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Giant Siberian

Two weeks ago in the north of the Russian capital in the Khovrino launched a new innovative system of separate waste collection. Giant Siberian swamp cooler is a global atmospheric scientists from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude, gathered for a conference on climate and environmental monitoring systems in Siberia, to discuss scientific and technological basis for monitoring and modeling climatic processes the Greater Vasyuganskoye swamp. It is the largest wetland system of the northern hemisphere of the planet is located in the central sector of the West Siberian Plain and is a geographical phenomenon in the sense of an unusually widespread wetlands. The area of the Big Vasyuganskoye swamp more than 55 thousand square meters. km, which is about 2% of the total area of peat bogs around the world. Great Vasyugan swamp is a natural phenomenon that has no analogues in world.

It is a unique composition of natural systems, the extreme complexity of the landscape structure, the development of specific types of marshes. Experts believe that the giant swamp Vasyugan withdraws from the atmosphere, the huge mass of carbon that causes the greenhouse effect, and stores it in his column in the form of peat deposits. Great Vasyugan marsh also serves the important function of biosphere reserves, associated with carbon sequestration in peat deposit and the production of oxygen marsh vegetation. In fact, this swamp is a global cooling of the atmosphere. In its biospheric role and functions of the regional Great Vasyugan swamp is not inferior world famous complex of reserves of the Central Amazon. Russia intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Permanent Representative of Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said that the post-Kyoto agreement will be meaningless if it does not sign one of the largest of issuers. He noted that Russia intends to play an important role in the development of a future climate regime at the final stage of negotiations. In addition, Russia intends to 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10-15% compared with 1990.

He said that in total for this would mean a reduction of total emissions in 30 years to 30 billion tons. Permanent Russia's representative believes that the task of combating climate change must be addressed in the context of responding to the challenges of global energy security. Recall that last week in Bangkok finished the penultimate round of negotiations on a new comprehensive agreement on climate change. Its members have achieved greater clarity to the sequence of actions necessary for the development of successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The latest round of talks before the meeting in Copenhagen from 2 to 6 November in Barcelona. Photo fact of the week: Mother Nature Patterns Last week we asked our readers to look at flora and fauna of nature at very close range. And what did we see? Stunning designs created by nature itself, decorated with a variety of body fauna, and landscapes are fascinating natural forms of our gaze. Enjoy these beautiful patterns in our PHOTO 'Patterns of Mother Nature. "

Radio Commercials

Advertising on radio covers the category of people who can not currently a tv or press, for example, motorists and campers in nature, because a third of all transfers listens outside the home. By advertising on the radio, you most efficiently allocate their resources to campaign, because Radio advertising is much cheaper production of videos and its placement on tv, targeting it higher, due to the wide spectrum of different cut- radio stations, and most importantly – because the radio ads are rarely switch to another wave, do not listen to the radio while sitting at the receiver, it is either at work or in your car or home, but in any case, there is some simultaneous action on a par with listening to the radio, the radio is always there. Radio advertising is a powerful tool for promotion – radio listened to by millions of people every day, the radio has a much more concentrated, as opposed to tv outdoor advertising, the effect – many stations, they all differ in content, the focus on the audience. Can effectively choose a task force, which affect most clearly distinguish it from the general mass of consumers, For example, tv commercials or outdoor advertising. Radio advertising has greater differentiability of contact with the target audience. Types of radio advertising Radio advertising can be variously represented: direct advertising (radio spots in ad unit), sponsorship programs and columns, news stories, weather – the tag is a leading + video ad unit, which is in fact part of the program, drawing, etc Also there are different ways representation of clients in the form of prizes, cross-promotion (in conjunction with some other brand), but it is more specific methods of promotion, and they are the exception rather than the routine methods of placement and submission of the client on the radio. Classification promotional audio clips: Information – provided by the customer information, read the music or accompanied by special effects.

Game – the original text (game monologue or a dialogue), 2 or 3 players in verse or dialogue form represent the music information. Special effects, a more sophisticated sound editing. Music – original music, lyrics to the song or advertising rhymed with the phrase product name, company (slogan, phone number), 1-2 actor or singer, special effects, sophisticated sound editing. Fashion – commercial, in which there are no phone numbers and addresses, and advertising is aimed only at the name brand, a product of their recall and recognition. Sponsorship – in the sponsorship package usually includes mention the so-called leading sponsor commercials at the beginning or end of the program, as well as the possible announcement of the program mention of the sponsor (the company name without the address and phone number).

Freudenberg EC

Research project will continue with federal States (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) SunFuel stands for bio-fuel, synthetically produced from biomass and also under the name of biomass to-liquid (BtL)-Kraftstoff is known. For the fuel and drive strategy of Volkswagen, it is important to examine all aspects of the production of biogenic fuel sustainably and intensely. Only in this way we can ensure a long-term supply of biofuels”, according to a press release of the Ministry of rural development, environment and consumer protection in Potsdam ( In the foreground of the first phase from 2004 to 2009 was the discovery of the agricultural potential of bio mass including socio-economic and environmental considerations. The second phase now focuses the research on wood-biomass and the forest and landscape conservation. At the same time explores ways of extracting biomass originating from contaminated grassland sites, algae and the preparation of flotsam and Jetsam. Brandenburg portion of this research cooperation is”a demonstration project to the Strip cultivation of fast-growing timber on erosion-prone areas.

The project will begin next year and in addition to studies on the erosion protection contain commitments to improving the content of humus, biodiversity and the landscape. Also in Brandenburg-based energy cooperative Freudenberg EC is now on the basis of the biomass to-liquid (BtL) process to produce high-quality diesel fuel. Under the brand name CEHATROL, this is obtained exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues. It comes straw preferably from the region to use, so that can be calculated with a near-balanced CO2 audit. Currently, four production plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are projected. The diesel Tun, which according to DIN EN 590 and therefore safely in all conventional diesel generators and engines can be used, supplied to the production costs to cooperative members. This is 0.48 EUR / l and is fixed on the basis of the State exemption until at least 2015. Those who are interested in a long-term calculable fuel price and a greater independence of the fluctuations of in crude oil prices, can find out more about the various possibilities of a membership on the Internet portal.

Gulf Oil

Crude oil prices break a LEIPZIG in the afternoon. (Ceto) The crude oil price has given clearly to the start of the week. While the quotes moved to midday at the level of the Friday, they lost about a dollar in the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost at the time thus still 76 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to $78. As a reason for the drop, analysts called technical reactions by auto sales, which dynamicized the slight downward trend.

Previously, there had been some disappointing economic news from the United States. Also, there were sighs of relief from the Gulf of Mexico, that a tropical storm resulted in no adverse effects of the production. Furthermore, there is no significant loss of capacity due to problems at a large refinery. The current downward movement, however, also suits the fundamental situation, which is characterized by record inventories and weak demand. Other than the recent price increases for raw materials and stocks, which were the result of financial speculation according to experts. Meanwhile moved to the local heating oil prices hardly. According to survey by fuel level and oil Rundschau, they lost five cents compared to the lecture in the national average.

Thus the game of 100 litres heating oil EL currently costs 67,41 euros. This value is valid for a total supply of 3,000 litres. After the significant price losses in the crude oil is probably tomorrow with clearer tees. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Unical AG Fuel

Heating boilers can be divided into gas-fired boilers, electric boilers (electric) and solid fuel boilers. Depending on their destination, boilers are divided into single-circuit (which has in its enclosure a heat exchanger and are designed solely for space heating) and double-circuit (with two heat exchangers, which are used for heating and hot running water). Wall gas heating boilers have a capacity of 24-32 kW, and are divided into boilers with natural draft (with open combustion chamber), and for boilers with forced exhaust pipe (with closed camera). In our store you can find such brands of gas boilers heating: Ariston, Aton, Beretta, Baxi, BOSCH, Demrad, ENA, Ferroli, Grandini, Hermann, Immergas, Nobel, Nova Florida, Protherm, Saunier Duval, Solly, Sime, Vaillant, Viessmann, Westen, Unical AG. Gas boilers are among the most popular in the world, thanks to high performance, ease of installation and low price of natural gas, which is the fuel for these boilers.

The increasing popularity in the market of heating systems gaining electric boilers, which characterized by high reliability and efficiency. But the main advantage of elektrokotlovyavlyaetsya that they work by electricity, which is very important in areas where there are no gas lines and other sources fuel. In our store you can find electric boilers such famous brands as Protherm, Kospel (Poland), Aton (Ukraine). Solid fuel boilers of heating in our time is not often used in homes or cottages, since they require manual work on tab topliva.Tverdotoplivnye boilers work on brown or black coal, coke, wood, wood chips, Stipa, compressed fuel briquettes, pellets, waste processing different crop, although most common types of fuel are firewood and charcoal.

Natural Fuels Reduce Emissions

Heating with wood to environmental protection contributes current weather, with storms, extreme rainfall, and even tornadoes, make one or the other a little wiser. Have we now already the receipt for decades, irresponsible dealing with CO2 emissions? Apparently this is so. While there here now and there are thinking, “to get the already-produced CO2”, really environment conscious people think rather of preventing or halting the production itself. In Northern Germany there is now actually a discussion forever to store already produced CO2 in approximately 800 meters below the Earth’s surface! Is now awesome or just fatal? Elsewhere it takes a lot of thought to really ecological solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions – namely in German living rooms. Yes, read correctly – the Germans remember energy saving when heating with natural fuels such as firewood, briquettes and pellets.

So some in the country dusted off the old stove, back opens the way to Sweden stove or fireplace blocked for years to get new heating. Since these days not everyone more time and spatial capabilities to the “Wood make” has, such things as finished fireplace wood or wooden briquettes big in fashion. Wood briquettes are currently quite stampede from waste wood furniture, window or parquet industry manufactured wood briquettes and pellets form “Non plus ultra” of fuels simply? Because no single tree is felled for this fuel. And around here again emissions clearly on CO2 to come back – burning wood releases only as much CO2 as it previously took to grow! Did you actually? The company okoBrix natural brennstoffe in Munster at Darmstadt/Dieburg, very professionally deals with the distribution of such natural fuels for a long time. okoBrix offers various forms of delivery of wood pellets, which can be injected or shipped as the bag, in Munster constantly up to ten different varieties of wood briquettes and also several different types of ready-sliced, dried firewood. The Web site information around the topic of natural fuels very extensively equipped, at, offers detailed information on the subject and a constantly updates offer of various wood, wood-briquette – and pellet varieties all interested parties.

Photovoltaic – Sun Refuel Tired

Education for professionals in booming industry the current debate about climate change has shown that a much faster expansion of the use of renewable energies is urgently needed. Solar energy has the greatest potential. It is therefore only logical that the policy of many countries currently intensively pushing the market introduction. In addition to the existing markets in Germany or Japan evolve more and more new markets in southern Europe. Keep the high growth rates in the next few years, what many experts very likely keep more significant cost reductions of photovoltaics are expected.

Thus, the photovoltaic will become one of the main pillars of a sustainable energy economy. Due to the large growth rates a shortage is noticeable in the industry increasingly. The use of photovoltaics was so far not to the classic content of vocational training still higher education. With the growing solar expertise are but increasingly in various professional fields required. Therefore, Haus der Technik in Berlin this area offers currently following seminars: photovoltaic systems 1 – how it works – application areas – market at the netrelease in Berlin, photovoltaic systems 2 – application – planning – simulation on the September, photovoltaics for theory of non-techies – functioning, manufacturing, construction, planning, efficiency at the 23.09.09, radiation data for solar systems -, measurement, data sources, calculations, evaluatione etc.