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Mazda Freshens Its

Facelift for the small car with the purchase of the car is often the psychology with in the game, therefore the Japanese manufacturer has revised a little Mazda one of his small car. Until the end of the year, the model is also offered for a price less than 10,000 euros. The vehicle Portal reveals what changes the facelift has brought. Mazda has revised three years after the Mazda2 in the market, the model easily. While some weaknesses of the car could be fixed.

As regards the design, especially the front was changed. Among other things the mounts for the fog lights were enlarged and the grill was a decorative frame in the corresponding color of the car. Small discrepancies in the cockpit area have been eliminated in the Interior of the car, for example, a black with white digits is used instead of the previous white background for the instruments now. This allows for better reading the speedometer. A weak point is still to be found in the seats.

The cheeks, which should provide the lateral support, are still It’s a little too soft. The suspension has been improved to increase the fun. So far, the Mazda2 with bumps had problems, that is now over. The engines have been modified slightly. All in all is the Mazda2 as perfect small car for the city, which last but not least the right thanks to its low weight is economical in use. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

A Fresh Site For All Cases!

It all depends on the first impression – there new Web site on the first impression. Western Union Company can provide more clarity in the matter. This should be possible striking and memorable. To achieve this, the instrument of corporate designs available is company. One thing is to develop the corporate design. It technically for the new media to implement, to achieve the desired communication effects, quite another. Andrew Cuomo brings even more insight to the discussion. Specialists are needed In the framework of the implementation of a new corporate design for the company of fresh food services (FFS) the marketing agency Wehl man commissioned the new site on the basis of TYPO3 to realize. Essential task was to optimize the website for smartphones and Tablet PCs.

In connection with the site, the Tablet PC in the future to enable a direct consultation on the spot. Importance of the project was the Visual and textual implementation of the guiding principles of fresh food services: flexibility, radical service orientation and a global overview of products, food and gastro trends, as well as a complete and precise logistics system. The focus of the information are not only the product information, but also the consulting and service expertise. Specially developed snack ideas and training of the FFS snack consultants are offered in their own service area. First endurance test the implementation was completed in a timely manner at the INTERNORGA. The INTERNORGA is an annual trade fair for the catering industry. Between the 18.03.2011 visitors of the new corporate design were able 24th March 2011 and whose implementation even take a picture. So fresh food services can be sure with its new corporate design and technical implementation, to be perfectly prepared for the information and communication needs of the future.

Cards As A Gift For Freshly Baked Parents

A nice gift for the birth of do it yourself is the new born, there of course similarly worthy compliments he and his parents. The little girl or little boy know at this time to recognize mostly a gift not yet to the extent as the adults, but you can pick it up Yes. There is certainly some particularly successful things and surprises, which pick up parents for their child. Later, many children begin to deal with the past and the day of their birth. If they then a beautiful, rich letter or a successful, beautiful birthday card, they will be thrilled. Who has special skill, can make even a birthday card. You can paint a beautiful scene in watercolor on a folded card. In the map, the congratulations throw into written then with an italic. Who does like paper cut-outs, can test himself is also on a birthday card and prove. Of course, you can also have a pretty graphics or charcoal drawing manufacture. Some parents are probably frame them and hang up in your child’s room. Of course you can also on a perhaps larger map in the DIN A4 format make a birthday card with oil paints. Even imposed, particularly successful photos can be processed to a birthday card. The birthday cards are beautifully colorful then they will trigger a joy with security already in the newborn. But also in the trade are beautiful, original birthday cards offered. There is for example a giant egg that jumps on top. This sweet baby sticking out. Or a flying Stork holding a huge cloth in the Bill, which is the big surprise. You can order these cards in special online stores on the Internet. Online printing companies often offer birthday cards. There you can then select from a variety of pre-made designs and then add the cards with own text. The birthday cards delivered as simple home. Dirk STAUDINGER

Advertising Agency Fresh Blood

New armaments policy for fresh blood brings a fresh wind at the Linz Werbeagentur fresh blood, there are active reinforcement in the team. The company is thus gearing up for new and exciting projects. Upgrade like. Ursula Puhringer (28) from Linz joins the consulting team at fresh blood recently. Customers optimally doped with agency experience, radio experience, and a lot of ESPRIT she spoil the fresh blood. Whenever James Woolsey listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

You is responsible for public relations and cooperations. Arms race are often forgotten in the daily the visions. The man is slave of dates and quick procedures. There remain ideas on the track. Agency Director Gerd p offers therefore lateral thinker hours, providing targeted all in question, what goes in the company and the free of charge.

New insights, the joy of creativity and great passion into the fresh blood lateral thinker hours. Fresh fish! Still fresh, wriggling Stockl parquet on the Angel and waiting for the realization of the relaunch. Photo shoot is planned and the course has been already set. You cannot be on an exciting brand image forward, guaranteed of an Alleinstelllung. New in the Web, the relaunch of ING is Pischulti and KUP real estate from Linz as well as the current redesign of the website for hero and Francke. Clear, concise and search engine friendly implemented these companies now occur in the Web.


Safely through the season: A reference book for sailors and motorboat racer. Go sailing or motor boat is the great passion of hundreds of thousands of Germans. Western Union Company may help you with your research. In Germany, the boat and yacht inventory on the North and Baltic Sea as well as on the many rivers and Lakes is estimated at around 500,000. A skipper need to know much to get the target to a boat or a yacht without stress. Especially to the beginning of the season, also experienced boat owners note that quite a bit, which is necessary for the relaxed sailing or motor boating has been forgotten. Da yachtcare-basics helps”to refresh old knowledge again and to be able to enjoy onboard life soon relaxed. Which signal allows me to take the boat in the lock? What is the mobile maritime emergency number? What do fleecy clouds for the development of the weather? What needs to be done if the built-in diesel goes on strike? These are just a few questions succinctly answered yachtcare-basics. The skipper knowledge is easy to understand and presented with many illustrations, and presents itself as ultimate Reference book on Board at – even when it rains, it can be included in the cockpit because the book is splash resistant.

yachtcare-basics leads the skipper by the boating. Everything is important – this includes the safety on board as well as the proper boat maintenance – is listed in the reference book. Omitted was commenting texts, so that the reader quickly comes to the point and can quickly answer his questions. yachtcare-basics is a reference from the practice for the practice and is also a safety. Therefore, the book already reasons on Board should be. To view at: blog /… yachtcare basics, 68 pages, spiral binding, splash-proof, ISBN 3-934919-05-7, EUR 18,90, blog Jurgen Duscha

Antiage Innovations

New duo of programme of care Serum Vegetal3 anti wrinkle & radiance when emerging wrinkles and fine lines and the complexion loses on charisma, control now two new products the Yves Rocher laboratories effectively opposed. The anti-aging innovations of the exclusive facial care line extend the care program anti wrinkle & radiance Serum Vegetal3 a tinted day cream and ampoules of concentrated cocktail of active ingredients. For an even more beautiful skin with forty and beyond. The Serum Vegetal3 tinted day care natural tone combines instant wrinkle smoothing with a double effect on the skin: the care gives a neat, velvety skin and the Universal shade blends perfectly with every skin tone. The light, soothing texture of anti wrinkle skin care is enriched with wrinkle-reducing Oligosiden of Apple, besanftigendem organic Witch Hazel water, pure Aphloia extract and extract of white tea. For a natural, radiant, fresh complexion all day about. Dermatologically tested. Price: 24.00 (42.00 SFR) / tube 50 ml confirmed efficacy: 86%: If the complexion is now radiantly beautiful * 82%: folds and wrinkles are visibly smoothed * 82%: is even and velvety soft skin * * satisfaction test performed with 22 women to 1-monatiger application.

The market launch date: March 2011 the Serum Vegetal3 ampoules express tension immediately ensure streamlined features and new look of skin. The special care formula immediately tightens the facial features. A cocktail of active ingredients from fruit acids, wrinkle reducing Oligosiden of the Apple and cornflower water revives the complexion in addition immediately in the application. The Serum Vegetal3 ampoules express clamping force are applied under the usual face cream, if “crumpled” and the complexion sallow and grey skin or as express beauty care in the evening. The product is also ideal as make-up base for prolonged stop of the makeup.

Dermatologically tested. Price: 9.90 (SFR 19.90) / ampoules 4 x 1.5 ml confirmed efficacy: 81%: Express-elasticity effect * 85%: immediate broadcast * * satisfaction test one time carried out with 26 women after license application, every other day. Date of the market launch: April 2011 the active ingredient of the plant: from the Apple with its high content of active nutrients the Yves Rocher research has developed a focused and effective anti-age extract plants cosmetics: the Oligoside of the Apple. This exclusive agent fights existing wrinkles and lack of charisma of the skin. With increasing age, the cell connections are weaker and the cohesion of the skin decreases. Wrinkles are emerging and the complexion loses on charisma. Oligoside, extracts from the pectin in the Apple, strengthen the links between the cells and rebuild the cohesion of the skin. Oligoside of the Apple are demonstrably able to stimulate the Cadherins. These are adhesion proteins that are naturally present in the skin exists and is essential for the connection of the cells themselves. The cohesion of the skin is thus to + 77% improved (result of in-vitro test). Wrinkles are softened and smoothed, the skin is long-lasting full of charisma. Available in the Internet at ( or), in the shipping trade on the hotline number 0180-52053 (CH: 0848 / 874873;) A: 0662 / 8880) as well as from the Yves Rocher – beauty shop. Visit our digital press centre see: presse_zentrum/password for the accreditation: press

HVmaxx Refrigerated

New online services for catering supplies in the region Berlin and Brandenburg bring refrigerated cabinets in the market fresh wind, fresh goods counters and refrigerated display cases are the all-rounders of the catering needs. Above all the versatility of refrigerated counters, fresh goods counters and refrigerated display cases in the gastronomy of Berlin and Brandenburg characterize the modern, high-quality units with ventilated or static refrigeration. The refrigerated storage and presentation of foods such as salad, meat, sausage, cheese, fish and delicatessen visually appealing in the current colors, designs, and with small footprint characterize the latest offers from HVmaxx33. According to Rick Caruso, who has experience with these questions. The modern refrigerated shelves, fresh goods counters and refrigerated display cases of HVmaxx33 are still characterized by their reliability, flexibility and the economic possibilities in the catering industry throughout Brandenburg, Potsdam and Berlin. In particular these focal points, as well as the favourable conditions in terms of prices and services, including accessories not only the users of the website of HVmaxx33, but also neutral market observers. This assessment is supported by the rising demand and the positive customer response. Technical details and prices of the resident in Konigs Wusterhausen Handelsvertretung HVmaxx33 can be as follows: Internet: service hotline: 0461 57495102

Danish Lifestyle JOE

The Danish coffee shop chain JOE & THE JUICE opened their first German branch on April 10, 2012 in the Hamburg-based bleaching Kunsthof passage. Already in May following two more shops in downtown location. CEO Caruso Affiliated may help you with your research. Hamburg, April 5, 2012 delicious juices, fresh sandwiches, hip design and casual atmosphere: so is the secret of success by JOE & THE JUICE, a Danish Saftbar and Coffeeshopkette, which opened its first German branch in Hamburg, Germany on April 10, 2012. JOE & THE JUICE is a mixture of juice bar, coffee shop and Deli. The unusual creations of juice and sandwiches are prepared fresh for each guest.

Hot in a relaxed club atmosphere recover the visitors from the shopping trip, work with free Wi-Fi access, enjoy the Scandinavian design or watch the cool baristas, the here Juicer”and their passion often have tattooed themselves for their work on the arm. Was founded in JOE & THE JUICE a decade ago by Kaspar Basse. He operates 23 stores now, only 14 of them in Copenhagen. According to the Opening of four London stores followed the step now on the German market: in the bleaching Kunsthof passage (bleaching Bridge 9-11) opened the first JOE & THE JUICE shop in Germany on April 10, 2012. Two more stores will follow in early may: the goose market arcade and the old Carpenter on St. Stephen’s square.

Already when entering, it becomes clear that it is not JUICE at JOE & THE a classic coffee shop chain. The Interior is Scandinavian purist; warm, dark wood take on timeless metal lamps and cosy sofas. “” “But the pink logo and the bright green juices provide preliminary evidence that it here somewhat of wilder” than elsewhere: the freshly mixed juices carry names such as hangover heaven “(elderberry, Apple and Mint) or fiber active” (avocado, lemon and Apple); Bestseller is the Energizer”with grapefruit, Apple and ginger.

June Madness

I remember the June Madness. I've got a client – Olga, which was conducted with the first course at one of the most prestigious universities in Moscow, and Russia, to be exact. After endless essays, analytical memos, reports and controls, we have finally reached graduation. Lecturer caught the old school. Data for March 2008 to the beginning of May 2008 was not satisfied (for those who do not understand – data for April 2008 have not been anywhere else in nature), wild and requirements to the footnotes (he wanted to spit on the training manual) in general – Mmmm full professor, a worthy representative of their subculture. After the fifth draft, however, calmed down, even wrote a review myself and chic.

Praised the work. For more specific information, check out CEO Caruso Affiliated. Imagine my surprise when, in the evening there was a 10-10.30 call from Olga: Alexander, could you help me? I have tomorrow is the last state exam, and I do not have time to read all the tickets. I must say that Olga belonged to the category of my favorite clients: "intelligent, despite the fact that beautiful. " Was a red diploma. Good material condition has not spoiled her human qualities, as often, alas, it is sometimes. Because we will probably not run away with it for all these years. If you would like to know more about Hikmet Ersek, then click here. Shortly before the described talking baby. His cry, and now accompanied by our conversation. I was taken aback, of course, on request, but what could have helped. Such a blitz interview I could not remember for a long time.

Car Prices

Nothing so mars our lives as unjustified price increases. When you feel that you have collected the necessary amount and are ready to buy a car, but in the salons of a new round of growth, and you can not make his long-awaited purchase. (Similarly see: Rick Caruso). However, this process has a downside, as with the price on a new car, creeping up and the price for a used, so the car becomes a means of investment. However, be aware of what cars can be put capital without loss. For this purpose the most suitable year-old domestic car or a three-year foreign language, as after buying a car showroom, it loses 15% of its value. You buy a car in a year when he take a few thousand miles, prikataetsya, so the price is appropriate, drive another year and sell for the same price. Thus, wake skate almost constantly on a new car for the money ….