Antiage Innovations

New duo of programme of care Serum Vegetal3 anti wrinkle & radiance when emerging wrinkles and fine lines and the complexion loses on charisma, control now two new products the Yves Rocher laboratories effectively opposed. The anti-aging innovations of the exclusive facial care line extend the care program anti wrinkle & radiance Serum Vegetal3 a tinted day cream and ampoules of concentrated cocktail of active ingredients. For an even more beautiful skin with forty and beyond. The Serum Vegetal3 tinted day care natural tone combines instant wrinkle smoothing with a double effect on the skin: the care gives a neat, velvety skin and the Universal shade blends perfectly with every skin tone. The light, soothing texture of anti wrinkle skin care is enriched with wrinkle-reducing Oligosiden of Apple, besanftigendem organic Witch Hazel water, pure Aphloia extract and extract of white tea. For a natural, radiant, fresh complexion all day about. Dermatologically tested. Price: 24.00 (42.00 SFR) / tube 50 ml confirmed efficacy: 86%: If the complexion is now radiantly beautiful * 82%: folds and wrinkles are visibly smoothed * 82%: is even and velvety soft skin * * satisfaction test performed with 22 women to 1-monatiger application.

The market launch date: March 2011 the Serum Vegetal3 ampoules express tension immediately ensure streamlined features and new look of skin. The special care formula immediately tightens the facial features. A cocktail of active ingredients from fruit acids, wrinkle reducing Oligosiden of the Apple and cornflower water revives the complexion in addition immediately in the application. The Serum Vegetal3 ampoules express clamping force are applied under the usual face cream, if “crumpled” and the complexion sallow and grey skin or as express beauty care in the evening. The product is also ideal as make-up base for prolonged stop of the makeup.

Dermatologically tested. Price: 9.90 (SFR 19.90) / ampoules 4 x 1.5 ml confirmed efficacy: 81%: Express-elasticity effect * 85%: immediate broadcast * * satisfaction test one time carried out with 26 women after license application, every other day. Date of the market launch: April 2011 the active ingredient of the plant: from the Apple with its high content of active nutrients the Yves Rocher research has developed a focused and effective anti-age extract plants cosmetics: the Oligoside of the Apple. This exclusive agent fights existing wrinkles and lack of charisma of the skin. With increasing age, the cell connections are weaker and the cohesion of the skin decreases. Wrinkles are emerging and the complexion loses on charisma. Oligoside, extracts from the pectin in the Apple, strengthen the links between the cells and rebuild the cohesion of the skin. Oligoside of the Apple are demonstrably able to stimulate the Cadherins. These are adhesion proteins that are naturally present in the skin exists and is essential for the connection of the cells themselves. The cohesion of the skin is thus to + 77% improved (result of in-vitro test). Wrinkles are softened and smoothed, the skin is long-lasting full of charisma. Available in the Internet at ( or), in the shipping trade on the hotline number 0180-52053 (CH: 0848 / 874873;) A: 0662 / 8880) as well as from the Yves Rocher – beauty shop. Visit our digital press centre see: presse_zentrum/password for the accreditation: press