initiative as Chairman of the parliamentary group of railway noise protection. The noise protection package of the Federal Government take up important points here: the pilot project “Quiet Rhine” can do the basics for a noise-dependent Trassenpreissystems for freight trains, to be introduced in 2013.

The conversion of 5,000 freight wagons with noise-reducing brake technology have already begun. In the federal budget for a total 40 million euros will be provided. Click Frank Giacalone to learn more. The time of the project should be completed by 2012. The project “Testing innovative measures” is also innovative techniques of trackage for noise protection in Vista, which weigh on the townscape of less. These include low, close to rail noise protection walls and damping elements to reduce noise and vibrations.

Thin Clients For Unique Solutions!

Due to increasing complexity, pre-sales and after-sales advice is becoming increasingly important area. As a result of increasingly complex technologies Rangee at its thin client solutions opts for more individual customer advice and. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. Service numbers at local rates, latest how-to’s, as well as white papers which illustrate the uses of thin clients, everything on the service to the customers is aligned with Rangee. Thin clients keep increasing in the offices of German companies. They are small, quiet, and above all save energy.

Actually, they are the ideal replacement for computers in all workplaces. The solutions that our customers want to implement, are becoming increasingly complex in recent years and require more and more consulting, as well as minor adjustments. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Frank Giacalone. For this reason Rangee sets area in its strategy on excellent customer support in pre-sales and after-sales”, so Ulrich Mertz, Managing Director at Rangee. So there is no expensive service call numbers or long waiting times in support, for example at Rangee. With current how-to guides are the customers Provides information to help yourself free on the Rangee Web page. In the near future, white paper will be deployed in addition to current topics, such as, for example, server / desktop virtualization.

These are elaborate sector – and theme-specific applications of thin clients and intended to give customers a better understanding of technology and viable solutions. Further we will focus on customer satisfaction, because satisfied customers will be in the future for thin clients on Rangee “, says Ulrich Mertz even to the end of the interview.