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FVM Productions

“Motion graphics by FVM help the Visual effects of the award-winning video production video production to LACP Spotlight Gold Award and silver ITVA award by FVM productions on behalf of the Reutlingen agency Lorenz & company GmbH and the film production realized STARPATROL entertainment for the Baden-Wurttemberg premium contact lens manufacturer Pike and now with the German and American Oscars” awarded the corporate video productions. The 2006 Salacher company, founded in FVM productions has three-dimensional images, Visual effects and computer-generated, innovative film projects for industry, services and Commerce specialized in. So take for example, the companies Dr. Scheller Cosmetics from Boynton Beach located in the District of Goppingen and the Donzdorfer music label nuclear blast the services of FVM productions claim. The diversity of Visual literacy of Salacher startups shows the finished end of September-provided music video for the Rapper Danny Fresh from the environment of the sons of Mannheim, which is also on MTV. Even for YouTube and others Video portals popular LANBall”video is the Salacher FVM team responsible.

Therefore formed the special effects of the LANBall video production the Rotary and pivot of the lecture fact or fake? VFX in viral clips”by Francesco Faranna and his team at the animago CONFERENCE 2009 Conference” in Babelsberg. The annual event brings together international animation, special effects, and VFX. To be in the field of 3D animation and Visual effects, always ahead, the Salacher put manufacturers on regular exchanges with partner agencies and the relevant special software, and other studios. About FVM productions since 2006 the media agency FVM developed three-dimensional images, Visual effects, Director, Francesco Faranna and innovative film projects on the computer productions headed by founder and managing for industry and commerce. Well-known customers include among others the international record label nuclear blast ( Europe, Dr. Scheller Cosmetics ( or STARPATROL entertainment (www.STARPATROL.

Personal Coaching

Own abilities to identify and efficiently. Particularly managers are exposed to increased pressure in times of crisis. Pressure due to a worse job location. This bear the responsibility for its own employees to, who are concerned about their jobs. And the challenge to lead the company back out as successfully out of the crisis. In order to master this difficult task, there are now detailed and probably controlled use of own forces and resources. It was still accepted, socially, that executives questioned himself, a few years ago as a clear change has undergone in this area lately.

“Now it is considered no longer as weakness or inability, but much more strength, even if chefs from the position of the omniscient” descend to illuminate is itself critical. And in fact it is the self reflection, that leads to the identification of improvement potentials. Coaching is a process that helps you Their personal strengths and skills to identify, to use this solution-oriented and optimize. These strategies are developed at the same time how carefully use your forces successfully. Keywords are here such as time management or prevention of burn-out.

The process of coaching is always a very individual. Because only so can you the capabilities of each individual recognized and elaborated its optimization potential. As for an optimal result, a holistic view of the human psyche, so also, acquired values and ideas plays a significant role, the coaching should take place always in direct personal contact. So, the coach can allow the client access to its own resources with Interventional techniques and ways to optimize. This applies of course as for reducing disruptive or harmful behaviors. A coaching is always going to be a time-limited process with previously clearly defined objectives. Due to its individual and very Personal coaching offers very real opportunities, to learn solution-oriented and more efficient work and to enhance the physical and mental health as well as their own well-being while at the same time. Applies not only, but especially in times of crisis: If you stop getting better, has stopped being good. “(Philip Rosenthal, entrepreneur, * 1916) Sandra Sopp Ebrahim RESULTS!” The practice of psychological counseling and coaching professional, discrete single and couple counselling, support in education issues, questions about alcohol and driving licence loss and harassment at the workplace, help with gesundheitsschadigendem constant stress and sustained overloading in the professional, career and executive coaching. RESULTS! Sandra Sopp Ebong Ligsalzstrasse 31, 80339 Munich Tel: 089 51 08 64 32 Tel: 089 50 07 88 81 fax: 089 51 08 64 31

Fashion Accessory

The watch strap in conversation – just a fashion accessory? A watch strap is not only fashion accessory, but can its wearer with breathable comfort and a practical Schliessmechnismus the comfort offer, often while wearing a high-quality watch to leaves. The correct selection of the watch bracelet of course closely related to the associated clock. The most beautiful watch can not properly come into effect without a matching strap. So you should make sure that you for example to an elegant watch chooses a watchband that has not only the right size, but underscores its aspect of elegance. A sports watch should be equipped as well with the appropriate sports watch strap.

But not only the requirements of the watch itself are crucial when choosing a suitable watch bracelet. Also the own taste plays a crucial role in. Many people like the extraordinary and give this preference also space in the selection of clothing and fashion accessories. For example when choosing your clock and your (spare) Watch wrist band. There are many watch straps that characterised that they are particularly striking and are characterized with the clock as an eye-catcher. Currently in vogue are particularly colorful and striped NATO watch bands. This all the more so since James Bond in his 007 classic wore a black-and gray striped NATO watch strap to his Rolex.

Since then, even this otherwise rather inelegant accessory has become socially acceptable. On the other hand, absolute preference is given of the most watch lovers the puristic elegant or verstromenden nobility classic watch bracelet. There are many watch straps as examples. But mention here only such as the classic crocodile watch strap or the elegant genuine ostrich watch strap. Everyone should decide how he wants to wear his watch at the end itself. But with one caveat: the best comfort should be ensured, because even the best looking watch strap is not a good companion for a watch, if it is not pleasant to the Hugs the wrist. Finally, the watch strap is a daily companion for its wearer.

United States DOMA

BI domain is now available XL alert as a free beta version on BI domain announces the availability of the beta version of bi DOMA alert XL at. BI domain alert XL beta is available for free download at available. BI domain alert XL is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003 and supports in addition to German, English French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. It is no longer required the Excel file manually to open and to browse for data changes. With the new Excel add-in, you define so-called alerts/notifications within Excel. BI DOMA XL observed automatically for you your predefined alerts, alert informs you about changes or exceeding the thresholds you set.

Read more about bi DOMA XL alert or you download the beta version for free downloads. About bi DOMA: The bi DOMA LLC headquartered in San Jose, United States, helps implement the individual business intelligence (BI) and offers software solutions for this purpose. BI DOMA assists companies to be able to make informed business decisions and to improve their own productivity. BI domain software solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technologies. BI domain is a member of the Microsoft partner network and regularly participates in the Microsoft early adopter programs. BI domain LLC p.o. box 20381 San Jose, CA 95160/United States press contact: Markus Abel E-Mail: phone: + 49 (8442) 9098767

Classic CRM And CRM 2.0 To Distinguish Clearly

ec4u describes the typical characteristics of the two generations of CRM in Karlsruhe, October 17, 2011 – while the topic of CRM 2.0 for some time dominated the public discussion on the customer management, yet often still lack a clear distinction between the classic customer relationship management and its new version. Mario Pufahl, Member of the Executive Board at ec4u expert consulting ag, therefore a differentiated comparison made. His distinction starts with the basic definition. So CRM represents a philosophy for the marketing, sales and services in the conventional orientation, to optimize the interaction with support of corresponding software systems with. Play a crucial role in appropriate IT systems. CRM 2.0, however, is its definition a technically driven business philosophy with strategic and cultural orientation on a partnership-based collaboration with the customer. Where is the target at the Center, to create added value to the customer using CRM. The technical systems play only a subordinate role in relation to the benefit of the customer.

“Derived is the focus in the original CRM is more tactical and operational pronounced while CRM 2.0 is a strategic focus, where the customer management strategy embodies the strategic orientation”, emphasizes Pufahl. Also the relationship relationships differ in: business marked communication prevails In the case of a primary, however, blur business and private relations in CRM 2.0, for example, through the social networks more and more. Also the customer as a result of the proliferation of Facebook & co. determines the channels and how of their use nowadays increasingly independently, while he had to focus on the selected communication channels after the original idea of CRM. Ultimately the customer understanding has evolved with the idea of CRM 2.0 significantly”, refers to a basic difference Pufahl. Now no longer is the first and foremost about the design Processes to the customer with his supposed needs, but the direction has turned around, by the wishes and expectations of the customers for the actions of the company is determined as sensitive.