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Fuel System

Camshaft with removable fist washers. Gas distribution drive rod. Two final and charge collectors are located on different sides of diesel. Piston of aluminum-silicon alloy with a wok has three or four O and two oil ring. The rod connecting rod of circular cross section with a central channel for the supply of oil. Crankshaft with counterweights. Main and connecting rod crankshaft bearings are stalebronzovye liners.

The fuel system with self-regulating piston pump flow, multiple fuel pump, and multi-jet paper filters nozzles. Lubrication system with a centrifuge tube and cooling unit. Cooling system with centrifugal pumps. The desired temperature of the water and lubricating oil is maintained thermostats. Diesel is equipped with air starting system, but can be started and the electric starter. Diesel engines, supplied by Czechoslovakia, irreversible vertical row diesels produced by national enterprise "Skoda", as used on ships refulernyh drive pumps or current generators, reversible and irreversible, some diesels (6S275L, 6L275PN, 6S275-NPA, 4 (6) L160, 6L160PN, etc.) complete with a reverse gear – as the principal.

6C275-III diesels Mon without gear used in the electric power facilities assigned to mark 6-27, 5A2L. They have the whole cast-iron base frame on the upper surface of which is set a block housing with inserted sleeves. Block-crankcase bolts fastened to the frame. On both sides of the block are hatches with removable covers. Part of the hatch is equipped with safety valves. Cylinder head, cast iron individual. In the covers installed nozzle start-up valve with pneumatic control and a single intake and exhaust valves.

Specialized Enterprise

Most motorists now face the problem of storage of tires and wheels in the transition to summer / winter tires. In this case all season tires require special conditions for preservation and storage. gost 24779-81 and gost 4754-97. Proper storage of tires: Vertically suspended in a pile correct wrong wrong Proper storage of wheel assemblies: Vertically suspended in a pile wrong correct correct That's what everyone should know motorist: Tires and wheels is recommended to store in an enclosed separate dry place, protected from sunlight, ozone, organic solvents, mineral oils, lubricants, oils, acids, alkalis, and they should not come into contact with copper, and other corrosives; Do not store the tires at a distance closer than 1m away from heating appliances; When storing tires allowed temperature variation air from -30 to +35 C (most major manufacturers of tires recommended optimum storage temperature of +5 C) and relative humidity of 50 to 80%; Do not ventilate the room, which holds the tire and wheel assembly during a storm and within 2.5 – 3 hours after it because of the sharp increase of ozone in the air; Tyres without disks is recommended to store in an upright position and rotate every 3-4 weeks to avoid deformation; Wheel assembly is recommended to store in the stack. Air pressure in tires during storage it is recommended to reduce to half of the normative.