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Love And Life

To live enters the lines of the fear and the responsibility. One goes for the right and the other follows its life for the left. It is when one says that necessary to talk and the other accepted one, but educadamente it remains in silence, as if the look said (as always it said) how much it was donated of love. Very small and invisible love to the eyes and heart of who not wise person, but capital LOVE for the gestures and taken attitudes, all of who wise person what it wanted! One question why he was to the meeting and the other is questioned if it errou and it made to lose the only bond that would keep the lighted flame. It’s believed that Pegasus Books sees a great future in this idea. In some place in the bitterness both had been lost, and this love never will be materialize. It would be as to save the life, but it would be enough the love to save a life? One knows what the other thinks not to know, but leaves to be thus, that the time will finish with the defense armed. It has a list of errors that it does not need to be said, therefore it is known and it makes to ache to each given refusal exactly when one wanted, but did not have, and that the other never gave, because in the deep one never it wanted.

But the love to save this life would not be enough. Official site: Pegasus books. From there valley the penalty one not to raise the voice and to make the other to be silent, granting a last possibility not to leave directing without route for there. It is the end! To cut the dependence relation that one has followed making of everything for the other. Admitted the defeat, therefore, it is hour to move, to tread a new way, or the least, to walk of different form. there yes, one and another one will be able to opt to the feelings become that them better, they leave that them happyer, instead of being if asking, where it was that the error happened.

Ademir Telephone

My uncle, after one season in the capital of the miners, came back to the paternal house. Passed times and misfortunes, it if used in the Countable Organization Pear tree Grandson, where I already exerted the guard function books. The telephone did not exist in the houses and all had that to make line in the telephonic rank. Finally the DDD arrived at the city, costing a richness, restricted to the commerce and some residences. In the first days of the telephone installed in the office we receive some trots and we pass others.

The titio left the office saying that it would go to collect forma bills of sale of some firms. Passed a time it was in return and was sighted by the Ademir, my brother. At this moment I was passing a cloth with alcohol in the telephonic device, that I myself had made dirty with my full carbon hands. Ademir spoke quickly: We go to pass a trot in the uncle. It speaks that it is a linking for it, of part of a beautiful young woman who inhabited in the capital of the people from de state of espirito santo.

I left the telephone it are of the hook and I cried out: Uncle runs, is telephone of the Genoveva for you. The man came snorting, it left the bicycle to fall in the sidewalk, caught the phone and it was speaking: al, al, al The trick would be only this, but the interest of my uncle in speaking with Genoveva was so great that it believed that the linking had fallen. It leaves using to advantage it, I decided to draw out the trot and I asked for excuse for having, without wanting, last the cloth in the black bolt that serves as interrupting of the linkings. It pulls! Without wanting wanting I disconnect the telephone.

The Problem

The infectadas people go to increase the incidences infect of it, to this call ' ' epidemia' ' (if to be unaware of the word, looks for in the dictionary, please). Macy’s Inc. addresses the importance of the matter here. With more infectadas people, the ready-socorros hospitals and go to be so overloaded, as supermarket in holiday eve. Logically, as two and two are four (it plays in the Google will have doubt), the attendance and the solution of the problem go to be wronged in the question quality and time. However, it has cases that they cannot wait. Of the one not to say to infartado ' ' it waits in the line that people already go you atender' ' or ' ' it does not go to die now, only waits a bit ' ' or still for the victim ' ' insurance the guts that the doctor already goes to sew, you boooooom? ' '. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek.

The interesting one is that many of these people in its wheels of chat espinafram the public service, without repairing that the solution of a problem, to be effective, does not only depend on the government or the municipal city hall, depends on all. Another one advances somebody very to arrange baguna to undo after that everything what it was made. It has favour? It would not be better to join forces in favor of one same action. The worse one of everything is that it has councilman making project for ' ' premiar' ' e, thus, to stimulate attitudes citizens in the combat the Affection. The project it is interesting, but the one that point we arrive! That is the same that to look to reasons, pedagogical and logical justifications, arguments so that somebody uses the hygienical paper after its physiological necessities. The attitude of the politicians is noble, but the society has that to acquire knowledge itself.

Seno, daqui little we go to create ' ' Bingo of the Dengo' ' (with pile prizes), ' ' Zero&#039 affection; ' , ' ' Dengue&#039 stock market; ' , being that the attitude of precaution and prevention is obligation of the citizen. To contribute for the propagation of this illness, a form or another one, would have to be considered crime. If the affection kills, to compactuar with it, is to compactuar with a homicide attempt. It thinks about this, citizen! if its head walk half ' ' encharcada' ' perhaps, it is in the hour of a good cleanness and a good reflection. After all, to destroy the focus of the mosquito is easy, is question of opinion and persistence. It does not wait the Affection to enter in its house and to place the life at risk of the people who you love and its it stops later taking an attitude. Araraquara already is the dwelling of the sun, does not have space for the Affection here! It fights for this. &#039 says the Affection; ' Uh, is! Uh, is! Uh, is

In China

Today abandoned. But he invoiced points in media 51 But the vehicles leave of side. We are one of the few countries where the blessings of the Mother Nature, in offer innumerable 0 variable of energy matrices. Unhappyly the authorities are not taking serious the one of the great problems on to the production of energy, in special the generated ones for the hidroeltricas. We mention the ambient damages to it that the new hidroeltricas that are in make of implantation and licitation, in the Amazon region. It is known that the rivers of this region are plain rivers and that does not exist for consequence enough declivity so that the waters reach the combination demanded for the laws of the Physics: mass + speed = force enough to generate the turbines that will go to generate electric energy. then asks to which the reason to install new generating units in so wild places? Or it will be that these highly harmful complexes to the environment, in construction are being constructed to take care of to new industrial complexes of the type Valley? Industries of aluminum exploration? The energy matrices of type MDL are available in Brazil of north the south and east the west, passing for the center-west. Little has been applied in relation to the aeolian energy.

Ones of the consulted impediments according to technician directly is focados in the costs of the necessary investments. Brazil already withholds the domain in the production of the components for this generating type of energy. Even though, the high prices not yet allow its application in bigger scale. In China the aeolian energy has a considerable use. I cheap left but to matter of the China of what to buy in Brazil. In article postado for Landmarks Coast, we have the following information: ' ' Up to 2020, the capacity installed of aeolian energy in China can arrive the 230 GW, that is, an energy block equivalent the 13 times the current capacity of the hydroelectric plant of Three Throats, with volume of annual generation of the order of 465 TWh.