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Risk Assessment

Types of financial risk for most of us risk means the probability that, playing in our daily "games", we get the outcome that we are not quite satisfied. In finance, risk is understood in a different and somewhat broader. C viewpoint of the financier risk assessment means the evaluation of the probability that the return on your investment will not be as expected. Thus, the risk assessment includes not only negative (income below expected), but also favorable (earnings higher than expected) outcomes. In practice, the first type of risk can be called "risk reduction (downside risk), and the second type – "the risk of blood (upside risk), and the measurement of risk, we will consider both of these species. Risk assessment and in particular the financial risk assessment, is one of the biggest challenges for the supervisor in managing the company. Measurement and evaluation of financial risk and expected return is difficult to assess because it content varies depending on the chosen point of view. For example, in the analysis and risk assessment company, we can measure it in terms of management of the company.

On the other hand, we can state that the equity firms belongs to the shareholders, and their perspective on risk is also taken into account. The company's shareholders, many of which hold its shares in their portfolios of securities of other companies are likely to perceive the risk business structure quite different than the managers of the company who have invested significant capital into it, both financial and human resources. Identification and assessment of financial risk investors buying assets during his tenure they expect to get some feedback. Actual revenues received during a given period of time, may differ from those expected, and that's the difference between expected and actual income is source of risk, which should be evaluated. The spread of actual earnings as measured by the expected variance (or standard deviation) distribution.

Jewelry Business

– Gold rose: Formed by 75% gold, 5% silver and 20% copper. – White Gold: Contains 75% gold, and approx. 12% of palladium and 13% silver. We see that even two identical pieces, 2 rings for example, 18k each may have different prices depending on their color, and white gold ring will be more expensive than yellow gold, even when both composed by a 75% gold and white gold that contains palladium, a metal much higher price to silver or copper, which are metals steel in yellow gold. So the first thing you have to do is tell us how many carats is the jewel of interest. Secondly we have to do is make sure that the information received is correct, for this we must check that the jewel is duly proven, the contrast is the application of the guarantee mark, following the analysis for this purpose by Laboratories Officers, as proof of quality and suitability of the products tested, as required by law 17/1975 of 1 July. So every piece of gold must be tested, so we will reject any jewelry that has no guarantee mark.

But the law exempts the contrast in the piece itself, those jewels because of their small size or design may be damaged by the mark of it. In this case we should require the contrast on a plate or additional plate. This is the way to prove that we are really buying a gold jewel. But when setting the price of a gem other factors much less objective and can be your brand or design, so that the price of similar pieces can vary significantly from one establishment to another, so it is advisable to visit several of them to establish what is the price to be considered “fair” by the piece that we interested. In this sense Internet makes it really easy, as comfortably and without leaving home at a time when we can see plenty of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces … and compare their prices. In addition, online jewelry, also known as jewelers and online stores offer the advantage of more competitive prices than traditional stores, because by not having to bear the costs of their structure, can offer more competitive prices, its main drawback lies in not seeing the jewel “live”, so it is advisable to buy only those online jewelry guarantee us our money back if an order is received, we see that the jewelry purchased does not meet our expectations.