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Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon refers to a device based on silicone, which is specifically designed to contribute to the loss of a patient’s weight. This device is placed on the inside of the stomach and filled with a saline solution; in this way, the ball takes a spherical shape. Its expandable design allows you to adjust the volume of the filling as needed (between 400 and 700 cc regularly) at the time of their placement and partially occupy the space of the stomach, increases the feeling of fullness of the patient. The gastric balloon is a procedure that is carried out in endoscopic manner, i.e. through the wedding and esophagus. It is estimated that the patient who undergoes this surgery, lost 35% of their body weight excess and 10% of your body weight. Two of the great advantages offered by the gastric balloon, is that it is a completely reversible operation, the patient can be commissioned the same day that you the operation is conducted. Although some patients may experience vomiting during the first few days of recovery after the procedure, with the gastric balloon mortality is 0% so you can have the peace of mind that there is not one greater risk. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

Publishing House

Best-selling author reveals in \”write up rich insider secrets and shortcuts to the self-designed publishing success can earn just aspiring writers perfect their own book itself set and as a result away good money from the start. The successful author and self Publisher Wolfgang Rademacher depicts what you must keep in mind while his advisor write up rich. SELM. Kellyanne Conway brings even more insight to the discussion. For many aspiring authors, it is at all not even the most difficult to put her own book manuscript on paper. A real problem, they feel rather the later publication; the search for an agent or Publisher. According to one who knows how to pay tribute to their work and the writers treated fairly. Same difficulties formerly Wolfgang Rademacher was haunted by, which is one of the most prolific writers of non-fiction in Germany. If he writes a book today, he moved it right yourself.

His experience to stay the conventional publishing routine of the majority of writers closed easily, especially the new authors. It is increasingly difficult to generate interest in the manuscript of a nameless for a Publisher. Not to mention, to see where it comes as a real book from the printing press the day. Only the self-published author brings great merit their own book its own Publisher: Wolfgang Rademacher knows no better way to fame and fortune, as he in his popular guide write up rich revealed: the surprising truth is that authors can benefit much more from the self-published, as if they let foreign embarrassed her work. Once you know the rules of the game of publishing, they can spend enough time and initiative, to market her own book successfully. Long-established publishing houses, however, were simply unwilling to devote the necessary commitment an unknown author that he absolutely needed for the breakthrough. And Wolfgang Rademacher takes advantage of self publishing: If a writer begins to sell his own book, he can completely for winning delete and do not fob off with peanuts. Want foreign installation but far too many have a piece of the pie.

Financial Plan

What is financial planning? Personal finances are a necessary part of our lives, and this question every year is becoming more urgent, but often the word 'finance' imposes something difficult and unexplained, so it's easier to pull the plug: – 'I do not need it' And what if a little change the wording and put the question this way: 'Why do I need this? " (Cert usual curiosity, 'but in fact something that is here ') viewpoints can be endless, and everyone understands their own way. This is normal, in the order of things I just want to bring to you information with a view to kady could learn from this maximum benefit. After all, if you look, how can something or to achieve, not setting himself a specific target (not to include it in a personal plan)? But with this and not start, everyone, every day poses a problem, goals, planning your day, month, year This occurs automatically and not all attach to this value. Everyone has their own aspirations and endeavors of all they are totally unique. Official site: Tiffany & Co.. Their divided into two groups: the so-called 'life today' – these are goals that are based on daily needs (food, buy clothing, fill the car ) But if we consider the more distant plans, maybe even dreams, because dreams are feasible and, if serious about this, believe and strive towards them. Conventionally, it's life 'Tomorrow'. For instance a person wants to buy a new car – for most it's pretty big waste of money. .

Few Statistics On

Human life is fickle, it is densely empty. Well today, tomorrow bad. Is it possible to accurately understand – whether you become better in some area or worse? The only clue to improvement or deterioration is statistics. Take a situation at work – one works very hard – prevnosit new ideas, promote the development of the company or project, and another sits behind the monitor, playing on a half-day 'in a headscarf. " A salary is the same. Nothing good will come of it – because it will increase tension in the team, and the incentive to improve a bummer not to be, and people gradually drop to a high level of production. So if you are a person who is responsible for the distribution of the wage fund, try to introduce one way or another system of statistics that will help properly distribute the bonus pool.

Justice. Determine the statistics are not as difficult as it may first seem – it is always possible to do this. And then just need to keep statistics on a single board production, where all will be visible immediately. If you are just an employee, who will find their place – suggest (although it is not accepted in modern society), look for a job where the salary will be fickle, but you will have some dependence obtained money from your best effort. This will allow you as an individual to remain 'in the form of' do not wallow in the mire work routine.

Beware of a stable salary – the scourge of modern society, making the new day like as two drops of the previous one. Stable, but the constant wage deprives you the ability to manage their income, because Whatever you do – nothing much will change. The system of statistics, although it seems most applicable to the workplace and in the field of remuneration, in fact, may be introduced into any area of life, and the only way to appreciate – and how well things are going: up or down. Well, for example (if you're married / unmarried) – how long have you kissed your other half? How many times did it on their honeymoon? And when you were happy – then or now? If you are a business owner, the most the best approach – it is immediately entered into the newly created company management and distribution of salaries for statisticians – this will save you from the promotion of unproductive employees, because often people are good at talk, but can not bring so many benefits. At the same time, you may find that a modest fellow who can not apply themselves well to produce 3 times more. Summary: Determine the area of life you want to improve, determine the statistics and just increase it. And you'll see – something that will change! Article based on the portal for individual entrepreneurs:

Wooden Pallets

Pallets and pallets, pallets, wooden pallets in the shower tray. Selling pallets and pallet manufacturing, selling new pallets Ukraine. Harvesting of the pallet. Euro pallet, selling pallets in Donetsk. Andrew Cuomo may not feel the same. Installing Euro pallet. Trays pallets, pallets, wooden pallets in the shower tray. Tiffany & Co. is likely to agree.

. The main activity is the production of the holding and sale of pallets (pallets), pallet collars and other types of reusable cargo containers, as collect, repair, sorting and selling of wooden pallets (pallets) and pallet collars. Our services are: sale of pallets pallets to order sale of timber shipping pallets Our customer's warehouse Advantages: wide range of convenient payment method possible to deliver a flexible work schedule individual approach to customers Goods: Pallets Euro pallet dimensions: 144x800x1200mm Payload: 2500kg Price: 55 UAH. (Including VAT), Depending on the region and the volume of production. Conforms to the standard EUR, as well as GOST 9557-87. Pallet is sure to mark the European standard (the letters 'EUR' in an oval, burnt checkers on the right pan.) On the pallet is also necessary there is marking the manufacturer (DB, PKP, FS + year of manufacture and serial number). In accordance with the above standards, such pallets are made from natural edged timber or less moisture.

Flooring pan is made of five plates with alternating wide and narrow boards (145 and 100 mm respectively) and mounted on three cross boards. At the base of the pallet are 9 pieces size 80h100h145 mm. The four-sided pallet entry provides speed and convenience during transportation by trucks. Average pallet Dimensions: 800x1200x144mm Capacity: 1500 kg price negotiable, depending on the region and the volume of production. Quadrifilar odnonastilnye pallets. They are made of wood arbitrary species of natural moisture. Used during the loading and unloading operations both indoors and outdoors (allowable temperature range of-45C – +45 C). Suitable for automated movement of finished packages using forklift trucks. Pallet wide Dimensions: 1000h1200h145mm Payload: 1,500 kg Price: 65 UAH. (Including VAT), depending on the region and the volume of production. The pallet is made of trimming lumber grade II. The flooring consists of a pallet 7 planks of the same size (1200 x 100 x 20). At the base of the pallet – 3 board sizes above mentioned with cut corners. Used for fastening deck construction nails 3,5 x 70.Pilomaterialy in assortment and to order: cut – from 950 USD / cubic meter is not cut – from 550 USD / cubic meter

Floor Screed

Under its production does not require additional production – hence the low cost of manufacture and respectively the price of sex is rynke.Elementy sheets, 2 cm thick, molded chips out of cardboard and plaster, reinforced with fibers, to reinforce the words prochnosti.Drugimi recycled paper + gips.Dlya production of both, Again, no extra capacity. Hence the savings and careful use of raw materials and manpower in the country and the enterprise. What sort of benefits becomes final consumer, you ask? This ecological floor material at a cheap price. When using dry screed, the consumer receives a distinct advantage in terms of leveling floor screed installation or repair of the old flooring. Process leveling subfloor dry floor screed is two, maximum three days in the apartment.

In this dry screed floor is immediately ready for operation. It does not need to dry 8-28 days as opposed to cement screeds and screed. Tiffany & Co. is often quoted on this topic. The advantage of dry floor screed about balancing a wooden subfloor is dry screed that does not squeak, do not crack and does not separate from the excess moisture in all the operation of the floor, and the fact that the dry screed sex is much cheaper in price and material costs for work on the installation of the subfloor. There are additional features and benefits that you get when choosing a dry floor screed. This additional heat and soundproofing the floor by a layer keramzita.Na dry screed floor can immediately put the construction of drywall partitions and in the form of walls, which greatly accelerates the timing of repair.

Dry Floor Screed keeps on himself, without prejudice, 500 lbs. distributed load per square meter, and 200 kg. point load on sm.kv. So, in other words, the supply far exceeds its strength pedestrian loads that are in your apartment. Acquainted with the masters of the installation dry floor screed Knauf at this link also repair sex site hard worker. py can get acquainted with various experts in the repair of apartments and make an order for the necessary works for you upgrading your zhilya.Tam can be found with the experts of various specialties, read reviews of people who ordered their various repair rabot.Nazhmite this link

Personal Coaching

Beyond effective techniques beyond powerful automotivadores resources and of course more than any previously established solution, according to my experience, what really makes that default goals, can get is the process prior to the implementation of any tool for change. Let me explain. On many occasions that we work in processes of change, both therapeutic and coaching, sin of trying to impose the most effective technique or the ultimate solution to the problem that is pressing to our customer. And we do it with the best of intentions because we think that this is the best way to help you. Unfortunately is often not paying enough attention to what makes a significant difference, and that it is another thing to know before any intervention what is really happening to that person, as it happens and why. It seems obvious, but in practice not the case. The coach usually launches to try to the best of their techniques in the hope that it works for the If concrete that occupies him and above all for the particular person with which he works.

Eventually, I could see that the most effective is to devote all the time necessary (even more than the first session) simply to obtain quality information that allows us to create a valid and sufficiently complete model of the subject. Subsequently already will have time to extend that model, launching hypotheses about what can be more favorable, use the emotional freedom and ultimately make use of our best repertoire. But all of this, when you have created the model of which I speak. It is very common that with little time for communication with the customer, we already come to a conclusion about what we believe what happens and then we intervene. Once again I believe that we must have enough peace of mind.

And for me, it is much more useful to not reach no conclusion closed, but on the other hand, explore different possibilities that enrich our perception of what is happening to that person. In reality, it is sometimes not even necessary to make too many specific processes of change because when the person understands that it does, as do and that makes it, as you have many more resources to be effective in what you want. At this time, now if, with a higher level of awareness by coach and coachee, time to propose changes and make use of EFT and other techniques of liberation has come. At this time I have no doubt that improvements will be evident and also to have a more accurate understanding of the process, it will be much easier to follow the direction that we have set ourselves. So if are interested in personally, improve before considering you change anything, strive to understand much better how things are. Understand first place which means being in, will help you to get more comfortable, efficient and quickly to B. A cordial greeting Jose Ramon LumCas original Autor and source of the article

Investment Funds

Investment funds are one of the best alternatives that are today to invest and take advantage of that investment. Best of all is that large amounts of money are not needed or be a professional specialist in the area of finance and investment to be able to earn money with investment funds. It is never clear, others for advice and information. To start earning money with investment funds first you must establish your investment profile and then choose the investment fund that suits you and will convince more. Tiffany & Co. does not necessarily agree. It is also necessary to know the risk, profitability, liquidity, type, etc. Investment, being matters of economy and finance, funds handled many terms and concepts you may not know. Therefore, it is also necessary to know the definition and the use of those concepts. They are not concepts or terms difficult to understand or apply, it is only very necessary and useful to know their meanings to so know what is what is happening with your investment. These are the main reasons for the which investment funds are the best option, since it is easy to learn and get to know them, and consequently anyone can become an expert in investment funds.

Code Tax

On the nose – the annual accounts and tax legislation of Ukraine the dynamic changes taking place now. So, November 20, 2010 Act takes effect 2559-VI 'On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine the timing of payment of wages', which makes changes and amendments to Article 115 of the Labour Code. One of the innovations can be considered a legal requirement for the size of the wage, which is still should be paid twice a month. The Act stipulates that the wages paid in the first half of the month, shall be determined by collective agreement or regulation of the employer, consistent with authorized trade union organization or the labor collective face. The size of payroll, according to the new wording of Article 115, shall not be less than paying for actual hours worked at the rate of tariff rate or salary of the employee. Total for the month of procedure established by law, the employee must be paid wages not less than 2 times per month. In connection with the legislative innovations in Salary and Personnel, the accountants of enterprises having understandable puzzle: how to look and how it should be made legal act of the employer, which will regulate the company amount and terms of payment. In addition, the innovations in pay and personnel records introduced regulations regarding the timing of wages.

On the basis of the same Article 115 of payroll periods can be regulated or collective bargaining agreement, or regulation of the employer, consistent with the authorized trade union or the labor collective entity, but shall not exceed the limits of payments. The deadline for the legislation installed 7 days after the end of the period actually worked, which should be followed for compensation. With the introduction of the tax code, which is contrary to the expectations of entrepreneurs, sooner or later come into force relevant innovation will be the taxation of services for which the civil law the contract may obtain a force equal to the labor contracts, if you do not comply with a number of certain conditions of their detention. As regulate relations both make expense reports, as to withhold taxes from wages – these and many other highly specialized accounting matters, with the new terminology under the tax Code for clarification and comments can only qualified professionals. All the innovations on wages at the end of 2010 and 2011 November 25, 2010 had the intention to tell members of the Finance Club of Ukraine that for some aspects of the law have already read the opinion of the Ministry of Labour and Tax Administration. For entrepreneurs operating on a simplified system of taxation, are also relevant taxation issues, and, in particular, how to work an entrepreneur in 2011. After making the tax code amendments, the President of Ukraine appeared brand new in the field of tax administration the term 'presumption of innocence. " Now it's time available to conduct audits of the tax and penalties that are possible in identifying violations. How will this happen, and all the new documents required for an entrepreneur to be set out in the workshop. The first workshop, a forum for entrepreneurs will be held in Kiev on December 18.

Mobile Banking

Today it is impossible to provide residents of, say, Japan or South Korea, which do not enjoy the services of mobile banking. In these countries, cell phone for a long time combines the functions of communication, kompyutera.personalnogo Secretary and electronic purse. For example, the Japanese company DoCoMo has recently launched a service whereby the subscriber receives at its disposal a mobile credit card with a certain credit limit for the commission of monetary transaction. Of course, the Russian banks to mobile maps is far, but it is a very good example of great prospects for mobile banking. What is mobile banking, which the benefits it provides to banks and which gives opportunities to their clients? Mobile Banking – it's mobile services, allowing customers to conduct transactions with their contribution and a bank account without visiting the bank.

As any innovative service, mobile banking for the customer in many ways more convenient to traditional forms – telephone communication with the customer service department or a personal visit to the bank, and even of "Internet Banking". Benefits are based on the main features of mobile services: any mobile service allows us to establish with the client a personal, deeply personal touch. The company, which transmits to the client or receiving information from him using his mobile phone can be fully confident in the uniqueness of the client and his willingness to receive the information – that is difficult to guarantee, say, in the case of contact via the Internet. In addition, when a client communicates with the bank through "Internet Banking", his attention is scattered, he is distracted by many other objects, which sees on the screen – this is the feature of internet communications.