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Process Development

And in order to become possible the process of correction, the Creator, joined them a spark of desire to give, which is in us in such a infancy, which did not felt. It's not even a desire, and the embryo, which, as in the genes, the programs of our development. Spiritual gene. That is the spirit that every man develops in himself for many circuits. We do not feel it because it is hidden in our egoistic desire to receive pleasure, but it determines everything that happens to us in life. We cry or laugh, seek knowledge, or not sleeping at night, dreaming of fame – all of our desires and feelings are determined rooted in the soul of our program development. Stage of development in accordance with this program, each one of us in its present desire feels like biological body, located in the material world.

Our bodies are feeling so arranged that paint in the brain is such a picture. When the present is filled with the desire to accumulate frustration in a fruitless attempt to keep in It fleeting pleasure – we gain some experience, and it is time to move to a different, qualitatively new stage of development. Only filling all desire, and disappointed, we are able to disclose desires a completely different kind. Then the sensations in our desire to disappear, the old perception of reality disappears, and we die. This is because the desire of the current level was defined content, because desire – it is always a sense of lack of filling, and to a new level of desire to another, so the old must be replaced.

Samsung Years

For delicate fabrics enough 400 rev / min for cotton – 800 rev / min. Usually in modern washing machines is a regulator of speed. Another parameter washing machine is a type of control – mechanical or electronic. Machines of the first type have a mechanical programmer, through which you can select multiple items washing. Recently replaced mechanical control comes more reliable – electronic. In a car of this type after selecting the type of underwear, just click the Start button. Everything else will do the car. During the washing process allow you to monitor LED indicators.

They also allow diagnosis of a washing machine malfunction. Reliability of the washing machine is determined by the country in which it was produced. Korean cars (LG, Samsung, Daewoo) operate reliably for at least 5 years, Italian (Zanussi, Indesit, Ariston) – 5-8 years old, German (Miele, Privileg, AEG) – 10-15 years. We should not forget that the longevity of the washing machine depends upon the conditions. Poor water quality, voltage spikes, improper installation and other factors can cause damage to the machine. Washing machine – rather complicated and expensive household appliance. Therefore, repairing a washing machine to perform better in the service center.

Installation and connection washer – process requiring sufficient qualification preparation. Need execute carts electricity water ensure plums into drains. Therefore connection for washing machines also recommended to use the services of the service center. Today, buying a washing machine is not a problem. This can be done at a specialty store, online store, a supermarket home tezniki. You can also buy BU machinery from Europe. However, it must be remembered that, save in the purchase, you may lose in the repair. Buying a new car, check the warranty card filled, it will avoid problems with warranty.