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Hans Kelsen

As if it can see, the subject is complex. The Judiciary Power in the modern State has the task of the application of the laws promulgated for the Legislative. It is good democratic doctrine to keep independent the legislative decisions of the sentences, and vice versa, as one of the forms to prevent the absolutism. PURPOSE OF JUSTICE Hans Kelsen, one of the illustrious representative greaters of the right of the last times, in its attempt to validate the right, of its meaning for itself and of its absolute self-sufficiency, this separated the right of the justice idea and still, it defined one criterion politician, therefore the tendendncia to identify to the right and justice is the trend to justify one given social order, therefore it is not susceptvel of scientific determination. Cuique disapproved the beginning of the natural law suum tribuere, for being an empty formula, not having definitive what he is its of each one. The justinianea conception warns in them: ' ' justice is to give to that it pertence' '.

They are the Romans who say in them: ius suum cuique tribuere. For the romanistas, its and its right are terms equivalents, the right of each one are its. its is a person or somebody who if is if attributing the distributed thing. In the truth, what the Romans call Jus or right, it is equivalent to just of Aristotle. Therefore the right is action joust to give to each one its right, the thing that if of, that is, the object of the proper act of justice: it is the right, is the thing that the man just returns, delivery. as the right is the object of the action joust, then it is said that this is the object of justice. The PROBLEM OF the LAW JOUST Finally after all the recital procedure that in them brought the conception on the right in its precise meaning, on the concept of law, and the definitions and complexities of what really it is justice.

Internal Auditor

During the External Audit carried out by the Organization of Certification, we will have to credit type of documentation yet, that we are working according to the requirements of the norm. After finalizing this Audit, we will know if finally the company has obtained the certification or and also we know as they are the points in which this organization finds us weak, if the certification has granted us, we will have to correct these points before the annual audit which we will realise to continue having this certification, if they have not granted it to us, we will have to correct these errors to return to ask for the External Audit for the obtaining of the Certification. Once obtained the certification of the norm, they would grant a seal to us, that will indicate facing our clients and suppliers that we are satisfying all the requirements of quality demanded by the own norm. After obtaining the certification, the norm demands that we have at least an internal auditor who realises throughout the year internal audits to the company to know if we are really fulfilling norm before the Auditor arrives from the Organization Certifier. During this process, we have seen, different figures, first of them is the expert consultant or in quality matters, the one that carries out the implantation of the norm. In order to carry out this implantation it is not necessary to have any type of degree, if it is necessary to have the knowledge to be able to carry out it, fulfilling all the requirements of the norm. Another figure, that can be the same person is the internal auditor, this person yes needs a specific degree, the degree of Internal Auditor in Systems of Management of Quality according to the ISO 9001:2008.

Habitually, this figure is the same that the previous one, the person who carries out the implantation, is the same that carries out the audits. This degree can be obtained realising a simple course of few hours, or if it does not have knowledge in the norm through a specific Masters in the matter. It completes figure, that we have seen is the External Auditor, this is the one who must have major degree, this must to be Auditor IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) for it, must have very ample previous knowledge in the matter of this norm, labor experience and finally pass an intensive course. Therefore, if not yet you know nothing about this norm and you want to be able to carry out implantations or audit, the first step is formarte to know the norm well. If you need more information, you do not doubt in contacting with us.